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"Teen Mom" Star -- Lights, Camera, Divorce!

4/17/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom 2" star Leah Messer cried on cue as she read over divorce papers while hanging out with a friend -- and an MTV camera crew -- in Elkview, WV yesterday.

Bad life decisions equal good ratings.


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Ms Thang    

You go Helium Heels! She is a role model for all Trailer Park trash everywhere!

1263 days ago


And her 15 minutes are up in 3....2...1

Her only claim to fame is being stupid and getting knocked up while still a kid herself. BRAVO!!!!

1263 days ago


nitsuD - Do you even watch this show? He called her while she was out with the girls getting her nails done - she was not working. Second - SHE is divorcing him. She is the petitioner.

Since neither of them are commenting on all this buying trucks and cheating - and neither has made a statement - it's all just speculation.

These people are not stars...they are simply young, dumb teenagers making stupid mistakes on TV for the world to enjoy. Not even 21 - 2 kids, married and divorced in six months.

1263 days ago


Why are people making mean comments?!??!?! Her marriage is falling apart. This is sad.

1263 days ago


they arent divorce papers..they are emails go to ..

1263 days ago


This girl was a bitch in the beginning...she treated him like crap..its obvious he really cares for her. I feel bad for him. He was a decent guy.

1263 days ago


she wrote on her twitter that her and corey were NOT getting a divorce

1263 days ago


Divorce is never a good thing. No matter who it happens to. In my opinion they were too young to get married and their parents should have stopped them. I don’t know if this whole divorce drama is real or fake, but it’s sad. As far as Leah being a whore because she got pregnant at 16 is ridiculous. One of my good friends got pregnant at 16 and she was not a slut and she finished high school and is currently finishing her 4th year of college. People are writing all these bad things and it’s a shame because there are 2 little girls left without a dad in their lives full time. And for everybody who commented “who cares?” or “who watches this crap” evidently you care because you had the time to comment and read the article.

1263 days ago


Leah never wanted to marry Corey at this stage in her life if you remember she told him lets take our time and figure out whats wrong with one of the twins before we take a step like this. He told her the if we're not going to get married we're not going to be together. It lasted longer than i thought i would. I feel BAD for the BABIES!

1263 days ago


Hey. Are these shows really for real? Now we have Dr. Drew interviewing them-the teen moms.. when are you people gonna wake up? This is the crap we like for entertainment. Hey my house can show you some real entertainment-my significant other's company stopped payment on a check for $2145.00 and we had no money to buy my scripts for anxiety. Dr. rew was need here. I like him but he real? Really, who is real anymore?

1263 days ago


It's not divorce papaers she's holding, it's her SCRIPT!!!!!!!

1263 days ago


I don't think it's a script, or divorce papers. Other competing gossip sites have pictures of the papers, and they look to be messages sent (facebook chat) between two people (I don't know who). Anyway sad to hear that, but that's what happens when you allow yourself to be put on TV, and are too young to really understand the difference between reality and "reality Tv". :(

1263 days ago


Too much eye makeup leads to divorce.

1263 days ago


Really, the hell you say??!!
And here I thought breeding at such a young age was a good idea...ha!
How demented are these viewers how actually tune in to watch this crap!?

1263 days ago


6 months thats it? And Im not defending what corey did, but how is the money made from the show, just hers? I know the girls sign up, but the guys have to agree also, so dont they get paid too?

1263 days ago
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