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Sheen's Goddess Leaves Tour -- Vows to Return

4/18/2011 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is down to ONE goddess ... because TMZ has learned goddess #1, Bree Olson, has left the warlock and returned home ... again.

Sources close to Bree (pictured left) tell us ... the gang was in Toronto on Saturday morning, where Sheen had performed the night before, when Olson decided she couldn't hang with Charlie anymore ... and split.

As we previously reported, Bree left the gang back in March ... but reconciled with Sheen and rejoined the gang.

We're told Sheen's OTHER goddess, Natalie Kenly (pictured right), is still a member of Team Win. 

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke with Bree ... who told us she DID leave Saturday morning -- but not for good.

Bree says she had to return home to Indiana for an upcoming court hearing stemming from her DUI -- but insists she'll be rejoining the tour as soon as the hearing ends.

Bree says, "I am 100% still one of Charlie's goddesses."


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two cents    

Great, the cute one goes home and he's stuck with the fugly wonky jawed one. Looks like her jaw was broken and never set. Is that "crackhead" tattoed on her forehead? lol

You sure are "winning" charlie. What a joke he's become! I can't even watch 2.5 men anymore on tv. All I see is CRAZY when I used to see a great show. Thanks for messing that up you selfish, insane idiot.

1286 days ago


Pretty sad when the "goddesses" jump off the crazy train and head home for some "normal" time.

1286 days ago


Charlie's world is crumbling around him---he may be the only one who doesn't realize it. Sad to watch. He ruins the lives of everyone he brings into his world. I hope she stays away this time.

1286 days ago


Glad to see no one buys TMZGossip's gay-worship of Carlos.

1286 days ago


Charlie Sheen a self proclaimed crackhead,stated he was abusive to Bree

in a prior incident involving Sheen breaking a tooth and taking it out on her.

Sheen has reportedly been abusive to other women he has been in relationships with

(shooting one, busting one across the face,threatening to shave ones head,and threatening to cut the head off another,etc.)

Bree is lucky to get out!! She can do better!!

1286 days ago


Relationships run their course. I didn't think for a single second this one was forever. She had fun while it lasted. time to move on.

So what?!!?

1286 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

She wanted to have sex with loads of different men, not a toothless loser skeleton with a penis the size of a jelly bean.

1286 days ago

steven katona    

yo 22 minutes ago
Charlie is not an artist. Bree is an artist. LOL! Charlie is a hanger-on of "artists" like Bree. Charlie is an ex-actor.

have some faith! you can teach this old dog some new tricks you just need a new leash!

1286 days ago


Bree was never in a relationship with Charlie.

It was always simply a paid gig.

She finally couldn't stand the job any more, no matter how much it paid.

1286 days ago


LMFAO...for anyone in Canada.

Charlie is wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. BWUAHAHAHA, he needs someone on tour to school him in the fine art of picking and choosing a "WINNING" team.

1286 days ago

steven katona    

yo 3 minutes ago
Bree was never in a relationship with Charlie.

It was always simply a paid gig.

She finally couldn't stand the job any more, no matter how much it paid.

awwww say it aint so??! i thought it was 'love'??! then i guess he won't be upset when he starts datin other women and vise versa?! she should do a duo with kacey jordan! XXX!

1286 days ago


All these broken girls with their "Daddy issues" just want someone to lavish attention on them. Trouble is with two of them, that attention is divided. Not to mention the fact that Charlie/Dad has other daughters that require his periodic 'attention'.

1286 days ago

CA Girl    

So what? This is news because (?).................

1286 days ago


He looks like an old man being helped down the sidewalk.

1286 days ago


Natalie will stay with Charlie until he gets rid of her. Per her own words, she didin't have a car and worked for $8./hr before getting with him. She is his "forever playmate" no matter what.

1286 days ago
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