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Nic Cage Returns to Work -- Like Nothing Happened

4/18/2011 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 4:00 PM PST: Check out this photo of Cage chillin' on the set just 30 minutes ago ... smoking a cigar and going over his lines. What arrest?

Nic Cage
didn't let his drunken arrest keep him from being at work on time this morning ... TMZ has learned the actor was on his movie set and ready to go when the director yelled, "Action!"


A rep for the film, "Medallion" tells us production on the flick has NOT been "affected in any way" because of Cage's sloppy domestic violence arrest early Saturday morning ... and today, things seemed "completely normal."

We're guessing Cage will try to take it easy during the next 6 weeks of shooting ... maybe a couple of quiet nights at home ... if he can remember the address.


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Mousetrap: I've never been arrested. I stay home when I'm obnoxious. It's not rocket science.

God, people, quit making excuses for bad behavior.

1251 days ago


Pay your taxes like everyone else. Blame other people, doesn't work.

Wesley Snipes got 3 years for pulling the same crap. Didn't work for him. You have the money, get the IRS off your back.

1251 days ago


Whats the big deal?

who remembers the address of vacation rentals anyways?

They should be printed on the keytag.

1251 days ago

northern gypsy    

why so much attention on N.C. ??? he owes taxes !!!
not just a pittance...but...some serious coin...
sadly...i think he knows he's off to the big house !!!

1251 days ago


those that noticed his wife was the one arguing are absolutely right. especially in the tattoo parlor...if he was at fault i would say it, but, he wasnt...alice the waitress needs to go find someone else to beat up emotionally. i like nic cage, if he needs help, then have the judge order him to get it, but alice needs to shut her mouth too, and stop ordering him around.

1251 days ago


1 word: douche

1251 days ago


Not a fan and will not watch any movie he is in!!!

1251 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

People whose number of brain cells have diminished never think anything is wrong til they're standing in front of a judge who's about to sentence them.

1251 days ago


shouldnt he return to work and not make a big deal about what happen people that let their personal lifes affect there work get fired and cause promblems atleast he showed up and isnt making a big deal about it on set he cant change that night now all he can do is learn from his mistake get a good lawyer and hope the judge lets him off easy

1251 days ago


"What arrest?"

What career? If Nicolas Cage is star billed in a film... you know it's a POS to avoid. Sorry, dude... you had potential when you were younger. But you've made some really crappy role choices and your acting has become comic.

1251 days ago

steven katona    

he should quit smoking!!!!!! limpy!

1251 days ago


After he and Whoopy won an academy award I totaly lost respect and stoped wathicng the Oscars.

1251 days ago


How is this any different than any non-so-called celebrity getting arrested for being a tard a$$ in public? My family is often arrested and it has never kept any of them from getting to work, even if they are arrested on a work night.

1251 days ago


I'll say it again, Leave Nic alone. He's not the one out everyday looking for media attention. So he got drunk. That happens in New Orleans. I went to New Orleans and got drunk and I didn't make the papers. Geeezzz

1251 days ago


From what I understand, Nic pulled on his wife's arm trying to get her to go in a different direction. Don't know about you people, but that sounds like normal husband-wife behavior to me. According to your standards, I should be arrested for trying to get my husband's attention that way???? Nic Cage is a talented actor STILL and is going through some pretty difficult times. Give the man a break! Sounds like he has a similar temperament to Michael Jackson regarding spending money like there's no limit. That is an emotional issue that I hope he can get a handle on before it destroys his life. Not much different than the psyche of hoarders. I hope he finds peace and contentment and someday understands that possessions do not make anyone happy. Nic, I am pulling for you and am a loyal fan who won't kick you when you're down. Can't wait to see your next movie. I absolutely loved KNOWING. Some of the people on these blogs are absolutely vicious when someone is going through a hard time. Probably jealous of the actors' wealth. Don't be - they pay dearly for it by people feeling they own them and have the right to tell them how to live, and I don't begrude them a cent!

1251 days ago
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