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"Teen Mom" Star -- Lights, Camera, Divorce!

4/17/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer cried on cue as she read over divorce papers while hanging out with a friend -- and an MTV camera crew -- in Elkview, WV yesterday.

Bad life decisions equal good ratings.


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Rich or poor, whatever you may want to call her she is a good mom from what I have seen. To the idiots who trash her because she is not wealthy, well there are plenty of ****ty rich parents out there and this girl genuinely loves her daughters and tried to make her marriage work for their sake. Just because someone has money doesn't make them superior in any sense of the word.

1255 days ago


people get served with divorce papers every day. why is this on here Harvey?

1255 days ago


All who watch this crap have issues; and those who defend it in any way need a reality check.

1255 days ago


Who watches this crap? there is nothing to glorify or entertaining about a teenager getting pregnant and having to raise a child. It's sick.

1255 days ago


Can't believe intelligent people watch this crap.
Oh wait,,,,they don't.

1255 days ago


Boo Hoo...

1255 days ago

dube blu    

this chick is orange,and has been sqeezed by half of west virgina. cory should of never got back together with it let alone marry it. she's retarded & passed that gene off to her daughter. she would only be useful after a 12 pack & a couple of j's. betch'a cory was pissed at it after she laughed through the entire vowles for him, even the preacher was embarresd for him. she still frails in comparrson to that usless chealsea girl, she is an complete idiot, useless as a f*g in a whore house, and uses her dad more than he uses his credit card on her. if either one of those girls was my daughter i would hang myself by my nuts.

1255 days ago


It hasn't even been 6 months, the married at the end of October - that's sad. I did read somewhere that she was cheating on him while they were still together and hooked up with a guy like a week before the wedding. Girls these days are wh-res, no wonder we have so many gays, straight girls that is.

1255 days ago


Time to call this show what it is. TEEN SLUTS 2. The usual who get pregnant in high school are sluts, and all these baby daddy's knew it, but Corey, who out of the goodness of his heart, married the SLUT who cheated on him before, for the sake of a handicapped daughter. But, you can't call a slut a housewife, and she went back to her slut ways. CHECK OUT THE STATS ON TEEN MOMS. The only things that last for them are WELFARE, JAIL AND MORE TEEN MOM KIDS.

1255 days ago

j in elkview    

for fact those are divorce papers, seen her filing them at the court myself!

1255 days ago


This is sad, I thought that they would be the few who made it.

I see she's still wearing her wedding ring though.

1255 days ago


These sluts are making a huge second income $elling stories about themselves to the tabloids. This slut Leah, made sure she milked every penny out of the tabs for her wedding photos ONLY A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO, before the next round of $$$ - her divorce.

1255 days ago


Just wondering -- did Leah get a nose job with her Teen Trash 2 paycheck? Her face and hair definitely look different.

They're all trash. Why glorify their poor life choices?

1255 days ago


I don't find the show offensive, and I really do think it gives girls a good perspective on what to expect should they not use protection and find themselves pregnant. Any girl who would get pregnant for 'fame' or for what comes down to a really small amount of money in the end, hasn't seen what these girls go through after the show. I haven't seen one of them get paid to do anything after the show, as far as acting, commercials, etc. Mostly what I have seen is that their every move is followed and they are made out to look pretty bad quite often. I also don't think it's wrong, nor an enticement to get pregnant, for MTV to pay the girls for their time on the show either. I personally am glad the girls are getting paid. Most of them could really use the money. Just like in real life, some will use the money wisely, and others wont. Lastly, I haven't seen Teen pregnancy glorified on the show. I have seen girls who have had to drop out of high school, who cry seeing their friends go off to college without them, verbally abusive teen fathers, family conflict, coping with the emotional decision of giving up their children for adoption, etc. Just my take on it.

I hope Leah and Cory will get some counseling and make their marriage work. Granted their age is against them statistically, but many have made the same decision and have made it work. On the show Leah had doubts prior to the marriage, and if you have doubts, it is always best to wait. I am not blaming her of course. To make any marriage work however you have to be very certain about the serious decision you are about to make, very committed to the marriage, and be willing to work through all problems (obviously not abuse, verbal or physical however, that should NEVER be tolerated).

1255 days ago


Who the f*** watches this nonsense? I haven't turned on MTV in about 10 years, at least.

1255 days ago
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