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Stripper Says Dr. Murray Wanted Sleep As MJ Died

4/18/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A stripper who received a call from Dr. Conrad Murray just hours before Michael Jackson died told LAPD detectives the doc "sounded tired and he was like I'm gonna get some sleep whatever."


The stripper, Michelle Bella, met Dr. Murray at the Spearmint Rhino gentleman's club in Las Vegas in 2008.  The story of how they met is hilarious, but first the important stuff.

Bella told detectives ... on June 25, 2009, Dr. Murray left a message on her phone at about 8:30 AM.  According to sources with direct knowledge of the case ... Bella told cops Murray had mentioned Michael Jackson to her before and said, "I mean his schedule was obviously, you know -- I know that he was like up all hours because of his work so when -- so when he called, you know, he sounded tired and he was like I'm gonna get some sleep whatever."

The interview is significant -- TMZ broke a story on July 27, 2009 that "Authorities believe Dr. Murray may have actually fallen asleep during the time the drug [Propofol] was administered and may have awakened to find Jackson already dead from heart failure."

Now the hilarious part.  Bella told cops about the magic moment when she met Murray at Spearmint Rhino  -- "He came in there with his scrubs and he was there with like a client of his."  Bella, who says she was studying to be a chiropractic assistant, says, "We were just sharing some like, you know, medical knowledge and this and that and I know he was intrigued with me."

Murray must have been intensely impressed with her medical knowledge.  According to the transcript, Bella says she "sat with him for about roughly like an hour and a half and he paid me $1,000." 

Dr, heal thyself!


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Michael Jackson was a lot like Elvis Presley. He had no respect at all for his employees or cared that they needed their own personal time. Michael wanted everyone to be at his beck and call at all hours.

How pathetic is it that he needed a doctor at his house all the time just to "rock" him to sleep. He would sleep most of the day a lot of times.

Some dad he must have been.

1282 days ago


To those of you calling Michael Jackson a hard core drug addict. Where is your evidence? The autopsy report stated that Michael was healthy as a 50 year old can be.The only ailment MJ had at the time of his death was: the autopsy report indicated that at the time of death Jackson was suffering from “chronic lung inflammation, respiratory bronchiolitis, diffuse congestion and patchy hemorrhage of right and left lungs.”
Remember the coronors office stated that there was no evidence of passed drug use that would of caused his death. Also it was sworn under oath that Michael died from acute Propofol intoxication!He died because of the toxi reaction from the drugs that Dr. Murray provided to his patient Michael Jackson. Justice for MJ

1282 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

wow tmz... do you actually read your stories before posting them?

Fisrt (and i'm aware we've all seen the "idiocracies" of the California justice system so i guess this is ... "plausible" at best but give me a break!

1) as someone else pointed out, stippers are obvious wealth of accurate information
2) they take their clothes off for money... i'm willing to bet that katherine paid her to say this
3) she uses "like" in every sentence, her IQ must be on par with the rest of the strippers who say they're "only doing it to pay their way through school", so yeah... she's credible

1282 days ago

Gsharon 710    

"You know, I can't finish a damn sentence, but, you know, I like charge like 20 dollars, but like you know I wuz goood, so you know he gave me more, and said, you know, if you just shut the hell up, I will give you a thousand dollars, you know, so I took it, and you know......Am I going to be famous now off a dead man. I will say whatever, you know you want me to you know"

Yea, a truthful, down home lady. If there is no taped evidence, I would not believe her or anyone like her who has no respect for themselves.

How about coming up with the missing surv tape from Michael's home and see who all was at that house. Something is very strange here and Dr. Murray is going to take the blame for everything if someone don't speak up, or come up with the tapes. If Dr. Murray was juiced up enough to handle three women, he was too tired to remove portions of the video tape. Someone was in that house that night other than Murray, and I believe they administered more meds to MJJ through his IV line. Murray said MJJ must have injected himself because he was not aware someone else was in the house and had access to MJJ's room. HOW DID THE MEDICINE GET INTO MICHAEL'S STOMACH?

Now who is smart enough, knows MJJ's home well enough, had a reason for MJJ to die, and set up Dr. Murray for the fall. Who would eventually profit from the death of MJJ? In each case where there is probably some underhanded crap going on, (the will, the death, etc.) people turn away. Michael fired people for a reason, yet, people jump down Katherine's throat everytime she tries to do anything and that too is strange. Just call Katherine greedy and everybody will agree with the estate who is greedy and could be more.

