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Charlie Sheen's LAST MINUTE Departure ... For DC

4/19/2011 4:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen might just make it in time for his show in Washington D.C. tonight -- because the actor JUST boarded a private jet in L.A. ... bound straight for the capital.

He can be seen hustling on board the airplane with his remaining goddess Natalie Kenly ... a little over an hour ago at Van Nuys Airport -- after dealing with his custody case all morning.

Charlie's scheduled to perform at DAR Constitution Hall in D.C. at 8pm EST -- and if he's lucky, he'll arrive RIGHT when the curtain opens. Clock's ticking.



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some blow will help his energy level

1281 days ago


That is a shame.. Charlie should have gotten his sons. He is the father and he has not failed a drug test. While his ex-wife Brooke forfeited when she refused a drug test. Her mother seems like a real piece of sh@$ for lying and defending her crack daughter.. Maybe because the judge is jewish (goldberg) and Charlie having a fight with another greedy jew.. that is why the judge was bias rather then going by the rules.

1281 days ago


well thats dumb resoning,didnt he just destroy a hotel room and try to have 2 hookers move into his house.yeah great dad material

1281 days ago


Missive # 32

Charlie has never been on time for any show on the tour thus far. When he showed up 45 minutes late for the last show, he said that's how he rolls. Why should the DC show be any different?

1281 days ago

Minxster the Anti-Semites are chiming in! LOL

1281 days ago


Hope the air traffic controller falls asleep in D.C. again and Charlie's plane crash lands into a huge prize WINNING fireball photo.

1281 days ago


Wow, that hall has run far afield of what the DAR stood for if they're sanctioning THIS!!

1281 days ago


How do you put an icon with your post name?
Like me, I'm always Pookie

1281 days ago


Why is it that Sheen has been wearing the same outfit since March? He had on a suit when he drove off in the car and when he got out of the car, he has on that same outfit he's been wearing for 2 months??? He must be really broke...can't even stop by Walmart for some new threads???

1281 days ago


LOL Anotherfnday - I'm with you brother. It would be the best ending for all. You know he will be late for the show tonight and these idiots who paid to see this LOSER will wait around. Boy so many Losers - so little time to get rid of them.

1281 days ago


Gotta love how devoted he is to his fans. He wouldn't let all those waiting for him , down.

1281 days ago

Rob D    

What a waste of jet fuel

1281 days ago

Keiths Wife    

My my....Charlie has his hookers texting on here....we have a "Divine" and "HarlotO'Hara" repeating themselves. Now that is a big gaffe because it is simple to keep it straight! Wow, Charlie, if you are going to have people text for you in your defense, at least get a person who can keep track of what they have written under the various names. Charlie, who has been taking the urine tests for you? Why have these people been commenting on your behalf, when they know darn well you have the devil inside of you. You actually tried to get a judge to rule in your favor....gosh, it could not have been for the love of your childre; you did not even show for their Birthday...I wonder if its about money....uhhhhhhh, that's it! It is about money and how much you are paying their mother but if you got control of the boys, then you would not have to pay the money. Charlie, Charlie, cheap bast*rd! Oh, if you have not figured it out yet, I am not a fan of yours nor of your ANTI-AMERICA Father. You both should rot in hell!

1281 days ago



1281 days ago


Chaz 5 minutes ago

ksis 8 minutes ago

Gotta love how devoted he is to his fans. He wouldn't let all those waiting for him , down."

Yea, it doesn't have anything to do with refunding tickets that are over $100+ a piece.

I'm just sure it was his devotion to the fans and not his back pocket.

ksis... do you take meds? If not, maybe you should think about seeing someone because you write some of the most idiotic posts on TMZ.


In other words, you don't understand them. Poor thing.

1281 days ago
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