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Denise Richards To Charlie & Brooke's Rescue

4/19/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards called Charlie Sheen last Thursday and offered to take informal custody of his twins, Bob and Max ... TMZ has learned.


We're told Denise called Charlie just after TMZ posted surveillance video of Brooke Mueller trying to hock a watch and a stereo at an Inglewood pawn shop.

Denise told Charlie it was apparent Brooke couldn't care for the twins and Charlie was on the road doing his show, so she offered to take the kids and let them live with her until things stabilized.

As for Charlie's reaction ... well, he didn't shut her down.  He said, "I'll keep you posted."

Charlie apparently is going for broke because his lawyer is going to court this AM, in an attempt to get full custody of the twins.


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Why is she trying to be involved in his life after the hell she went thru when they were to mention him starving her dog to death....she wants sympathy but can't seem to stay away from him....she's an idiot!

1283 days ago


Denise, are you nuts?! WHY would you do favors for Charlie after the way he abuses you, degrades you in public, threatens to take your kids and dog away from you, and generally makes your life hell? Honestly, I respect you for keeping your girls away from Charlie and his porn stars, but HIS sons with Brooke really are none of your business and you're only inviting more trouble into your life here. You KNOW that Charlie WILL eventually find a way to use this against you somehow. Are you THAT much of a sucker for punishment? Stop crawling back to the abuser!

1283 days ago


These 2 crack heads are too sick to raise children. If they love their kids they would give them to denise. Even though I think someone who would sleep with their best friends ex has some moral issues to deal with she is the lesser of the evils. Heaven help all of today.s children. Our generations have serious sex and drugs and mandasity (lies and liars) issues. I hope children will be more honest with others and themselves.

1283 days ago


Be careful Denise don't let these two losers drag you and your children into their hell. You are suppose to be taking the kids so they can enjoy a childs life.

1283 days ago


Well, after insulting her like he did recently over the dog thing.. maybe she's just looking at the bigger picture .. what's better for the kids.. and what's better is being away from charlie and brooke's craziness. Where is Brooke's family . are they all buggered up too??
Why doesn't Martin and his wife offer?

1283 days ago

Clandestine Green    

Denise is a class act...hopefully she can provide some normalcy for these kids.

1283 days ago


I totally posted this days ago! Go Denise you rock! Don't think it will ever happen, but she proved herself as genuinely caring for those kids, and isn't taking all charlie's crap talk about her to heart.

1283 days ago


Denise needs to take those boys and get them out of the chaos. She is a wonderful parent. I hear they are with Brooke's mother and nannies. So they can still be exposed to their loaded mother. They need to stay with Denise and their half sisters. Safest place they could be. Very selfless on Denise's part. She didn't have to do that. Many Blessings~

1283 days ago


You know, I can't help but wonder how many times this woman is going to have to save that smacktard. She offers to help him out of his messes over and over and over. Even though he talks about how he wants her to die from breast cancer, and how he is going to hire someone to attack her and shave her head. A lesser person would have cut him loose years ago. She is the only one in the bunch with with even a hint of common sense. When I think back to when Dennis Richards was starting her film career, I would never dream that she was EVER going to be thought of as anything other then a bimbo with great sweater puppies and a panty hamster. She has actually turned out to be a very intelligent, classy lady.

1283 days ago


Oops! I almost forgot! She is also WORLDS hotter then those two daft hookers he has living with him. He sure did down grade.

1283 days ago


I think the twins should stay with Brooke's mother.

1283 days ago


If there is a God, how could he/she allow this children to be born to not one, but two idiots?! It's just not fair to those babies.

1279 days ago


While I don't think that she should get involved with their crap, those two beautiful little boys are innocent in the situation and if they aren't taken out of it, they could get caught in the crosshairs and end up hurt in some way. Those boys are her daughters little brothers, and that is more important than any bad feelings that may be between their parents. I really disliked Denise Richards in the past, but I now have the upmost respect for her. I hope that if this is at all true, Charlie will agree to it!

1273 days ago


Denise may mean well but she is not their biological relative and this could be a mistake in regards to these children ... hopefully the parents will get the help they need ... the best to these little guys ....

1259 days ago
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