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Lindsay Lohan -- Coachella Baby

4/16/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was spotted walking out of the Coachella Music and Arts Festival last night ... looking less than enthused to see the paparazzi.

Enjoy the show!


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Damn she looks bad, I wouldn't do her with Charlie Sheens ****.

1249 days ago


Pony.... I also believe this young woman is mentally incapacitated in some way. I'm not a psychiatrist, but she clearly has issues regarding common sense, morals, reality, etc. Yeah, she used to be cute, but she's now thriving on publicity, albeit negative. Narcissism at its worst. Sad.

1249 days ago


@john Smith
Davey Boy posted quite seriously that he was just diagnosed with a terminal illness. He likely will not be posting anymore.
TheMare also has a possible relapse of Non-Hodgkins lymphoma or possible lung cancer.
Sad day for real posters yesterday.
Marion Morrison was lighting it up on screen a decade after his bout with lung cancer. So there is still hope.

1249 days ago

john smith    

Davey-Boy is a pretty good profiler, he profiled my Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) quotes from The Fight Club to be an off the charts OCD, I was laughing. Tyler Durden and Bash have alot in common. It was funny as heck when everyone thought it was Bash, every Tyler Durden post was from The Fight Tyler Durden

1249 days ago

LA Native    

why is she so desperate to cover her face,in every picture???

because she ain't getting any money out of them, she did not call for these photos...get it? Thats how you know if she called them...or not.

1249 days ago

john smith    

I am very sorry to hear about that, Davey-Boy was very smart and clever on here. My thoughts go out to themare and Davey. My roommate at The College of NJ died at 21 from cancer.

1249 days ago


I wasnt around yesterday, whats going on with Davey and themare??

1249 days ago

Pony Princess    

I'm not a shrink, but she could be narcissistic. I also think it's possible she has Histrionic Personality Disorder, just based on what I see as her being a drama queen and very sexually motivated. The drugs and alcohol definitely don't help her.
I know some people here want to paint her as some "Clueless" person, who doesn't seem to "get" it or anything around her. I think that's not the case. I think she chooses to act that way, as it gets her lenience (or has in the past). It's a tool, not a way of being, in my opinion. For example, I think the FU nails was for her (as well as the courts) and done deliberately. That way she could look at it and get inner peace knowing she personified that attitude. I think she never thought that the photos would pick that up. To her, I think it was being able to say it and get away with it. That's her in a nutshell, in my opinion.
Later on, she tweeted abouth how she had done it a few days earlier as a joke, but I don't think that is the truth, that was just her trying to cover up for something she didn't think would ever be seen.

1249 days ago

Pony Princess    

I think (and hope) that we will see davey boy on the boards again, even if its rare, as in just stopping by. He has a lot to see and do, and I am praying that either he will get a miracle, or he will be able to really enjoy what time he has left. I hope he finds people that are kind to him.
I am also praying for themare that her surgery will be successful and that she will not have much pain afterwards. I hope she is able to get back to the boards again soon after that, too.

1249 days ago


That is absolutely NOT the face of sobriety.

1249 days ago

Pony Princess    

Nikki - you can google "TMZ Community Member" and then the person's name. that should get you to their page that gives their posts. Both Davey-Boy and themare put in posts that best explain it. I would feel horrible if I put it in words that were interpreting things wrongly.

1249 days ago


Who is that hunk in the background? Rumor has it he used to be an Armani underwear model. Fact/fiction?

1249 days ago


Her hands look worse than my grandmothers! FYI, everyone who saw/encountered her has said that she appeared to definitely be on something or drunk.

1249 days ago


Not to worry she will love them again for her court date. Still the only attention she gets is from the paps.

1249 days ago


Lindsy Lohan is IT!

1249 days ago
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