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Brooke Mueller's Mom: I'll Take Custody of the Twins

4/19/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller's mom will gladly take custody over her grandkids, because she thinks she's more suitable than Charlie Sheen ... sources tell TMZ. 


Moira Fiore is telling friends, "We've been with the kids since they were born, and Charlie has only seen the kids a couple of times in the last few months."

Fiore is the latest non-parent to step up.  TMZ broke the story ... Denise Richards has offered to temporarily take custody of Bob and Max.

A judge will decide today who gets the kids.

We're there, so stay tuned.


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Grandparents have no legal rights over grandchildren. Both parents would have to agree to let the children stay with a grandparent in this case.

1286 days ago


Not a good idea and hope it never happens!!!

1286 days ago


Sounds like everyone agrees that nobody around them should care for the twins, except for maybe Denise.

So who else?? I mean, these kids are not going to end up in a regular foster care like unfamous kids, right? Is there anybody that should have custody of the boys that is related to them?

I just feel SO BAD for those kids!!

1286 days ago


Why do we never hear from Charlie Sheen's mother????? Is she still alive? Perhaps HIS parents should have custody of the boys until one of the parents get their act together.

1285 days ago


Neither parent has been found unfit, although that may change today. Since she had primary physical custody, she may lose it. Charlie, as the father and never having been found unfit should assume primary physical custody.

Custody doesn't leap from mother to grandmother without just cause.

Charlie may well be awarded physical custody or temporary physical custody. If he is on the road, it is possible he might ask either the boys' grandmother or Denise to look after them.

Although Denise is not a blood relative, her daughters are their siblings. It is also quite possible one or the other parent would kibosh Denise's involvement. Brooke seems to have a difficult time with Denise.

1285 days ago


Missive # 30

Some people mistakenly assume that Brooke's parents are poor and are living off the child support that Brooke gets from Charlie. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Brooke was a "Palm Beach socialite" when Charlie met her. Her parents are millionaires with success in both real estate and the construction business. They left their home in Florida to move to California to care for their grandchildren Bob and Max.

While it is true that Brooke has long standing drug and alcohol issues, her brother Scott has always been clean and sober. He doesn't even smoke cigarettes. If we blame Brooke's parents for Brooke's poor choices and we also going to credit them with Scott's good choices?

1285 days ago


Missive # 31

A general rule of thumb in a court of law is: possession is 9/10ths of the law. If the judge ruling in this custody case applies that rule of thumb, the Brooke's mother does indeed stand a good chance of getting custody of Max and Bob.


"Given that she's had the kids for most of their lives; she has a better chance than Brooke and Charlie for custody."

1285 days ago


Even though Brooke's mom was wrong for trying to cover up for her daughter I would still rather see her with temporary custody or Denise. Charlie is not a good choice for FULL custody and never will be.

I'm not saying Charlie should never see his kids, I'm saying he should never have full custody of them.

1285 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Yeah okay, this is the woman that raised a crackhead in Brooke. Frickin joke. Get out of here bitch, these aren't your kids.

1285 days ago


sure she would do that and a whole lot more for 55k a month.

1285 days ago


Give them to the constant, Denise Richards!

1285 days ago


Why yes, the one that raised Brooke should definitely get the twins UH HUH, lets get right on that one. Enables her daughter, lies for her daughter, and is SUCH a fine parent, one can only imagine what a terrific grandmother she is (NOT).

1285 days ago


Is a mother who denied her daughters relapse really a good fit?

1285 days ago


Sorry Brooke's mama but no court is that dumb.

You are a proven LIAR.

Your parenting skills are questionable with how Brooke turned out.

You are an enabler and are only helping to put your daughter six feet under.

And being more suitable than Charlie Sheen doesn't really say much about you.

1285 days ago


Yes Lord, let someone else take these kids. I don't care if it's Brooke's mama, Charlie's dad, or Denise Richards....BUT SOMEBODY TAKE THESE KIDS AWAY FROM THIS PAIR OF FREAKS!

1285 days ago
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