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Charlie Sheen Will Appear In Court

4/18/2011 9:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen will appear in court Tuesday to make a personal plea to the judge to award him full custody of Bob and Max ... sources tell TMZ.


We're told Charlie feels so strongly about getting both physical and legal custody of the twins, he wants to deliver his message personally to the judge.

Charlie, along with his lawyer, Mark Gross, will argue that Brooke Mueller is unfit to care for their kids, given her recent relapse into drugs.


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Man. Those poor kids. Either option is bad. Are there no SOBER family members that can step in?

1253 days ago


I hope Charlie gets his kids back. People can say whatever they want about him but the truth is he lived up to his end of the bargain and she went out and got all ****ed up like the irresponsible parent she is.
only one problem with your statment..charlie hasnt had a random test yet..every test he has taken was scheduled meaning he knew when not to do his dope..he is a druggie.druggies pass drug test's every day..just because his pee comes up clean proves nothing.

1253 days ago


Seriously? Can this get any more strange and sad!? If a judge actually gives those kids to him or her, they should fired!

1253 days ago


Please may TMZ be covering this live.

1253 days ago


The twins should be "on tour" with Charlie as much as they should be in rehab with Brooke, they would be better off and safer in rehab with Brooke.
Time for The Wisdom of Solomon. What is best for Bob and Max?

1253 days ago


Is not right to have those prostitutes around those kids and all that porn just isn't healthy, but whatever I don't care enough about charley sheen anyways...

1253 days ago


Raised by a pornstar.
lucky boys !!!

1253 days ago


Like there are no kids in America living with a drug
addicted parent? Wake up. Suburban mothers
are on prescription drug highs, dads and moms across
all social economic areas do drugs. Charlie has
a great deal of nanny and grandparent assistant who
can pull the boys away from any situation. Besides,
Charlie says he does not do drugs (if he does them)
around the kids.

1253 days ago


Poor kids. One parent's a junkie and the other one is crazy. Maybe they should just be given to one of their sets of grandparents.

1253 days ago


Go Charlie!

1253 days ago


So why did Bree Olson left? Is she one of the goddesses that was reportetly using drugs?

1253 days ago


Why, so he can starve them to neglect and death like he did so to his twins two dogs he had custody of when he was home with them, 24/7 as he was unemployed and homebounding rehab with a gaggle of worthless entourage that nelected those two dogs as well.

1253 days ago

bring back recent posts    

I wonder if Charlie will tell the judge not to mess with the Warlock ? hmm

1253 days ago


CHARLIE SHEEN is a drug addict, why on earth would any judge give those sweet babies to him? plus he has 2 porn stars living with him, one of which has gone back to her home town for court due to a DUI charge. i dont think charlie is clean, i think he is using other ppl's urine for those drug tests. just look at him, he is so pale, sick looking, he has lost weight, he just looks so unhealthy. CHARLIE is not able to take care of himslef muchless take care of thoer babies. those babies do not need to be in a home where ppl drink and do drugs. PERIOD!

1253 days ago


His show was awesome, the greatest! I'd much rather see him get his show back than see him get his kids. He doesn't deserve his kids, no way, he's a total drug addict. Once an addict, always an addict. He can't stay clear from that way of life...he has too much money. Neither one of them deserves to have the kids and the kids don't deserve a life like theirs either. But I sure hope he gets his show back, I loved his show!!!

1253 days ago
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