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Stripper Says Dr. Murray Wanted Sleep As MJ Died

4/18/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A stripper who received a call from Dr. Conrad Murray just hours before Michael Jackson died told LAPD detectives the doc "sounded tired and he was like I'm gonna get some sleep whatever."


The stripper, Michelle Bella, met Dr. Murray at the Spearmint Rhino gentleman's club in Las Vegas in 2008.  The story of how they met is hilarious, but first the important stuff.

Bella told detectives ... on June 25, 2009, Dr. Murray left a message on her phone at about 8:30 AM.  According to sources with direct knowledge of the case ... Bella told cops Murray had mentioned Michael Jackson to her before and said, "I mean his schedule was obviously, you know -- I know that he was like up all hours because of his work so when -- so when he called, you know, he sounded tired and he was like I'm gonna get some sleep whatever."

The interview is significant -- TMZ broke a story on July 27, 2009 that "Authorities believe Dr. Murray may have actually fallen asleep during the time the drug [Propofol] was administered and may have awakened to find Jackson already dead from heart failure."

Now the hilarious part.  Bella told cops about the magic moment when she met Murray at Spearmint Rhino  -- "He came in there with his scrubs and he was there with like a client of his."  Bella, who says she was studying to be a chiropractic assistant, says, "We were just sharing some like, you know, medical knowledge and this and that and I know he was intrigued with me."

Murray must have been intensely impressed with her medical knowledge.  According to the transcript, Bella says she "sat with him for about roughly like an hour and a half and he paid me $1,000." 

Dr, heal thyself!


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aston 3 minutes ago
Sig -

"Michael Jackson drank Propofol-laced juice being the most ridiculous to date!"

I pondered that possibility (and you know where I stand regarding Murray's guilt, I regard him guilty of criminal neglect at the least). Of course I didn't believe Michael himself would put propofol in the juice bottle. If it would have been Murray or someone else, I don't know. It would be a cunning way to fool Michael to drink propofol and then claim he drank directly from the propofol vial.

But it is only wild speculation.

Then you would have to assume it was first degree murder.
I have to admit, I never for a second put any credence into the drinking Propofol scenario. I only see it as a desperate attempt from Team Murray to throw doubts around. They have said so many things - so many different things.

1223 days ago


with 1 foolish criminal doctor he knew he manipulated, mj just valued his fame and his arrogant family's greed for a royal reputation.

1223 days ago


Oh no, MJ did not kill himself with sooooo much drugs in him. You just do not wake up and give yourself more while in that state. He was injected by someone else, you cannot do it alone while drugged up. Also, drinking it does not do anything to you at all...........

1223 days ago


he clearly looked weak and mentally ill because
-his face was sunken
-to tmz, he said he felt good
-he could've survived if he rarely got propofol
and ate a lot
-he demanded for a nutso to bring propofol boxes in his bedroom and told michael bush the costume designer, 'don't talk about my weight loss'.

1223 days ago


Dr. Murray is an azzhole. He was sleeping the whole time he administered the propofol to Michael Jackson. When he realized his patient had trouble breathing, instead of doing CPR to save the singer's life he starts chatting with his girlfriends over the phone. Dr. Murray deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail for killing Michael Jackson. And then after he dies he should spend an eternity burning in Hell.

1223 days ago



1223 days ago


he did not look sick to me in This Is It. He still danced still good and Quick. he did look like he lost weight, but it came from the rehersals and stress I guess.As a dancer, you have to have the look, you can't wigh 250 pounds and be a Ballerina/dance.Well you could try I guess, but IT WOULD BE A NEW ONE !!!!!I JUST PICTURED A 250 POUND BALLERINA DOING THE SWAN LAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1223 days ago


IMO it's not unlikely that Murray's tiredness was the root of all the mess. He simply was sick and tired of his patient's complaints: "Conrad, I'm still awake", "Conrad, even the meds don't work", "Conrad, I still can't sleep", "Oh Conrad, please help, I NEED sleep". Murray would have done anything to silence Michael – and if it was to flood his system with an uncontrolled stream of anaesthesia.

Then he left the room. And the patient was quiet forever.

1223 days ago


To me, Michael could of done so many more new things to make money. We all did not care, cause he got older and so did we. I am sorry the way he had to die !!That's sad!!Leaving the Children all alone, that's sad!!Now the Press hunts his children, that's sad.But I guess that's the price of FAME.

1223 days ago


murray showed up at midnight but jackson was the weak one.
if he was ok, he would've cancelled concerts until he got psychiatric and drug detox treatment.
he leaned on people in london when he collapsed and nearly died during the painkiller overdose in 1993 too.

1223 days ago


When the Sun comes up, I see you in the Trees, in the Flowers, and the creek. When the deer come out of the woods right up to my Kitchen back door to be fed, I see you. When the Red Robins and the Blue Birds sit on my porch in the Morning to sing their song, I see you.I see your Tender Smile on your pretty Face.And relize how beautiful this world is and how perfectly it was created for us to see. I feel the wind in that beautiful Morning Sun.How much do I miss you, dear lovely beautiful Michael Jackson.............

1223 days ago


Murray is a whore and a
His mom would be proud.

1223 days ago



I hope they don't use her with her "you"!! A bimbo!!
Wait, …better yet, I hope they DO use her, it’ll go to show what an imbecile Murray is!! Ha-ha!!

1223 days ago


Eleanora49 - Just wanted to tell you that by your picture - you are a very attractive person. And I understand what it is to be a single parent - you are only a few years younger than myself. It is far from easy! But I know that you will make it. Your poems by the way are very beautiful since they come from the heart.

Siggisis - I have never seen a more inept group of lawyers than Murray's! All of them trying to conceal things from the trial when they try so desperately hard to bring the same things out in the trial about Michael - such as finances, etc. All this under the guise of "It will prejudice the jury!" ah Duh? All of these people should be allowed to testify and all these things should be admitted into the trial - because they each show Murray's character (and the others) or lack thereof, credibility, the motivation, etc. It would also expose all of Murray's (and everyone's) lies and help for the truth to come out as to what lead up to the the events on that horrible day - as well as the true events as to what happened on that fateful day. Just my thoughts!

1223 days ago
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