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Nic Cage -- Arguing with Wife in Tattoo Shop Video

4/18/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained surveillance video taken inside a tattoo shop just before Nic Cage was arrested -- where he can clearly be seen carrying some sort of drink as he argues with his wife and others.

Nicolas Cage Video
As TMZ first reported, Cage went to the tattoo shop on the night he was arrested ... and, according to witnesses, told shop employees he didn't know where he lived. According to police, that was the topic he and his wife were arguing over when he allegedly grabbed her.

In the surveillance video, Cage can be seen with arms around two friends -- and holding a clear plastic cup -- as he enters the shop. Cage would walk out and back in and again ... and that's when he can be seen arguing with his wife and friends. His wife can be seen motioning to herself throughout the video -- as if to say, "Listen to me" or "Come with me."

Eventually Nic acquiesced and left the shop ... only to later be arrested on charges of domestic violence and disturbing the peace.


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Umm, that has got to be the BUSIEST tatoo parlor I have ever seen.

1285 days ago


His wife is Korean right! I am Korean and we love to argue and then play innocent---then we cry
Its the way we seen ours mothers do it
As a foreigner it is very annoying, Im sure

1285 days ago


Near the beginning of the video, Cage is sitting in the chair, he stands up and his wife hits him in the chest. Towards the end of the video, Cage is pointing a a man, and the wife pushes his hand away. Basically I saw Cage behaving like a gentleman who was angry. Cage was not violent, but his wife was physically aggressive and boarderline physically abusive. Cage showed great restraint. Cage even stood behind the wall to seperate the wife from him. Cage is a gentleman and perhpas his wife is the type of woman who pushes her man to the limit. Actually she did physically push him, and Cage did nothing but move behind the wall. Cage, you gotta dump a woman who tries to make you look bad. You need a supportive and nurturing woman.

1285 days ago


Philly 49 minutes ago
"I'm sure all the moral pontificators will railroad Cage into "treatment" for getting sh*tfaced and having an off nite. One thing about Charlie Sheen"

Practice what you preach hypocrite, all you're doing is stirring the pot. You're creating chaos and interjecting your values. Hypocrite.

Your values have no more worth than anyone elses. It's disgusting that you would impose YOUR way of life on anyone. Clearly your own agenda is all you care about, hypocrite. Crawl back under the feet of your master.

1285 days ago


I don't see him doing anything wrong at all, looks to me like his buddy's were grabbing his wife more then him. I feel sorry for her trying to lead him out of there with those two idiots trying to talk him into getting a tattoo.

1285 days ago


****amamie 39 minutes ago
"Umm, that has got to be the BUSIEST tatoo parlor I have ever seen."

Nothing is ever as it seems, an actor begging the police to arrest him is only a PR stunt and nothing more.

1285 days ago


So tmz staffers, I'm sittin here watchin tmz on tv, and Kelli says she dont kiss girls often. So hay Kelli what your sayin is you kiss girl sometimes?
Sorry folks for gettin off subject, but this question has to be asked. I meen look at Kelli, I'd love to watch her make out with a nother chick. Like mayby yevett, the curly dark haired chick will do.

1285 days ago


These cops charged him with domestic abuse because he dared them to arrest. This is horse ****! Maybe cops should be aware that the charge alone can ruin someone and should institute a policy of hiring officers with a college degree. Not the 2 year community college crap in criminal justice but a true 4 year bachelors. Last time I was in the "big easy" they were allowing high school dropouts and GED schmucks the opportunity to join there prestigious force. They have proven to be the most corrupt out of all the forces we have in the states. Yet there internal affairs division is minuscule. (Loved the way they went AWOL during Katrina). Is it a crime to pull your wife in the direction of the house that you think you are renting? I Think Not! Even if your trashed. She did not call for help! A third party heard the commotion and the cops made it a big deal. Give a guy a gun and a badge and he thinks he's Wyatt ****ing Earp!

1285 days ago


He begs the police to arrest him, yells in the street in the early morning, catches the attention of the media for a weekend and has no comment. It's just a PR stunt, he's manipulating the system. Every news outlet in the world has been contacting Nick Cage and he has told them all the same thing "No comment".

BEGGED the police to arrest him.

He got the whole world to look at him, when we all looked toward his direction he then looked back and stated "NO COMMENT". Why bother? Why go out of your way to make everyone give you attention? Was he just drunk and out of it? Apparently not. He got our attention just to turn his nose and walk away. Nicke Cage is thumbing his nose at his fans and not apologizing for his behavior.

As if.

As if we are invading HIS privacy. As if when he was yelling in the street at the police demanding to be arrested, WE invaded his privacy. As if the network of people that make up this new global community isn't worth communicating with. Every media outlet contacted Nick Cage and his publicists asking for a comment on this matter.

Nick Cage has no comment.

Nick Cage begged to be arrested yet has no comment on the matter. Nick Cage used the local authorities in NO to get himself arrested, grab the attention of the media and used his celebrity power to manipulate the news. Nick Cage is an Academy Award winning actor and for nearly 4 decades worked with the press and media to promote himself and his movies. Yet this weekend has nothing to say.

It's a calculated move.

Nick Cage is intentionally not commenting on his media outburst because he is establishing authority over the media and his fans. Nick Cage is demonstrating his superiority over his fans through the media.

Nick Cage is manipulating the media in order to secure his dominance over his fan base.

1285 days ago


I guess what happens in Naw'lans doesn't stay in Naw'lans

1285 days ago

fu vs tazzlers    

I see nic holding hands with his wife and his wife says he didn`t hit her sao WTF f`ie it`s late and he`s working too much and his crew is pushing his wife around way2much,If anything he should fire those thugs playin with his wife

1285 days ago


Folks, all those saying it's alcohol, please stop. Nic can't figure out where he lives because he's in the most advanced stage of alzheimers. He could hardly walk and didn't know who he was talking to. It is sad, but we must face reality and get him help before it's too late.

1285 days ago

Gene Hart    

C'mon Nic, just bust the bitch in the mouth and get it over with. You know it's coming, just do it.

1285 days ago


doesnt look like there is any fighting at all ,, lol but nice try.

1285 days ago


Couples fight all the time in New Orleans--it's great entertainment for the homeless.

1285 days ago
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