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Brooke Mueller -- How to Juggle Parenting and Rehab

4/20/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's a safe bet ... Brooke Mueller didn't get any tips from Dr. Spock on being an engaged parent and a rehab patient ... but she's figured it out to the satisfaction of the custody judge.


Sources tell TMZ ... Brooke's most recent rehab -- for drug use -- is only part time.  She's an outpatient by day, and a mommy at night. 

Brooke's arrangement was good enough for the custody judge, who ruled she was still able to take care of her twins per the custody agreement she struck with Charlie Sheen -- with a little help from a small army of nannies, of course.

The judge did make one change in the agreement -- both Brooke and Charlie must now submit to random drug testing once a week -- more frequently than before.



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Kimia about a minute ago

@Nancy, absolutely. What people fail to take in to account is that a family judge MUST have at least 10 years of family law experience, as a lawyer, before being called to the bench.

He'll have more than enough experience, precedents and cases to determine what a fair ruling should be. Of course, he's not perfect but people should give the judge deference and the benefit of the doubt that he made a reasonable decision.


Exactly!! Especially since we will never know SPECIFICALLY what the judge did or didn't consider in this decision. The hearing was sealed... it will not be made public... so we're all just speculating. But I'd rather not see more accusations that the judge was somehow at fault here. Not fair!

1279 days ago


@BBrown: I got my degree from Stanford. I practice American family law.

I was personally rooting for Charlie because he has proven more stable than Brooke recently. Keyword: recently. Legally, "recently" does not amount to "consistently". This is why the judge, looking at the whole picture, decided not to change things and give the situation some more time to stabilize.

You can personally attack me all you want, but what you don't realize, still, is that you are attacking the parent and his past behaviour without observing what is to the best interest of the CHILDREN, right now and in the near future.

1279 days ago

Jack DaCarup    

Maybe the abuse the judge is talking about is what Charlie says about the mother of his children.

Words hurt!

1279 days ago



And you honestly think that being around Brooke Mueller is the BEST for those children?

1279 days ago


Ok. Now tests are random once per week for both. There is also other factors taken into consideration.

As it stands right now the custody stays as is. Down the road, that could change. Remains to be seen.

I hope the little guys, just be 2 yr olds getting into everythig, playing, exploring, falling down getting boo boo's, smacking each other and just simply being little kids.

That is what it's all about. Not Charlie or Brooke.

1279 days ago


So, again, the judge decided that a drugged up, bombed out mother is a good role model and ok to take care of the kids - as long as she has an army of nannies - that the clean and sober, but excentric, father is paying for. Sounds fair. American Justice at it´s best. Why could the judge not award the kids to Charlie, with the same conditions (army of nannies etc)? And if next week Brooke fails the drug test? Another slap on the wrist and increase the tests to daily? What a joke.

1279 days ago


My fav. charlie sheen quote is we took a police escort here and ran more red lights then brooke mueller going to the pawn shop. I mean two and half men is a funny and great show but its easy writing and good one liners not saying chuck lorre cant write because he can he's had great shows but he did screw up creating cybill,and dharma & greg haha sorry if you like those shows.

1279 days ago


@Ksis, look at the TOTALITY of the cir***stances. Oh wait, you don't know the entire cir***stances of both parents. Your judgement is based on what you see on TMZ. Do you think a judge, with years of legal experience and knowledge, knowing the scenario and making a decision is dummer than you?

1279 days ago

ne est ce pas    

How is that "Blink Cure" working for you, Charlie?
If the children are as important to yoU as you "claim" - MAKE A LITTLE EFFORT.

1279 days ago



What you don't realize is that quotes like that are part of the reason that Charlie isn't getting his hands on those kids anytime soon. Charlie cannot continue to say things like that about the children's mother and still convince the judge that he's a serious, sober parent who will acknowledge the other parent in a respectful fashion.

1279 days ago


what I just said charlie sheen needs to raise johnnie c from the dead sorry if that made you mad im done fighting about charlie sheen custody case its a mute point the judge made the decison Im done fighting about it idk y you think I was attacking you. my only opinion about this story is brooke should be in a full rehab or what ever not just durning the day because she just used and prob will use again sorry if u thought I was attacking you and if you like cybill and d%g my bad

1279 days ago


Charlie's been sober for what, two months? He's clean *this* week, but a judge is going to look at the totality of the recent record, which in his case over the past six months or so includes multiple cocaine-fueled benders, public meltdowns, bizarre behavior, the Plaza Hotel fiasco, etc., etc., etc.

He has admitted to using cocaine in the recent past, she has admitted to using drugs in the recent past. How does that make HIM "clean and sober" and HER "drug-addled and unfit"?

No judge is going to be switching custody every week or two, depending on which parent is off the rails this week. They have shared custody right now, and it will stay shared until one parent appears clearly more fit over an extended period.

1279 days ago


ohh I def. know charlie isnt helping his case with his actions and words I just think there funny but what would america do if charlie sheen acted normal haha tmz and all the gossip collums would be screwed we would have to go back chasing lame stories about lohan now that is one person who has benefited from charliegate shandale 2011

1279 days ago


Kimia 5 minutes ago

@Ksis, look at the TOTALITY of the cir***stances. Oh wait, you don't know the entire cir***stances of both parents. Your judgement is based on what you see on TMZ. Do you think a judge, with years of legal experience and knowledge, knowing the scenario and making a decision is dummer than you?


What's with the attitude?? I asked a question, FGS.
No, I don't base ANYTHING on TMZ. I base it on what the ones involved SAY themselves, I add 2 to 2 and I draw my own conclusions based on that. People who base their opinions on what is written here are those that believe Charlie Sheen killed the dog. That's not me.
And it is my right to think that the judge is a dumba$$ for making that kind of decision, just like it is your right to think that he is the God's gift to legal world.
Thanks for nice discussion.

1279 days ago



Always been the classic point. Sheen needs to keep his big mouth shut. True or not. Sheen still publically calls the mothers of his children whores and sluts, that still never goes over well.

1279 days ago
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