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Von Ahole -- I'm Naming My Baby Zsa Zsa Jr!

4/18/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Prince von Ahole has narrowed down the list of names for his soon-to-be baby ... and TMZ has learned he's left himself with TWO incredibly original options -- Zsa Zsa if it's a girl ... and Frederic Jr. if it's a boy.


And if that's not troubling enough ... von Ahole tells TMZ, ever since he announced his baby plans ... HUNDREDS of women across the planet have contacted him via email -- offering to incubate his zygote in their lady parts.

As we previously reported, 67-year-old Ahole is spending nearly $100,000 to go through the surrogate process -- and he's REALLY fired up about being a dad.

Technology is amazing.



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Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

The prince is in very good shape physically. He'll still be around and fit 19 years from now when the baby turns 18. He's 67 now but did you see his body under those clothes? Many 30-something guys would kill to have a toned body like that. He works out every day, so you bet he's biologically much younger than his age.

1287 days ago


This man needs to be checked for Alzheimer's or Senile Dementia.
He seems very off.

1287 days ago


He must not can inhereit her money without a child. This man is a living idiot. Ahole, that name fit's him, he was named for what he would be, AHOLE.

1287 days ago

why do you guys keep doing this?    

why do you guys keep posting stories about this guy? nobody cares and you give him some kind of demented perverse legitimacy when you post stuff on this guy.

don't you get it? this is what he wants you to do. just point your cameras elsewhere. nobody cares.

1287 days ago


This has to do with the Zsa Zsa WILL and prenup!. Wife is sick and out out it .He knows he getting nothing at all in money . So get a baby get MONEY as he daddy and need support.!!!!!! Why hge did not do this years ago the qustion?

1287 days ago


There should be a law against this. I'm in total support of assisted reproduction, but these two are TOO OLD to raise a child. It's sick and selfish, in the worst way possible.

1287 days ago


First of all, it must've been so hard to come up with such original names for the kid *sarcasm*

Secondly, isn't there an age cut-off for in-vitro procedures? If not... their definitely should be one

Thirdly, are women really that desperate to want to carry around this guy kid?

Fourth, does Zsa-Zsa know about this? Is she even in her right mind to know whats going on?

Fifth, it seems to me this guy is just looking for another excuse just to be in the news

And Lastly, gross. This whole thing just gross me out.

1286 days ago


First off he is of no royal blood and not a real prince, he bought the title for $$ He is a big phony that with out his wife doesn't have a penny to his name. This old wrinkle prune is a joke in Hollywood circles. He does anything he can to get in the news. Talk about a laughing stock. Zsa Zsa's daughter knows exactly what he is. Money hungry phony, so does the rest of the world. Prince A-hole

1286 days ago


How would having a baby help him. Zsa Zsa most likely will be gone before the birth and a guy his age has no right having children. If he has gone this long without kids obviously it was never high on his list.
Zsa Zsa has a daughter who most likely would inherit any assets she has, but who knows she may be broke by now.

1286 days ago


I'll believe this when I see a birth certificate. It's a publicity stunt. FREAKS

1286 days ago


There is something so wrong, so self important and self centered about this guy and his story. Who in their right mind creates a child, with a wife on her basic deathbed, and they are combinded 150 yrs. old when the child isn't even born yet????

1286 days ago


No, TMZ, "amazing" is not the word to describe technology that's being abused to THIS extent. This is just WRONG, completely 100% wrong. There's a reason why such things can not be done NATURALLY! Any child that this old and mentally ill man brings into the world now is guaranteed to soon be an orphan. Why have children if you KNOW you're not going to live long enough to actually raise them? It's not fair to the kid, and any ethical/responsible doctor would refuse to have ANY part in this!

1286 days ago


If this transpires, the man will die before the child reaches its 21st birthday. Given his behavior there may be problems with substances, gambling, etc...So, whose going to watch the child after the parents are gone? Step sister Francesca. Good luck with that after causing so much friction between her and Zsa Zsa.

1286 days ago


OMG!!! Is there anything more horrifying then this?? It is the ULTIMATE is everything that is WRONG with this world!!! Rich people procreating not for the child but for a "mini me" which will probably grow up to create more problems for the planet then good...and the parents won't be around to help out...all they want is something for thier egos...but unfortunatly it will be the rest of the human race that has to suffer with the ******* they created...UGGHH!!

1286 days ago


R'member when Freddie glued his eye shut? He needs to do this to his third eye on the little head, but that ones probably all dried up by now-mummified eggs-EEEEEWWWWW, how Egyptian!

1286 days ago
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