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Sheen's Goddess Leaves Tour -- Vows to Return

4/18/2011 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is down to ONE goddess ... because TMZ has learned goddess #1, Bree Olson, has left the warlock and returned home ... again.

Sources close to Bree (pictured left) tell us ... the gang was in Toronto on Saturday morning, where Sheen had performed the night before, when Olson decided she couldn't hang with Charlie anymore ... and split.

As we previously reported, Bree left the gang back in March ... but reconciled with Sheen and rejoined the gang.

We're told Sheen's OTHER goddess, Natalie Kenly (pictured right), is still a member of Team Win. 

UPDATE: TMZ just spoke with Bree ... who told us she DID leave Saturday morning -- but not for good.

Bree says she had to return home to Indiana for an upcoming court hearing stemming from her DUI -- but insists she'll be rejoining the tour as soon as the hearing ends.

Bree says, "I am 100% still one of Charlie's goddesses."


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I hope these skanks read this comment. You are an embarrassment to your families, as well as yourselves. Everyone is laughing at you, and we all think you are trash. Show a little respect for yourselves, and woman kind, and stop being dirty whores. Charlie Sheen is a has been, who thinks people are with him, when all people are doing, are laughing at him because he's such a train wreck. He will be in and out of rehab in monthes to come, and probably leave his kids fatherless because of a drug overdose. Which unfortuneately wouldn't be a bad thing for the kids sake. Stop it nasty whores, get real jobs, and stop trying to make a name for yourselves by holding onto the coat tails of a loser like Charlie Sheen.

1098 days ago


I am still 100% bought and paid for piece of tail.....what total trash!! Shameless whore!! Your Mom must be so proud she raised a tramp like you, oh wait she was one too?? Her mother probably brags about her porn dumpster, oops I mean porn 'star' daughter just to get men in the sack!! I bet you a crack pipe she does.

1098 days ago


@ksis - Here's my guess - chuckie gave a $30,000. cheque to his other porn star - not bad pay for little work huh? So these two chicklets went along for the ride -But chuckie is not as loose and free these days with being canned from his former job and still having big expenses to meet - So sure they get to travel and eat for free but it's not like they are making bank for "life" after the chuckie episode is over - IMO the Bree girl is wise enough to know there is a "past due" date that comes into effect with her profession so she needs to either land a whale or get a big payday like the Rachel Uglytell girl got from Tiger - Just my thoughts on the matter.

1098 days ago


Had to make a "blow" appointment.

1098 days ago


If you've ever checked out "Bree Olson" and her work...well....she's very good at what she does.

1098 days ago


good for you down on your knees for the money shot!!!

1098 days ago


I don't know if it's just me, but why do they both look like clone-lohans? Especially the one on the left!! CREEEPY!

1098 days ago



LOL Sorry, byt Bree Olson and "wise" do not go together in my book, but hey. Maybe I'm wrong.
But...mark my words. Either she will come back or she will want to come back but won't be welcomed.

1098 days ago

Christopher Kandrat    

No big loss for Sheen, oh-well

1098 days ago

steven katona    

so there's no lesbian 3ways with kacey? like whatever!

1098 days ago


Barbara 4 hours ago

Those hookers that Charlie refers to as "goddesses" ... they are average looking, like the "girl next door" (although I realize they are far from that). Anyway, I always pictured a goddess as someone tall, willowy, yet curvaceous, w/lovely features like the actresses Ava Gardner and Rita Hayworth, for example.
Barbara you are so right...since when could this two woman ever live up to the name Goddess... they are just paid prostitutes and not even in it as friends. If Charlie wasnt paying them they would be long gone . I think they know their 15 minutes are for his shows as someone was talking about, he probably has to continue or get sued, but he is bombing pathetically...this man needs help. Yes he does look like a old man being helped down the street.

1098 days ago


Wow, fran. He keeps bombing? So explain how come there are hundreds of people on each of his shows, cheering him on, women screaming, asking for hugs, etc. Why is that??

1098 days ago


And if my suspicions are correct and charlie doesn't chop her up and put her in plastic bags to store in a freezer chest due to a weekend long binge gone aw wry, natty may end up being charlies main squeeze for a long time to come.

your right mjl as long as Charlie pays her to

1098 days ago


ksis 25 minutes ago

Wow, fran. He keeps bombing? So explain how come there are hundreds of people on each of his shows, cheering him on, women screaming, asking for hugs, etc. Why is that??
Well ksis , before Chuck pulled this stunt with his show he could have had thousands at his concerts not a few hundred...and from what I hear they are more jeering then cheering...and look at the mentality of those asking for hugs and showing their boobs....

1098 days ago


CS looks like some bizarre, insane cult leader with goofy, disturbed little girls[what's with the jacked jaw on the natty one?] hanging on his arm. Oh wait, I guess he is. Meanwhile Brooke continues to self destruct. She's gonna miss that 55 grand every month while she ditches the kids on mama/nannies.

1098 days ago
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