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Jackson Kids -- Bit by the Acting Bug

4/16/2011 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prince and Paris Jackson flashed a pair of smiles at the paparazzi as they left an acting class in Hollywood yesterday.

Lights, camera, Jackson!


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See the real daddy here.

1288 days ago


Cherubim 3 hours ago

Michael Jackson's children are like a
Beautiful breath of fresh spring air.
I wish Prince, Paris, and Blanket Peace, Love. and Happiness

I so agree with you,

1288 days ago

Hannah H.    

"SMILE"! Do you say? Thank you, Paris! Already done!
Could you ask to Daddy when when will we see him at least?
Always with LOVE!

1288 days ago


what the hell is the matter with you people going after kids. I think the bunch of you are so disgusting. What do get satisfaction hurting children? That is so horrible..TMZ dont do this to these children again please, I certainly hope the kids dont read this site.

1288 days ago


"jemma 32 minutes ago
They are going to need all the acting lessons they can pay for if they are going to convince the world that they are black."

You haters are so stupid, first you say Michael hated to be black but then teaches his so-called "white-kids" to be black? That doesn't make any sense. He's the father of the kids period, end of story!

1288 days ago


Good for Prince and Paris, best of luck! :)

1288 days ago


Whose 'blood' they have them is not relevant. Stop watching tabloids long enough to watch and read scientific studies from evolutionary biology and archeology and you will find out ALL humans are related and share the same genetic roots back to the first AFRICA. For that matter back to the first bacteria on this planet. There is more to being a 'parent' than sharing blood or surface traits like skin colour. MJ was thier father in every way that counts. The rest is periphery facts and potential fodder for special interest groups and the media to use for their own agenda.

1288 days ago

PRO US    

How is it hurting anyone to state that they are not biologically related to Michael Jackson. They just aren't. Nothing hateful about it. It's just a fact. They probably know that unless they've been brainwashed otherwise by the Jackson family. You don't like the fact, too bad for you. You'd rather mislead and confuse them and have them believe Michael Jackson is their biological father? That would be helping them, in your eyes? Ridiculous. He paid for other people to "produce" them by getting them to donate their sperm and eggs for a fee and by hiring some professionals to work in a lab, hospital or doctor's office to do an in-vitro fertilization somewhere so they were his children and he was their father. When you're rich, you can buy children and you don't have to get involved in anything "messy" like "making love" to do it. That's it. That's all. You don't like it, go complain to the guy who paid for the operations, Michael Jackson.

1288 days ago

PRO US    

Whamo 8 minutes ago

Ulja 12 minutes ago
"Paris is so sweet and funny here), her wide-open eyes radiate warm light, knowledge and kindness.)"
"WTF are you talking about!? You got all that from this one picture did you?

She looks more like she just smoked a big hit of crack

I swear MJ fans have to be the deluded people on the planet."


1288 days ago


In a strange twist of fate, a New Jersey businessman hit the music world's jackpot — a warehouse stuffed with the King of Pop's personal belongings — and he got it for a song.

Henry Vaccaro said he never expected to get caught up in a legal battle with Michael Jackson's family. But he did, and in the end, he wound up with Jackson memorabilia that could be worth a small fortune.

Vaccaro says his story with the Jackson family began back in 1993, when, he says, the Jackson family failed to follow through on a deal to buy Vaccaro's guitar company.

Vaccaro said the family never paid him what they owed, and after years in the courtroom, the items of memorabilia became the focus of the legal drama.

Vaccaro says he managed to get the entire warehoused Jackson collection — thousands of items — after the Jackson family failed to pay a $60...,000 bill for the storage of the items.

Vaccaro said he picked up the bill, and the case with the Jackson family was settled as he became the owner of the family's memorabilia. According to the pop star's spokesperson, Michael Jackson was shocked to find out that the warehouse contained some of his most personal items.

Jackson says he only gave his family permission to use this memorabilia for a theme restaurant they supposedly planned on opening.

Jackson wasn't directly involved in this legal battle, and he says he now wants to buy back his family's treasured possessions, according to his spokesperson.

Vaccaro says the collection includes Jackson family costumes, including one of Michael Jackson's earliest stage costumes with his name handwritten on the inside label. Vaccaro also has a photo of a young Jackson wearing that very costume.

Surprising and Private Items

While Vaccaro says he was excited to see the costumes and the gold and platinum records that came with the collection, he says he was surprised by the inclusion of very personal items — such as sketches, notes and a medical contract for surgery supposedly performed on Janet Jackson's nose.

"Yes, we have that contract … and I think Michael paid for the first plastic surgery," Vaccaro said.

Vaccaro said he also found another nose-related item in the collection — a sketchbook that contained several drawings of noses of various shapes and sizes.

Vaccaro also revealed sketches that he claims were signed by Michael Jackson. One is a sketch of a boy, titled "Little Boy 1994"; another is a sketch of Charlie Chaplin.
Vaccaro said he was also surprised by personal letters sent by the Jackson parents.
"A lot of intimate letters going back and forth," Vaccaro said. "I mean, you know, there's a letter from Joe Jackson to the producers of the Victory Tour book, where he approved the photographs of his children, but he wanted their skin tones to be 20 to 30 percent lighter in the finished product. That surprised me.

1288 days ago


None of those kids have a drop of african american blood in them... they are as white as the driven snow!

1288 days ago


Stop obsessing over how these children look. Go throw a glance at the pictures on your own driver's licenses instead.

As for MJ's voice, it was - according to his voice coach and other people who interviewed him or worked with him - very deep. He called it his frog voice, it was deep and whiskey husky. If he had suddenly start using it in public, the fans would have fainted with shock.

But he preferred to use his high pitched voice, for singing and for his "public persona". I guess he felt it was more "him". You can always "sense" the deeper voice when he's singing, and you can hear it (partly) in "I want my privacy". There is also a clip on youtube with what I think is his real voice, a telephone conversation with all the personal stuff edited out. He first says it's him, then pretends to be someone else. He sounds young and happy and mischievous and talks pretty fast.

1288 days ago


Paris has really grey complexion and constant black circles under her eyes. It's kind of concerning...unless she's half Arab.

Obviously neither of these kids have any of Michael's DNA- so I don't know why anyone cares about them. Let them live...they're just a couple of average, chubby, not-very-attractive kids going about their business.

1288 days ago


@Aston- I look pretty great in my DL picture actually.

1288 days ago


If you cannot see that these children are mixed race, I feel sorry for you and your level of sheer ignorance.
I am mixed race (white and black hispanic) and I have pale skin, light brown hair and brown eyes. One of my sisters is also pale and has dark blonde hair and green eyes.
Prince and Paris have darker skin than I do and I am mixed race! Michael could easily be the father of these kids. And I know he is the father of Blanket, that's blindingly obvious.
Black father + blue-eyed blonde mother = mixed race children.

Not that difficult is it?

1288 days ago
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