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Susan Lucci BLINDSIDED By Cancellation

4/16/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan Lucci had NO IDEA her show was in danger of being cancelled ... in fact, just THREE days before the announcement, the "All My Children" star ADAMANTLY denied the soap was on the chopping block.

TMZ ran into Lucci at The Grove in L.A. on Monday (see above) and when we asked if the show she's starred on for 41 years was on the hot seat, Susan replied, "No truth to that rumor ... not at all."

We spoke to Lucci's daughter, Liza Huber, who told us the soap star only learned about the show's fate on Thursday -- at the same time producers informed the rest of the cast -- and Susan was "upset" by the news.

But fear not Lucci fans -- Liza tells us her mother has NO plans to retire ... and she's already receiving offers to do other TV shows and various projects.


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phillip beckham    

I thought susan did a great job on ALL MY CHILDREN,buteverybody
knows that its not the point--41 yrs---- we'r not getting any
younger,,time to go,mabey get another job, or just RETIRE'

1264 days ago


Dont understand why the soaps have teenagers and 20 somethings dominating the cast when it obviously stay at home moms and grandmothers comprising most of the audience. Guess they come cheap.

1264 days ago

Ozzie X    

AHAHA if sh had no clue that is hilarious or she knew but was told not to comment.

1264 days ago


Well welcome to 2011. The average managerial-type who finds out they are laid off when there's a cardboard BOX on their desk didn't know either. And doesn't have a $5million pension and welfare account at SAG and AFTRA.

1264 days ago


I sure won't be watching The Chew after The View......we need MORE soaps, not less, so people can forget about their troubles for a bit.

They said viewership was down because ladies work during the day. THEY TAPE IT YOU IDIOTS!!!
Plus more and more men are watching soaps with their wives in the evenings that they have taped.....they love them!

1264 days ago


Her 41 year role on this dumpy soap is an anomaly. The fake personality bag of bones needs to move on already.

1264 days ago


If "The Chew" is still on the air in April, 2012, maybe she could lobby for a guest shot on the show...and then, on April Fool's Day, she could assault the host with a custard cream pie.

1264 days ago

Glynn Hebert    

Why did they uproot these actor from New York and move them to California? ABC is axing a couple of the best Soaps. I just don't under the rationale, or lack thereof.

1264 days ago


JeffTheFan thank you for the biggest laugh I have had in weeks. Your phraseology, especially the use of the proper sounding "assault the host", was the perfect mix for me and made me laugh out loud! You are hilarious as heck!

1264 days ago


41 years of job security doing something you love? I would think it would be enough for anyone.

Of course we're talking about actors

This is a ploy, the hard core fans will stage some kind of write in, the soaps will end up on TBS or something close, and all will be right in the Soap Opera World.

I'm not a watcher, but at least they aren't some idiotic, moronic "reality" show...those things are dumbing down the youth of America, I hope they die a quick death.

1264 days ago


O.K. Am I the only one reporting the fricking SPAMMERS on these stories?

Why aren't they removed?

What is the report button for other than to rid ourselves of these annoying Bullsh*t ads for counterfeit goods?.

Maybe the FBI should be monitoring the gossip they could catch and jail a LOT of counterfeiters!

1264 days ago


Susan will show up over at Wisteria Lane.

1264 days ago


OK, call me old-school, or idealistic, or whatever, but for god's sake, why would she not be afforded the courtesy of a private, advance disclosure? She's been a star of the show since it was created 41 YEARS AGO. That is freaking awesome. Who does the same job for 41 years anymore--and looks as good as the day she debuted as the sassy offspring of Mona?
I am disgusted by how people treat each other nowadays. She deserved RESPECT from the suits, not that kind of disregard.

1264 days ago


Can someone explain why TMZ can not figure out a way to BLOCK ads for Ugg Boots and other junk?????????????

1264 days ago


so glad that boney big head old susan is gone

1264 days ago
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