How about questions about MJJ's signing legal papers when he was not even in California? Everyone is so hell bent on damning Murray, and the Jackson's that you refuse to look to the real problem makers. If I hid or stole money from MJJ and caused his debts to become large, he died, then I brought the money back in and cleared up debts, no one would suspect me either.

If people would stop looking at Katherine as wanting more money, we may find out some interesting evidence. To be safe, she needs to do this in a legal setting, and if asking for more money gets her into court, wonderful, then you haters of the Jacksons might find yourselves looking stupid for claiming she is greedy. She cannot LEGALLY challenge the will as to it being legal, so she has to find some way. MJJ loved his Mother and most likely told her a lot of things that if she just put it out here in trash news, would only gather opinions, rude names, false charges, and create more hate for her family. If people stop downing Joe and Katherine, you may be able to see what is really going on. They need support. The same goes for Joe. They are using things that make people call them horrible names when we should all know that doing things legally is the best way. Once in court, things can be looked into. Perhaps people like to accuse Joe and Katherine of just wanting money because if you were the parents of a famous family, that is what YOU would do.

1282 days ago


Murray accepted a job giving Propofol in the home that he never should have accepted. He had one patient. And Jackson appears to have long been dead when medics arrived. Murray probably was asleep and seems far more dedicated to chasing women than treating patients.

1282 days ago


I, for one, do find these stories hilarious. Thanks TMZ...I "get it". No need to take things so seriously... obviously nobody died, if people can't see that by now then, well, it proves the point of this entire thing. It's a media-controlled society and nobody seems to know how to think for themselves. Murray is a clear representation of Michael Jackson. He's playing a role. His "immoral conduct" is alluding to the Mann Act, established on JUNE 25TH 1910 - coincidence? The Mann Act was used in the attempt to prosecute Michael Jackson in 1993. Do your research everyone. TMZ is on Michael's side.

1282 days ago


Dr Death only had ONE patient so he was hardly overworked. If Conny was tired and needed sleep it was beacuse of his "outside" activities. Either way, he was a liability, he was reckless and negligent and he killed his patient. I know the stripper doesn't sound too, you know, like, bright but that doesn't mean, you know, like she's lying, you know. She's telling the truth and the evidence against Conny just continues to pile up. Bye bye Conny.

1282 days ago

get it right    

WHOA...haven't been here in longer then I thought. lol Ton of changes! let alone how ever many articles posted since - which by the way, are TMZ (their own brand of twisted) disturbed fodder as usual but must say with some changed up (obvious) mod deletion guide lines concerning comments. LOL Harvey's insecurities, and showing of "ownership" is what's hilarious. LOL

The ONLY clear and undeniable fact of this whole thing is that Murray's (MJ dead or alive) "trial" will be the most spectacular farce of a trial... well, you know, like EVER, like literally. You know, like Harvey, and his staff's bankruptcy of integrity like yeah... like that... you know, like exactly.

Oh.. and, Whateva! LMAO

1282 days ago


I am going to throw a bomb.
There was a juice bottle on the night stand. What was in the juice bottle? Did anyone analyze it?

1282 days ago

Tom G    

The only MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE she knows is:

MSContin < Hydrocodone < Oxycodone < OxyContin < Heroin < Oxymorphone etc etc...lmao

1282 days ago


MJ's doctor, like Elvis's doctor before him, simply do what their well-heeled, high paying clients ask them to do.

1282 days ago


Well, she certainly "sounds" intelligent.

1282 days ago


Murray might have been searching for an alibi. If he was treating the greatest intertainter of all times, the intertainer number 1, would he behaive like that, would he be so careless, rather than to be all focused on his work. Murray should have taken into account Michael's health, his work load, etc.


I don't believe in Michael's death to be an accident or a manslaughter. This all seems too much dubious. This is smb's plot.

1282 days ago


I am more interested to see the phone records and any actual texts, but if the DA has latched on to her, then she is important to the case. As for the comments about how smart she is, granted she may not be Einstein, but if she tells the truth, and has back up evidence, she is worth her weight in gold.

1282 days ago
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