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Man Pulls KNIFE

On Dr. Rey at Nightclub

4/18/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Rey almost went under the knife himself ... in a bad way ... when some dude at a Hollywood nightclub pulled out a blade and threatened to stab the reality star ... in front of a TMZ camera.

Rey -- star of "Dr. 90210" -- was leaving the Roxbury nightclub with his wife on Friday night when a man with tattoos began heckling the doc over his cleavage-baring t-shirt. 

Rey turns to the camera and says, "That bitch says he hates my outfit." The tattooed man then walks up next to Rey, looks into the camera himself and while smiling says, "I hate his outfit." It seems like a joke ... at first.

Then, Rey says, "F*ck you motherf*cker ... can you back that up?" The man then pulls out a knife and says, "You're goddamn right I can homie, what's up?." It no longer seems like a joke.

Instantly -- a friend of the tatted man rushes in and rips the guy away from Rey ... while the tatted guy calls the doc a "f**got."

After the incident, Rey told our photog he had no idea who the man was.


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Truth Hurts    

Nice ears. Anyone who follows the "put giant holes in your ears" trend is a dork.

1252 days ago


Seriously TMZ? You can beep out the word f**got in a quote but not GD?? What is wrong with this picture?????

1252 days ago

Hollywood Promoter    

That douche with the tatts always runs around Hollywood clubs acting like a baller...hanging at other people tables like hes popping a bottle. Thankfully we don't let him or people like that into our for Dr. can afford a whole shirt dude, get one.

1252 days ago


I think the guy with the knife is secretly gay. He was eyeballing Dr. Rey like he was a piece of candy.

1252 days ago


wow!!! dude try to show he was tough by pulling the biggest coward ***** move around. oooo big tough guy can pull a knife wich means he obviously couldnt back it up... i hope i bump into that guy. im not as nice as the doc who would have easily beat the **** out of that loser ***got. only a punk needs a knife. if the doc is such a ***got why were you the ***got pulling a knife. your a little bitch plain and simple. ****ing ***got, but you could tell by him and his loser tats on his neck. its guys like that that have to try and intimidate cause when it comes down to it they get there faces bashed in. thats why they do whatever they can to avoid the fight. and the doc didnt even flinch. he would have beat your ass if it came down to it you ***got *****. your moms a bitch ***got.

1252 days ago


Yeah, seems like the "***got" is the douche who looks like a low-rent Travis Barker. Go back to Hemet, brah.

1252 days ago

JLo on Steroids    

dr rey handled him self well. casual, calm, and collected. that guy was not a threat and he knew it.

1252 days ago


I love doctor Ray... he is so simple here in our country Brazil.... good luck doctor nex time, it has a lot of crazy men arround the world!!!

1251 days ago


The knife weilding tatooed dip-s#@t is familiar he is a Hollywood party scene loser but I can't remember his name. He is on an episode of Nitro Circus. The guys go to Vegas, base jump off of a bar. That idiot is there I swear. He gets his face on camera saying something. I'm sure it's him!!!

1251 days ago


I think Dr. Rey is gay!!!!

1251 days ago

nicole redins    

that man who pulled his friend away from dr. ray is my cousin!!!!!!

1251 days ago

Sad sad    

Dude was drunk that's why he didn't care about the cameras. Yuck. Guy could have been a threat if it wasn't for his friend pulling him away.

1251 days ago


B careful who u call a bitch. Guys get killed for that. The doc is lucky dude didnt just carve him up instead of showing him the knife. waay to talk ****, then ask for the cops. WTF is he doin at a club w kids half his age anyway?

1250 days ago


1246 days ago


what a douch that thug is. he thinks he's big and bad with his homies nxt to him " **** the police i got my homies" what a loser cant back it up by him self he needs his little toy to back it up and his homies. how badass do you feel caring a knife. Dr. rey could beat the living hell out of that bitch! he does martial arts. And dude i gotta say he looks rocking Hot! in that shirt love when he shows off his man chest! go Dr. rey! and **** everyone who says otherwise he looks Great!

1189 days ago
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