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Charlie Sheen Moves for Full Custody of Twins

4/18/2011 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is declaring legal war on Brooke Mueller and will not only ask a judge for full custody of their twins, he wants to cut off the child support he's paying her.


TMZ has learned ... Charlie's lawyer, Mark Gross, just gave Brooke Mueller's attorneys notice -- he's going to court tomorrow in an attempt to change the custody arrangement.

Gross will ask the judge to strip Brooke of both legal and physical custody, on grounds she has relapsed and went back into rehab.

And, if the judge does give Charlie full custody, Gross wants the judge to terminate Charlie's obligation to pay Brooke $55,000 a month in child support -- since she would no longer be incurring those expenses.

We've also learned Brooke's lawyers are planning their own offensive, asking the judge for full custody.  And, Brooke's lawyers want Charlie to be psychologically evaluated.


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The fact that someone calls names, and does so with little or no provocation, when another posts facts and links, could be seen as personal attacks.

The fact that one posts one thing:

ksis - one day ago

"And still...I am ONLY trusting what he says OFF STAGE. "

yet MEANS another and we're all supposed to be mind readers should not be consider "putting words" in anyone's mouth. Did you or did you not post that statement? It's right on your comments page, so why are you now protesting its use? Why would you consider that an attack when I have not called you ANY names in the process?

You have an odd double standard, one which obviously extends to Charlie versus the real world. I do so hope you get help with your perception problems soon and stop with the name calling.

1283 days ago


Again, on topic, I sincerely hope that, if one has not been appointed, the court will appoint a guardian ad litem for the children. They need someone to represent ONLY their interests in this matter, regardless what anyone feels about either parent.

1283 days ago


@Ksis you really are a piece of work, since when is alright to threaten someone to the point of fear...oh yes Charlie sounds like a wonderful father threatening his children's mother. I think you should back off a bit on protecting Charlie, you are getting obsessed with him.

@bbrown yes they are supposed to be tested randomly , but I read where they make a appointment with Charlie, 2 days ahead of time. I have been reading it takes only 72 hrs for all drugs to leave the system, but like I said I have only read about it, so cant say its true....but Charlie's life style still leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to children. I do wish that Charlie and Brooke would get their lives straightened out.

1283 days ago



I pretty much agree with you. Both Charlie and Brooke are selfish and messed up and I really don't have any idea what should happen, I just hope the boys can have both parents in their lives at some point, healthy and ready to do whatever is in the best interest of them and unfortunately neither Brook or Charlie seems to have a clue at the moment that their actions are not what is best for these kids.

1283 days ago


The kids should not be with either parent but instead should be with the grandparents. Anyone who thinks they should be with Charlie is stupid. Charlie has been accused by a several women of domestic violence and pled guilty to domestic violence with Brooke. He has relapsed on drugs a million times and is probably faking the drug test results because I have heard it can be done even with someone watching you. He is totally insane as anyone could tell from those interviews where he appeared bipolar as some doctors said. He had porno stars helping to take care of his kids and let one of Denise's dogs starve to death! I hope the judge makes him have a psychological evaluation. He definitely should not have those kids and if the judge gives them to him, when they are harmed by being with him I hope the judge has it on his conscience!

1283 days ago

A Fan    

AJLind you need to stay off the crack pipe. Carlos(chuck) isn't a good father, and thats the bottom line.

1283 days ago


bbrown writes:
If charlie started using again he should be treated the same as brooke
I agree. Tha only way to protect the kids. And neither Charlie or Brooke is a victim.

1283 days ago

Tired of Ignorance    

Best interest of the children. The only issue for the court to decide. Are the children currently n a safe environment. (They are with healthy grandparents) So the answer would be yes the children are currently safe. Charlie wants custody. Will the children be better off with Charlie verses the current Grandparent care? Charlie has spent the last month publicly bashing the children's mother. He has spent the last month openly discussing and glorifying drug use and users, prostitution and banging pregnant teens. So his moral character with or without drugs in his system will seriously endanger the children's right to have a healthy safe environment to grow and mature into mentally, healthy and moral adults.

