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Brooke Mueller's Mom: I'll Take Custody of the Twins

4/19/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller's mom will gladly take custody over her grandkids, because she thinks she's more suitable than Charlie Sheen ... sources tell TMZ. 


Moira Fiore is telling friends, "We've been with the kids since they were born, and Charlie has only seen the kids a couple of times in the last few months."

Fiore is the latest non-parent to step up.  TMZ broke the story ... Denise Richards has offered to temporarily take custody of Bob and Max.

A judge will decide today who gets the kids.

We're there, so stay tuned.


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Whoda thunk that Denise Richards would be the best hope these kids have?

1261 days ago


She's just as much a loser as her daughter! I feel sorry for those boys!!

1261 days ago


rather simple solution.
give charlie temporary custody with the agreement that independent guardians will be with the children 24/7.... appointed by the court, at charlie's expense

and let the guardians report back to the court in 30 days

1261 days ago


Brooke Mueller's mother wants coustody of these children so that latter she can return them to her daughter who clearly has no ablility to raise them seemings how she could not manage to stay clean a month after obtaining full coustody of them.The children have a better chance with there father and his family than with there mother and her's period.

1261 days ago


or better yet

pack up the twins & lucia gibson & ship them off to brad & angie

they'll get to see the world

1261 days ago


Cause she did such a GREAT job raising her own kid??

1261 days ago


She´s just another DUIna - Nicolenabler.

1261 days ago


Does anybody find this absolutely disgusting? Two adult parents with 2 beautiful babies, and neither is able to care for them??? They have to have their parents or ex take custody?
Come on... there are parents out there, who aren't famous, who would kill to be able to raise 2 wonderful children. These two are just plain idiots! It's the children who will eventually suffer greatly from all this.

1261 days ago


about an hour ago
Crackhead's delusional mom over greedy ex-wife? hard choice for the judge!



1261 days ago


Given that she's had the kids for most of their lives; she has a better chance than Brooke and Charlie for custody.

Brooke is obviously an addict, being married to Charlie only made it worse, if not the catalyst for her addiction.

Charlie's brain is fried from 20yrs or more years of excessive drug use (ex.Ozzie Osborne);what sane person EFF'S up $2million A WEEK!

Even with this tour AEG is getting a significant portion, so he's not taking the estimated 7 mil home. Tax, insurance, salaries, security, hotel, travel, food, production cost, venue rental, lawyers, agents, managers, travelling-hoes... Maybe net 2.5 maybe 3 mil!

That's why he wants to go back! All he had to do, at 2 and a half men, was show-up, perform the lines and leave! The tour means he actually has to produce, perform, and pay for everything, which means less money, more work!

1261 days ago


Charlie should have GRACIOUSLY accepted Denise's offer of help.
The stability she offers would be ideal especially while he is touring.

He is immature and labile, probably still annoyed she saved the other dog's life.

Charlie is not a great option on his own IMO.

1261 days ago


Oh sure, she's the model of parenthood.
Hey lady, if you think you're such a good parent, why is you're kid a crackhead? And a breeding crackhead at that! How stupid can a person be to actually decide to breed when they know they have addiction problems! Selfish pricks.

1261 days ago


good thing grandparents have no say... plus she would still have the kid around brooke this bitch is in denial about her daughter being a piece of ****.

1261 days ago


"Charlie should have GRACIOUSLY accepted Denise's offer of help.
The stability she offers would be ideal especially while he is touring."

he has'nt turned her down yet you dumb ****... learn to read the whole story

1261 days ago


Not for nothing, but Mrs Fiore should take custody of her own daughter and help her straighten out her life, rather than going for a do-over with the grandchildren.

On the other hand, I don't see a judge allowing Charlie Sheen to schlep two babies and their nannies around on a tour bus.

1261 days ago
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