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Charlie Sheen Wants To Take Twins On Tour

4/19/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen wants to take his twins on the road for the remaining two weeks of his comedy tour, and on Tuesday his lawyer will ask a judge for permission to do just that.


TMZ has learned ... Charlie's lawyer, Mark Gross, will ask L.A. County Superior Court Judge Hank Goldberg to allow his client to take full custody of Bob and Max.  Gross wants the judge to let Charlie do what other performers are allowed to do -- take their kids with them on the road during the last two weeks of the tour.

Gross' argument -- Brooke is unfit to care for the children because she's backslid on her sobriety and has been using drugs again, and the kids can have a more stable and safe environment with Charlie.


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South Beach    

Any judge who would give those boys to either one of these s***bag parents should be thrown off the bench.

1261 days ago


Sheen, you twisted SOB. Think of someone else for once and leave those kids where they are.

1261 days ago


I think Charlie's lawyers are doing drugs, if they think this is a good idea for two little boys to be around druggies and whores and bounced around from one to the other,God help those two little guys....I hope the judge has enough sense to come down hard on Charlie and his lawyers, for even asking least Brooke left her boys in a stable caring environment, with her mother.

1261 days ago


Oh dear God, this guy is a complete idiot and his attorney should be disbarred for even suggesting such a thing. What's wrong with these people?

1261 days ago


Are all lawyers and judges Jews? If so kind of scary if you’re a gentile

1261 days ago


Well, hopefully tomorrow the judge will make the best choice for the boys and I am pretty sure he is not going to give either of these full custody. This may have been exactly what needs to happen so that they are put into hands of the best caregiver at this time - which most likely is Brooke's Mom.

1261 days ago

real deal    

Did you ever think you'd hear the argument that being on the road with Charlie would actually be a "more stable and safe" environment than , well, anything?!?

Based on the request, he's definately heading for a full psych evaluation. Now that will be interesting, considering he refused to do one for WB. Maybe he thinks he's up for it now. The smart money says the kids will stay with her mother. No way does a judge let those kids out of LA for his crazy ass tour. He just has to read the minute by minute TMZ coverage to know that would be insane...

1261 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Totally agree. Good for the Warlock to step up for the kids unlike Brooke

1261 days ago


Those poor children - they do not stand a chance. Hope the Judge can see the true Charlie does not let Charlie or Brook raise them.

1261 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

The dog and pony show should
add Kneel and Bob too.

created in laughter
or as the kidz say. lol

the Goddess priestess

1261 days ago


Charlie let me describe Epic to you - Epic is being blessed with the wonder of two sweet little boys to spend time with, play with, read stories to, and cuddle and love - listen to their laughter and their joy learning about the world around them.
It's YOUR responsibility as a father!
Epic is not about money, or fame or drugs or playmates the age of your daughter. It's about the wonder and joy of life that you can discover with your children and through sharing love and kindness with them. You also have two young daughters, in all 5 children - How sad that you have not managed to grow up yourself and accept the role of an adult and father to any of them.
Sad for you - but tragic for them.
Charlie for them (who deserve better in a father) and yourself - please realize what you think of as 'fun" is not fun - it's an escape - but you can never escape from yourself -
It's time for you to put away your childish rebellions and become a responsible human being - you created these children who need a father - Become one!

1261 days ago


So what is the big deal? It's not like the tour is gonna last for six months and he is gonna be living in some trailer. It's just two more weeks, best hotels, probably two nannies.
Geez...what a horrible father. LOL

1261 days ago

orlando gal    

Think about the kids. How incredibly selfish these two are. It's not about what adult "wins". It's about children that need consistency and stability in their lives.

1261 days ago


"a safe and stable environment with Charlie"... That is the dumbest thing I've heard for quite a while.

Anybody who thinks Charlie is stable is crazy.

1261 days ago


Well now, isn't that just a WINNING idea? Bring those little boys along on the tour ... teach 'em early how to smoke, drink, and do crack. Hell, maybe Charlie can give them his credit card so they can go out and get a hooker to teach them how to ... well, you know.

Ahhhh, that Charlie ... what a Sheenius he is!

1261 days ago
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