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Charlie Sheen Enrages 9/11 Conspiracy Group

4/17/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A group of 9/11 conspiracy theorists are threatening to protest in front of Charlie Sheen's live shows ... all because they feel the actor has betrayed them.


In case you forgot, Sheen was VERY outspoken about his belief that 9/11 was a conspiracy -- and famously remarked how the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings looked like a "controlled demolition."

Now, Mark Dice, a prominent member of The 9/11 Truth Movement, tells us his fellow conspiracy theorists are pissed -- because they feel Charlie has abandoned their cause.

Mark tells us Charlie should be "asking hard questions about what happened on 9/11 and the resulting wars ... not bragging about smoking crack and sleeping with hookers."

Mark says he's reached out to Charlie -- to no avail -- but he tells us if Charlie doesn't address the issue soon, he and several theorists will protest in front of Sheen's upcoming shows.


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WOW...You sheeple will never wake up? why is it so hard for you "people" to see 911 was an inside job? look up false flag terrorism in a encyclopedia,the concept is elementary retards.

1256 days ago


Charlie has gone on the record as doubting the official government line on 9/11--extensively. Does this organized conspiracy group think it now owns him?

Right now, Charlie needs to focus on demonstrating that he has been capable all along of doing his job on TAAHM. He'll be in a better position to comment on other issues, including those that apparently are not a priority for the power structure to address, when he either gets re-hired or the lawsuit has been resolved.

1256 days ago


Mark Dice is a pretty good guy, but he is just trying to get attention here. He had a book released last month, so Im sure that might have something to do with it.
If anyone has ant questions for Mark you can contact him at, he is very helpful, and friendly.
The truth is out there.

1256 days ago



"Right now, Charlie needs to focus on demonstrating that he has been capable all along of doing "


He needs to help Obama run for re-election! Yeah thats the ticket!

How about Obama / Esteves-Sheen 2012 - - ? - - ?

1256 days ago


Or or or

Maybe Obama will let him go to Area 51 and crack open that egg

(lots of experience with crack - definitely qualified)

and see if there are any little Sheenbabies inside?

1256 days ago


OMG did you here the news? The sky is falling! No, you didn't? Well there's a conspiracy to cover it up.

The Sky is Falling Truth Movement needs your help!

1256 days ago


Wow so many stupid people and so little time to debunk them all. That's why i don't even try. They're not worth wasting a few minutes of life over.

But about this story, WTF!? Did these clowns make Charlie an honorary inductee in their 911 "truther movement" or something, just because he made a few comments about 911 they relate to? **** off *******s Charlie never betrayed you, he never even reached out to you idiots.

These dumbasses are just using and abusing Charlie for their own publicity. Theres not much TRUTHFUL about using tactics like that to get your word out.

1256 days ago


WOW! Another "group" threatening people who don't agree with them, or don't say or do what THEY want them to say or do? Welcome to America. What happened to freedom of speech? I don't care for Charlie Sheen at all, but I believe he can talk about whatever he wants, when he wants, and shouldn't have to worry about idiots picketing his shows or anything of the sort. Conspiracy theorists are nothing but a bunch of bullies! Grow Up *******s!!!

1256 days ago


charlie sheen isnt exactly in the best of places at the moment. i dont think he braggs about smoking crack and having sex with hookers i just think he said he has done it cause he was asked the question about it. and as for the deniers ill ask you this. what evidence have you got to support 9/11 status quo. NOTHING

but so is the way of the world. people will sit at home until the end of the world and will just be waving a flag at the t.v thinking that there life is real.WAKE UP.

funny but a lot of those people also like bill hicks. NOW THAT IS FUNNY

1256 days ago


9/11 was solely Clinton's fault and his appointed idiots. If Gore hadn't tried to steal the election and put Bush back by 4 months maybe something could have been found out before it happened. But the PC libs, like the ones that wouldn't report Maj. Hassan at Ft Hood, all have the blood on their hands. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

1256 days ago

westboro is awsome    

9/11 was clearly an inside job:,2933,327969,00.html

1256 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

And of course he ignores all the building engineers who have spoken ad nauseum & all the do***entaries that have been aried since 9/11 about how this actually happened. Is it possible that any government is capable of this? Heh, of course everyone knows they are.

9/11, however, was an act of terrorism plain & simple & it kills him & his ilk that they're not believed. Controlled demolition of two buildings that size, in one of the most densely populated cities in the world you idiots? You mean they were worried about the buildings toppling over & killing a few more thousand people?!? Oh it's ok to kill up to 5,000 in the buildings, but we don't want to touch the people in the surrounding buildings or the streets? How about when a gas tanker explodes under a bridge. What happens to that bridge shortly after?

There are numerous examples of how this happens to any structure, great or small, but charlie & his ilk have their minds made up & don't want to be confused with the facts.

7 WTC was empty because everyone BEAT IT AFTER THE TWINS COLLAPSED. I think the collapse of two of the biggest buildings in the world gives humans, as their animal instincts kick in, a very clear idea that they better get the hell out of a burning building to avoid either BURNING TO DEATH or suffering the same fate as those in 1 & 2. The fire dept wasn't there because they were busy searching for their dead in the wake of the collapse of the twins. Plus nobody AT THAT POINT realized what exactly made the twins collapse.

But does it matter, really? Have you ever tried to reason with unreasonable people? Hating the president & all that he stands for is one thing, but arguing with logic is entirely another.

1256 days ago

westboro is awsome    

9/11 was an inside job for sure:

1256 days ago

westboro is awsome    

More sites explaining 9/11 was an inside job:

1256 days ago


Charlie was seduced by hookers with crack to prevent the truth!


1256 days ago
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