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Brooke Faces Off

With Charlie in Court

4/19/2011 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller just showed up in court in L.A. for her custody showdown with Charlie Sheen.

As we first reported, Charlie will also appear in court this morning as a judge decides who gets custody of their twins.

Our producer inside the courtroom says Brooke looks good and "put together."

UPDATE 8:28 AM PT: Charlie just showed up to court. Stay tuned for more updates!


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And neither can Carlos Irwin Estevez lol

1282 days ago



1282 days ago


neither deserve the kids

1282 days ago


the picture of Brooke entering the courthouse TMZ just posted shows her looking a bit on the bad side compared to previous pictures of her.

1282 days ago



Nothing says "fit parent" like getting fired, public tantrums, assault and starving a dog.

The judge is going to look at where the kids have been staying, who's taking care of them and then make his decision based on what is best to keep the kids in the most stable environment possible.

1282 days ago


I think it's likely the judge will give temporary custody to Brooke's mom since she's been with them the most. The judge will do what's best for the children and the least disruptive to them.

I think there's no chance they will be given to Charlie and go on tour with him. Charlie is sooo delusional to think that's going to happen.

1282 days ago


Report rosh 18 minutes ago Snooki'sHairBump 21 minutes ago

I hope the judge takes custody away from both of these sorry excuse of parents. They deserve so much better
Sorry Snookie, you wouldn't know what good parents are cause your sorry excuse of parents skewed your reality at birth!!!! FYI, take all that $$$ you're earning for being fugly and invest in multiple rounds of plastic surgery! It may take more than ten....
LOL I'm not Snooki I'm her hair bump. But I'll relay your message to her when I get a chance.

1282 days ago


The judge should just put the kids in a good foster home. That would kind of suck for the kids, but maybe it would teach everyone in this whole dysfunctional mess a lesson. Either permanently clean up your act or you ain't seeing your kids. As long as "grandma and grandpa" have them and Denise and Charlie can continue their drugged out ways, nothing has changed. Throw a nice, cold dose of reality in these immature azz holes faces.

1282 days ago


The grandparents have not filed a motion to intervene for custody so without a request from them regarding custody how can the Court just give them custody. From my understanding it is the mother in Court seeking to retain custody, not the grandparents, albeit the fact that they are and have been taking care of the kids. So again, while we may dislike his lifestyle he has not been declared by any court or agency as being an unfit parent.

1282 days ago


@Mousetrap. You need to keep your baby-mamas straight. Denise is the mother of Sheen's two young daughters. This train wreck is solely between Chuckles and Brooke.

1282 days ago


@Bruno, people throw tantrums, lose their jobs and act unpleasant all day long, but guess what? you don't lose your kids unless you have been declared to be unfit.

1282 days ago


The grandparents do not have to file for custody. The judge can use his discretion to grant temporary custody to a 3rd party, be it the grandparents or social services.

Like it or not, Attornyatlaw, Brooke for all her failings hasn't been declared unfit, either.

1282 days ago


No judge is going to hand the kids to Charlie so he can take them on tour with his "goddesses". The kids have been yanked around enough. Foster care is definitely out if a family member steps up.

"Attorneyatlaw", sure you are...rrrright.

1282 days ago


I must add that showing up in the courtroom with the "goddess" who is the marijuana model isn't going to exactly speak to Chuckles being the best choice for the kids. Couple that with all the statements Chuckles has made publicly about the mothers of his children lately...

1282 days ago


I lived in Calif. and got hooked on coke and moved on to meth for about 15 years doing about a 16th a day, I'd do more if I had it. I worked for it everyday. I finally said I had enough and moved to Michigan and I have never touched anything again. Clean now for 4 years. The best way is to get away from all your old friends that uses.

1282 days ago
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