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Nic Cage Want Ink Before Getting Thrown in the Klink

4/17/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before Nicolas Cage was arrested for domestic violence Saturday morning, he went to a tattoo shop -- where he drunkenly stumbled around, fretting that he didn't remember where he lived.

TMZ broke the story ... Cage was busted by New Orleans police after arguing with his wife and allegedly taunting cops.  According to the NOPD, Cage and his wife were arguing over the location of the apartment they were renting -- as in, Nic didn't have a clue where he was.

According to eye witnesses ... before Cage was popped, he stopped by a tattoo parlor and began throwing his clothes around, demanding to get inked up.

We're told Nic seemed quite intoxicated and asked employees to call the cops. When they asked why, Cage replied ... he just didn't remember where he lived.


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Good actor.....what ashame.

1284 days ago


Nic baby, you don't have to go to every bar down there, go to Clovers and have a nice fluffy egg and you will feel much better.

1284 days ago


i smoked crack with that *****!!

1284 days ago



You're aging Nic by a decade. He's in his 40's....not 50's.

1284 days ago


Handgrenades on Bourbon St. will do that to you but my drunk GPS has never failed me....I always get home...

1284 days ago



1284 days ago


He wasn't driving, I know a lot of us have a had a bad night after drinking too much. Celebrity or not, give the guy a break! In addition to a kicking hangover, he now has this stupid story to add to his cache of life's lessons. Considering all that is going on in the world I find it sad that so much attention is being made of this.

1284 days ago


I know it's Sunday, but if you need a laugh to start your day, here are a few of the best pieces fro Friday

1284 days ago


Maybe he should have tatooed his address on himself. The jackass.

1284 days ago


LOL JimmyB..

1284 days ago


Why is everyone here beating up on Nic Cage? What's wrong with people's opinion of him all of the sudden?

1284 days ago

South Beach    

Asked for the cops yet when they appeared, he gives them grief. There's just no pleasing some people.

Let's face it, Cage has always been somewhat wacky, it's part of his brillance performance wise historically (referring to "Leaving Las Vegas" or "Face Off"), but that character trait has a dark sie as well, and Cage has been under a lot of stress financially.

1284 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

It just gets worse & worse for this guy. He seems to be on a parallel downward spiral with sheen. If you're so out of it you can't remember where you live, that's what's left of your brain cells telling you to quit.

It's my understanding that tattoo parlors will not work on you anymore if you've been drinking. Not only because of the liability issues after the customer sobers up & realizes how stupid they were, but because the blood is thinner & if you bleed during the process it won't heal properly & you are more prone to infection.

In this case, they may have refused him simply because he was acting like a wack job.

1284 days ago

January Jonez    

Not your best moment Nick but sooo what..
Many a people have gotten way too wasted from time 2 time..

Hell, back in college, we went out one night and got so s.h.i.t. faced we couldn't find the car and reported it stolen...Hahhahaa -
The next morning a roommate took the garbage out and there was the car, parked behind the garage..
Duh, we forgot that we didn't take the car, but got dropped by taxi instead.. Duh! Drinking!

1284 days ago


Here is the video from the restaurant that night of Cage:

Copy Link:

1284 days ago
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