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Police -- Cage and Wife Fought Over Rental Address

4/16/2011 12:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An argument broke out between Nicolas Cage and his wife Alice last night when the two disagreed over the exact address of an apartment they were renting in New Orleans ... this according to police.

According to the NOPD, Cage and and his wife were standing in front of a property he believed they were renting. She disagreed and, according to the NOPD, he grabbed her by the arm to pull her to the correct address.

Police say there were no visible signs of injury on her arm.

The NOPD went on to say Cage then began to hit parked cars and later attempted to get into a taxi. Cops say Cage eventually got into a cab, but a police officer ordered him out ... which "prompted Cage to start yelling."

As TMZ first reported, that discussion with police included Cage daring cops to arrest him ... which they eventually did.


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lani luks    

When Two smart people are together .. One is right ,and one is wrong ... until they proved it ... no need to fight..just need time .. soo relax!!

1248 days ago


Put the Bunny in the box........

1248 days ago

how lame    

I think what happened is stress from making terrible movies. Once upon a time Nicolas Cage was a great actor in some good movies and then he started making cheesy action movies.

1248 days ago

how lame    

Peggy sue got married. Amazing!

1248 days ago


He grabbed her by the arm during the argument to bring her to the right address? That's assault? Wow, that's pretty lame. I thought he had at least slapped her in the face or something. Come on Nick, even Chris Brown did more than that, and he's just a dumb kid who wasn't even married to the broad.

By the way, where was their son with the ridiculously stupid name (Kal-el)?

1248 days ago

northern gypsy    

no question...his financial woes are taking over his life...
unless he pays up...he's off to the big house !!!
sadly...his current wife (and child?) are feeling the pressure !!!

1248 days ago


The second paragraph in your article says “According to the NOPD, Cage and and his wife were standing in front of a property he believed they were renting. She disagreed and, according to the NOPD, he grabbed her by the arm to pull her to the correct address.”
Question 1: If they were already standing in front of a property he believed they were renting, why would he grab her by the arm to pull her to the correct address?
Question 2: Was it worded this way in the police report?

1248 days ago


"New Journalism" for sure -- no picture of the wife? Or mention of availability (or contents) of the police report? Why links to 2 other partial stories, instead of an update? I did like your citing of the possibly vindictive spousal-abuse charge, with no mention that the wife said "no such." I suspect it was cops punishing him for not kissing their a***. People in this country are so afraid of rampant lawlessness (lawlessness that the entire law-enforcement community cannot seem to challenge), that the said cops get to be the nearly untouchable bullies -- my thinking: many of the cops like it that way. Be sure now jump in defending heroic cops as a group, and fail to mention how they never seem to be able to purge their bad elements -- but that part is "just OK" somehow.

1248 days ago


to be fair to Peter Lee it isn't just Cage's wife, it's most asian brides/girlfriends. They just seem to naturally flock towards white men, whether its for money, status (white men are top of the ladder) or the sex... I'm surprised there aren't asian gangs fighting back, I certainly would if black men screwed all our women.

1248 days ago

Yellow Devil    

Nickie boy...booby... you married a sushi waitress who said yes for all your money and fame at the time? do u think it'd still be for better or worse once your money vanished??

1248 days ago


All of his addresses in New Orleans are in default. Why would he even think of hanging out there?

1248 days ago


Looks like he wasn't acting in Bad Lieutenent New Orleans.

1248 days ago


Ok, if you cannot remember the address you are staying at, how the hell do you get into a cab..where you gonna tell them to take you??? Good thing his wife was with him otherwise we woulda been reading about him trying to break into what he thought was HIS rental and the occupants calling the cops on him for breaking/entering (or taking the matter into their own hands with the "intruder").
So he got to spend the night in the drunk tank? Here is hoping he hits rock bottom without hurting/killing an innocent bystander when he gets drunk...guess like Sheen, Lohan, and the rest we read about here, he has no one around him to convince him to get his act together.

1248 days ago


WOW! His Asian wife is a hottie.

Guys would give their left nut to have a girl like her!!

BUT... he's in danger of losing her.

Same way he lost his millions.

See a pattern?

1248 days ago


Maybe Nic should date Charlie Sheen ... wouldn't they make a wonderful couple?

1248 days ago
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