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Nic Cage -- Taunted Police Into Arresting Him

4/16/2011 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Nicolas Cage tell TMZ ... Nic was arrested in New Orleans this morning after daring the police to arrest him following a loud argument with his wife.


Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Nic was "very drunk" on the streets of N.O. when a cab driver saw him loudly arguing with his wife Alice.

We're told the cabbie called the police and said in addition to the screaming and yelling ... he saw Nic grab her.

We're told the police came and told Nic and his wife to just go home. That's when Nic allegedly told cops, "Why don't you just arrest me?" The cops then reiterated that he and his wife should just go home. Cage then repeated his dare to cops.

At that point, police took Nic into custody and charged him with ...domestic abuse and disturbing the peace.

We're also told Nic's wife is not a complaining witness and does not want him charged -- and says there was no physical contact.

UPDATE 10:27 AM PT -- A bond has been set at $11,000.

UPDATE 11:20 AM PT -- Cage has been released.

UPDATE 4/18: Cage's wife has opted to waive her option to get a restraining order against the actor.


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His wife is a really beautiful Asian woman.

I think she was a Chinese waitress when they met. He's not good enough for her -- he's a nutcase and getting worse.

Nicholas Cage needs some serious counselling. Classic case of alcohol talking. Cops were gonna let him go, but he HADDA mouth off to them "Why don't you arrest me?" So they did. Big mistake -- maybe this will be the wake up call to salvage what he's got.

1288 days ago

Gomalio Fung    

I rest my case. Sympathies to the chump you've got fooled for the time being.

1288 days ago


Wow, drunk before 11:30 in the morning? Somebody started the weekend early!

1288 days ago

BB in CA    

It would be nice if men realized they don't HAVE to get married. Then, when one of the couple is sick of the other, all they have to do is take their **** and leave.

1288 days ago


An idiot arrested by idiots, thank you for the waste of our taxes...

1288 days ago

Gomalio Fung    

Wowwww! Kewl comment. Who helped you think of it?

I assume YOU are the "chump" to which I referred? If not, "Tom, meet Josephina". You make a nice couple. Of what I'm not sure, though.

1288 days ago

Gomalio Fung    

Martian Selfabuser: How does a guy living in his parent's basement wind up paying taxes????

1288 days ago


It's pretty pitiful if the only TV work Nic Cage can get is "Drunk and Stupid Guy" in an episode of "Cops: New Orleans"

1288 days ago


Trust me . If the NOPD offers you a break , take it, and be grateful. The cops down here kill people.

1288 days ago

Ar Amytas    

EVERYTHING makes sense when you have consumed too much alcohol!!

1288 days ago


At least he didn't say, "Don't you know who I am?"

1288 days ago


Duh, Taunting!

1288 days ago


You would think with all his wealth he would make his life worthwhile by giving back to society. But no, he has to get drunk and act like an idiot.

1288 days ago


These self entitled (actor) dummys will learn that even tho we Southerners are for the most part polite, courageous and helping and forgiving we do not like people coming into our neck of the woods and giving us or a place bad press. If you are going to drink to excess, then for God sakes keep it in your own home and don't make it public. And as for his wife saying he didn't touch her. The cab driver witnessed him grabbin her. typical behavior of a drunk and maybe even an abused woman

1288 days ago


wow another actor behaving badly, what a role model, he and charlie sheen should get together and compare notes

1288 days ago
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