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Nic Cage -- Arguing with Wife in Tattoo Shop Video

4/18/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained surveillance video taken inside a tattoo shop just before Nic Cage was arrested -- where he can clearly be seen carrying some sort of drink as he argues with his wife and others.

Nicolas Cage Video
As TMZ first reported, Cage went to the tattoo shop on the night he was arrested ... and, according to witnesses, told shop employees he didn't know where he lived. According to police, that was the topic he and his wife were arguing over when he allegedly grabbed her.

In the surveillance video, Cage can be seen with arms around two friends -- and holding a clear plastic cup -- as he enters the shop. Cage would walk out and back in and again ... and that's when he can be seen arguing with his wife and friends. His wife can be seen motioning to herself throughout the video -- as if to say, "Listen to me" or "Come with me."

Eventually Nic acquiesced and left the shop ... only to later be arrested on charges of domestic violence and disturbing the peace.


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gucci lv chanel fashion    

Nick Cage is manipulating the media in order to secure his dominance over his fan base

1284 days ago


His thug crew is outaline but his ego blindsided him but he isn`t hittin no one isn`t driveing isn`t pukein is`nt hurtin no one.He can drink if he does`nt drive but his thugs are pushing his wife around and danceing with her.I`d fire the whole lot of them and hire some real guards whom an`t buddy buddy goodtimers

1284 days ago


Okay~This is NOT where he was arrested. He was arrested in the middle of the French Quarter on Dumaine and Chartres. There are NO tattoo shops in the Quarter. Not allowed. The closest shop to the Quarter is Electric Ladyland II on Frenchman. This isn't it. Actually, I don't know where the F this one is. Never seen it before~Anybody know?

1284 days ago


For those that were there we know what went down. Those of you that were not there do not judge him before you know the facts. I live in nawlens I was right there. Just chill out till you get the facts, please. Dog did the right thing he got the facts and did the right thing, asap. I was nothing.


1284 days ago


I found this video online of Nicholas Cage after he leaves the tattoo shop! you wont believe what happened

1284 days ago


Philly 5 hours ago
"I'm sure all the moral pontificators will railroad Cage into "treatment" for getting sh*tfaced and having an off nite. One thing about Charlie Sheen I respected was that he was unapologetic for his antics. Hopefully Cage will tell the news and entertainment mavens to shove it up their collective puckered as*holes and mind their own business."

Sheen and Cage are besties, friends to the end. Blood brothers, they grew up together. Sheen and Cage both started in Hollywood because of their famous families.

Old Hollywood.

Old Hollywood trying to remain relevant. Sheen joined twitter and tweets with Miley Cyrus.

Old Hollywood Nick Cage works for Tobey Maguire's production company.

Both Nick Cage and Charlie Sheen sqaundered the billions of dollars they got from working on Hollywood. Spent it all on prostitution, gambling, narcotics and now they beg the police to arrest them.

Daddy got them work so they think they are entitled to it all.

1284 days ago


Is it just me or does it seem like his wife is causing some drama? Wtf...the man is as human as you or I.

1284 days ago


He's a Human being. jeeezzzzz......just because he is an actor,it doesn't mean he is a perfectionist.

1284 days ago


So many of you do not pay attention. He wasn't arrested for the tattoo place actions, but the out of control freakshow that occurred after. This man is a bad actor, only famous because of his family connections/name. Plus, he looks reptilian...eewwww. His contrived arrogance and manner are annoying. Yikes, he can't even deal with a woman close to his own age, needs one half his age to feel superior. Very Gross. He sucks and needs to grow up.

1284 days ago


Seems to me she just wanted her drunk husband to NOT get a tattoo in the middle of the night. The woman doesnt look drunk, and just wanted her hubby to probably take his drunk butt home.

1284 days ago

who dat    

Hope you clowns at tmz didn't spend to much on that video, cause there was nothing to see.

1284 days ago


Nic Cage might be a great actor but sorry friend he is definitely not cool and you who think his partying style is ok must be over indulging in something? Drugs maybe? Decent people are able to handle their drug of choice and don't go into public places disrupting other people.

The friend looked like they were drunk..the wife didn't look like she enjoyed their participation in Nic's behavior..Probably three free loaders he picked up wherever he and his wife were partying.

I felt sorry for her as you could see she was in distress with his discusting behavior..

1284 days ago

Franken Berry - Male Prostitute & Malfeasant Derelict    

Arrested for what: domestic violence, drunkenness and public indecency? Bah! He should have been charged with at-least a felony for inflicting suffering on my eyes and ears; a result his BAD ACTING!

1284 days ago


Still love the guy!! He's a normal dude drinking and having a good time. His job is an actor, he's not playing a role when he's out in his real life. Let it go already TMZ.

1284 days ago


Cage's been spiraling out of control for some time now. That substance abuse and Satan worship'll get ya every time! These Hollywood "stars" are repulsive. I Used to be a Cage fan, but I'm seriously reconsidering.

1284 days ago
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