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Charlie Sheen Moves for Full Custody of Twins

4/18/2011 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is declaring legal war on Brooke Mueller and will not only ask a judge for full custody of their twins, he wants to cut off the child support he's paying her.


TMZ has learned ... Charlie's lawyer, Mark Gross, just gave Brooke Mueller's attorneys notice -- he's going to court tomorrow in an attempt to change the custody arrangement.

Gross will ask the judge to strip Brooke of both legal and physical custody, on grounds she has relapsed and went back into rehab.

And, if the judge does give Charlie full custody, Gross wants the judge to terminate Charlie's obligation to pay Brooke $55,000 a month in child support -- since she would no longer be incurring those expenses.

We've also learned Brooke's lawyers are planning their own offensive, asking the judge for full custody.  And, Brooke's lawyers want Charlie to be psychologically evaluated.


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Now we're talking. She doesn't deserve that $$$ anyway. She dug here grave.

1286 days ago


Those poor little boys. The judges need to stop bouncing them all around. They need stability. What is wrong with the legal system out there?????

1286 days ago


What a mess.

1286 days ago


OMG; neither of these parents should have custody. Hopefully the grandparents will step up.

1286 days ago


They both need a cold shower and hard dose of physical labor. All these lawyers and potlickers need to go paint another rainbow. The only thing to worry about is the children. I say GROW up Charlie and Brooke... It's not always about you. Winning or not.

1286 days ago


Charlie should get his kids back and NOT have to pay Brooke a dime because paying Brooke child support is like throwing gasoline on a fire: She uses $55,000.00 a month plus a couple of watches and stereos to support her crack habit. Charlie may be a lot of things but one thing he is is a great dad. Good luck Charlie!

1286 days ago


Well, any parent who can't stay off drugs long enough to take care of their own children doesn't deserve them and this crack head obviously doesn't need that $55,000 a month.
I don't think either parent is stable enough to be a full time parent, but maybe Charlie's the lesser of two evils. Maybe.

1286 days ago


I am on Charlie's side in this one. She for now should be stripped of custody and child support payments. I think those payments have been wasted if she needed to pawn her watch so desperately. That is not money for her to drug out with. "child support" should go towards the child/children. Now Charlie needs to get his head on better, quit this travel freak show and just get himself in shape mentally and physically to take care of his boys. In other words...give the goddesses the boot or this children will be put in someone else's custody.

1286 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

I think I've read Charlie has passed a few drug tests. If they are verifiable and he's actually clean I say give him the kids but test him once a week for drugs.

1286 days ago


Good grief. Those poor kids. Two whacked out parents. Martin Sheen needs to step in and take those babies away from BOTH of them.

1286 days ago


I assume you actually DID hear all that from Mark Gross, Harvey?? Silly question, huh?
Anyway...I HOPE it's true. If Charlie wants full custody and IF he gets it, he should not give Brooke one more cent.

1286 days ago


TMZ, LISTEN UP, this is not fvcking news stop reporting this cr@p. When they over dose and die maybe, but let it go.

1286 days ago


Ugh. Charlie can't even take care of two dogs, let alone two kids.
Both parents need serious help. Keep them with their grandparents.

1286 days ago


I think it's sad that these two even have kids. Why oh why has the state not stepped in and stripped them BOTH of custody? It's pretty clear to the entire world that neither of these two are fit to be parents.

Who ever though Denise Richards would end up looking like parent of the year. I must say, hats off to her for keeping her kids safe and out of this mess.

1286 days ago


I AGREE CHARLIE, get the kids, just be sure u keep their nannies. Don't give that crackhead another dollar. U might have issues but at least u pass the drug screens. Hanging out in Inglewood she is NUTS.

1286 days ago
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