This case should not have anything to do with money. Anyone who brings up money needs to have their head examined. The case is about the health and welfare of the two children. Health includes mental health as well.

1283 days ago


ksis about an hour ago @Sonja

Unfortunately judges tend to look at women as those that are somehow entitled to have the kids and should be treated as some damn victims, no matter if they deserve it or not.

Is this another fine example of YOUR common sense working. You make these kind of statements as if they ar actual FACTS and truths, they are nothing more than your excuse for why charlie can't keep custody of kids. Now you even know what judges are thinking....what am I thinking right now???? I guess it is not possible that the judges in Charlie's cases have looked at all of the FACTS surrounding Charlie's case, like the admitted drug use and over dosing, the admitting of guilt in a domestic abuse case, the admitted living of paid porn stars in the home, the wielding of a machete in public. Yeah, that damn judge had no good reason at all to take the boys out of the home, he just likes the women better....according to YOU.

1283 days ago


Tired of Ignorance 5 minutes ago

I agree whole heartedly with you and I hope you're right. I just wonder if the attorneys will be able to use all the stuff he said about using drugs, etc. against him since charlie will probably claim it was all part of the act. I do think all the trash he spewed about denise and brooke should be used against him because act or no act, it is just wrong and if he really cared about his kids, he should realize how harmful it is to his future with them.

1283 days ago


How sad for those boys. Charlie is as whacked out as she is. If he was that concerned about his boys, he would have fought for custody in the first place.
What's he going to do? Hire a few hooker nannies and drag them around on his Warlock Torpedo Tours?
Place those twins with their grandparents. They need stability, not be exposed to their filty mouthed hooker loving father who has smoke pouring out of his ears.
Let's hope the judge has a shred of decency and common sense and isn't a sheeius.
Those kids are not WINNING.

1283 days ago

Alan Carver    

Between these two IDIOTS (Chuckles & Brooke) these two kids do not stand a chance! Apparently the money that Chuckles is paying Brooke isn't going to the welfare of the kids, but to support her relapses and drug habit(s). So apparently what needs to happen now is that Chuckles needs to get his kids to his parents or a grandparent and the money-train needs to come to a complete halt. With Brooke in relapse mode, the Judge really has no choice but to take the kids, award temporary custody to a legal guardian (i.e. Sheen's parents).

It is really sad to see two complete abusers of drugs and alcohol have kids stuck in the middle, but this is so common-place these days, welcome to the real world K I D S !

1283 days ago


Actually Kathyo Ksis is right about the courts favoring the mother in most cases. I've been on both ends with my Ex and then later in life witnessing my son's divorce. I won't get into the lies but let's just say when it comes to he said she said in court .. if there is no other evidence it's usually 'what she said' that wins. I think everyone forgets that neither Charlie nor Brook has lost their parental rights. The courts and CPS will work to keep the boys with their parents on some level. As for what Charlie says if he feels that he's been wronged by having an ex deny him simple visitation than he does have a right to complain and speak out whether we agree with it or not, I haven't heard of any 'threats' during his show personally.. just the thing about the email where he said she threatened him if he talked about her and she said no I didn't talk about me all you want. I just hope the courts look at all parties and make good decisions for all involved.

1283 days ago


Ummm, yea, they'd be so much...ahem....better off...

Poor babies D':

1283 days ago


if charlie knows 2 days ahead of times it's not really random if he does have that deal his lawyer must be good because brooke prob only knows what like a couple of hours or maybe alittle less than a day when she is gonna get tested I coudlnt see her lawyers letting them treat them so different and if charlie knows 2 days in advance then I want his lawyer but he could still fail because coke atleast takes 72 hours sometimes more and if he's doing coke hes gonna go crazy so I would think it would take him alittle longer but it takes everyone a different amount of time for it to fully get out because everyone is different so I dont know but I have heard it takes around 72 hours mostly

1283 days ago
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