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Nic Cage Returns to Work -- Like Nothing Happened

4/18/2011 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 4:00 PM PST: Check out this photo of Cage chillin' on the set just 30 minutes ago ... smoking a cigar and going over his lines. What arrest?

Nic Cage
didn't let his drunken arrest keep him from being at work on time this morning ... TMZ has learned the actor was on his movie set and ready to go when the director yelled, "Action!"


A rep for the film, "Medallion" tells us production on the flick has NOT been "affected in any way" because of Cage's sloppy domestic violence arrest early Saturday morning ... and today, things seemed "completely normal."

We're guessing Cage will try to take it easy during the next 6 weeks of shooting ... maybe a couple of quiet nights at home ... if he can remember the address.


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Dude's turned into a freak! :(

1248 days ago


Ideal wise, a good upstanding citizen should never be arrested. But in reality, it can happen sometimes even if an otherwise good person has had too much to drink and is acting out of sorts. I'm sure it wasn't a shinning moment for Nic. And as someone who has been there and done that he probable felt like absolute crap both physically and especially emotionally after he was released. I doubt anyone needs to beat him up anymore than he already has been.

1248 days ago


"A rep for the film, "Medallion" tells us production on the flick has NOT been affected in any way because of Cage's sloppy domestic violence arrest early Saturday morning ... and today, things seemed completely normal."
Probably what the suits was saying about Charlie 4-5 years ago. See how that turned out. lol. Get help NOW Nic.

1247 days ago


Gee. Didn't Charlie Sheen do that? WHAT A F'ING JOKE.

When will people (and producers of these shows/movies BUT the general public mostly) quit forgiving these idiots? You can't expect me to believe there are not others in Hollywood or this country that could act in a good movie. ?????? BULL S.

The whole scene is pathetic. They get paid way too much, they make so much they go bonkers, and the public keeps wanting to see this nonsense?

Once they cross the line of being pathetic, I quit watching.

1247 days ago


I'm appalled at the people who defend him. In any way.

1247 days ago

Andre Cassis    

I basically developed a type of kindred spirit type of admiration for this man ever since I watched Family Man. I am a family man myself and want to simply state that I wish Nic all the best in his future plans with lots of good health and happiness. Nic try to hang around with true friends and if possible family. Avoid the hangers on. Try as much as possible to stay out of the public eye. Try hard to only use your talent for quality material. Be well. Another "Family Man" God Bless.

1247 days ago


big deal...he got drunk, and went to work when he got sober , so what. I think Nic Cage is a wonderful actor, and he is such a good looking man.....I hope he can get his problems straightened out soon...good luck Nic

1247 days ago


talentless hack

1247 days ago


IF THE STORIES ARE TRUE, anyone of us could be facing a similar situation if we were in danger of losing our mansions and probably owing the IRS our very souls. We all know emotional stress can take its toll. Mr. Cage seems like a very nice man and having a disagreement, with his wife over an address, is minor compared to something more serious. I sincerely hope the news people will permit them their privacy so as to work out their differences without the eyes and ears playing guessing games. Wishing them much happiness now, and always!

1247 days ago


"if he can remember the address". Hey!TMZ: You got to slip in a barb w/ your final statement, right? I C U do this a lot.

1247 days ago

Big Daddy    

Just like Charley. A few problems, but shows up for work.

1247 days ago

jealous of kate    

He was drunk, he sobered up, why would that effect his work 2 DAYS LATER???? AND FOR FORGETING HIS ADDRESS.... IT WAS A TEMPORARY ADDRESS, and with Nic Cage, even if it was a permanent address, he has so many houses, even that could be given a pass in some cities. How many of YOUR STAFF TMZ WAS DRUNK ON FRIDAY? and made it to work on Monday, at 5:30am? all of them, right? so, why the story TMZ

1247 days ago



1247 days ago


i get drunk on friday and show up to work on monday all the time... but no, i don't taunt the police and i don't got to jail, but i'm just sayin....

1247 days ago


To Fran: He got drunk, yes, went to work yes, but also pushed around a woman while drunk. What about that don't you get?

DO you allow your significant other to push you around?

1247 days ago
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