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Charlie Sheen's LAST MINUTE Departure ... For DC

4/19/2011 4:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen might just make it in time for his show in Washington D.C. tonight -- because the actor JUST boarded a private jet in L.A. ... bound straight for the capital.

He can be seen hustling on board the airplane with his remaining goddess Natalie Kenly ... a little over an hour ago at Van Nuys Airport -- after dealing with his custody case all morning.

Charlie's scheduled to perform at DAR Constitution Hall in D.C. at 8pm EST -- and if he's lucky, he'll arrive RIGHT when the curtain opens. Clock's ticking.



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He can't be making much of a profit on this so called tour! He has to pay his hookers prostitutes to have sex with him, drugs, his enablers aka staff of idiots, private jet, hotels to trash, treat his countless numbers of STDs, afford new teeth, alimony payments,more prostitutes,booze, etc., he is probably on this tour losing lots of cash just so the press wouldn't call him failure. Hope the plane runs out of fuel mid air.

1219 days ago


Charlie has postponed the show until 9 pm tonite. The news in DC has already reported that they pushed back the curtain call

1219 days ago


Why does TMZ keep referring to his women as goddesses? Just because Charlie refers to them as such doesn't mean we all have to refer to them as goddesses. I mean come on TMZ, stop fluffing Charlie and find another interesting topic.

1219 days ago


Yup, Charlie jeopardized his show tonight for a losing proposition. Maintenance of the current arrangement, when he shelled out to sue for full custody, is called a LOSS. Oh, and the person who brings the action is usually liable for court costs, so I guess he NEEDS to make all his shows.

And now, since he's not about to give up the money from all those over-priced tickets he's sold, he's gonna do that show come heck or high water. Charlie Sheen... major WIENER!! God of ksis!

1219 days ago

lil harvey    

Why does TMZ has their heads so far up Charlies A S S ???

1219 days ago

Jim in Cali    

What a warlock. he takes a big hit at court from an incompetent judge but shrugs it off and gets ready to perform for his fans while Brooke tries to score some blow in rehab. Frickin WINNING!!

1219 days ago


Missive # 40

Family court judges across the US tend to prefer to retain viable custody agreements that have been approved by the court - especially if they are only about a month old. Evidently, even in Crazy Celeb California judges take this routine approach. Which brings another thought to mind.

The judge closed the court today to the media due to discussion of "abuse and inflammatory remarks". Judges that tend to rule as this one did today re the custody, also tend to admonish parties not to make public inflammatory remarks like the ones that have been the regular stock in trade for Charlie in his shows. You know, the "**** Brooke the Crack Whore" sorts of remarks.

If the judge has given Charlie such an admonishment, which is HIGHLY likely, then if Charlie goes off on Brooke again to night he will be in contempt of court.

Looking forward to tonight's show.

1219 days ago


Please tell me people are not going to actually pay money to see this nonsense.

1219 days ago


If he didn't care about his children it seems unlikely he'd bother turning up to court. Someone that rich could have had his lawyers represent him to avoid the press scrum. I'm not really a fan or a hater, but the fact he turned up at court, in person, on such a busy warlocking schedule, and by private jet, says he cares about his kids regardless. Sure he can avoid a private jet, but someone who doesn't care spends there time taking drugs and socializing, not interstate travelling. That suggests he's at least clean.

1219 days ago


Thank you Courts of CA! Now every mother who is a crack whore is going to demand custody of their children. If her mother is taking care of the children, how much money is Charlie getting back. There are Family Laws that protected the father. Major set back for Fathers Rights, he's clean you have no reason. Her refusal of drug test is automatic prison time regardless of court papers. CHARLIE YOU NEED A NEW LAWYER!!
Besides, Charlie's lawyer is connected to JTG of NJ so is Brookes step-father. Lets not forget Mueller is a stage name to protect the crackwhore.

1219 days ago

Rolex sucks    

At least Charlie is hustling for work meanwhile many of you worthless sobs are sitting home collecting barryO 99 week unemployment checks.

Perhaps some of you can ask Charlie for a landscape job instead of stuffing your face full of Doritos.

1219 days ago


Missive # 3

The Charlie Sheen Divorce Wars II: Top Priority #WINNING

Everything else a distant second at best.

1219 days ago


I think that Charlies downfall is because Mossad is after him, and they had hookers seduce him with crack!

I mean, look how well it worked!!

1219 days ago


It is one hundred percent legal to call Brooke a crack whore in public. She has proven this, no slander intent. Caught on video tape selling possessions of wealth, caught in hotel rooms with other men, not her husband. Witnesses testified she begged for clean urine. Witness states he sold her drugs. Endanger the welfare of her children, she brought them along. It is also legal to call Denise Richards a prostitute, she was caught during your marrage with many different men (adultery), again proof. The legal meaning of Slander "is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual". Might not be nice, but thats the law. There are also many laws that protect the mental person to ensure custody. They have not or can prove mental that is in the eyes of a beholder that is a higher court then state or county.

1219 days ago

who dat    

I note Bree isn't following Charlie on twitter anymore.....trouble in paradise?? I think the girl finally came to her senses.

1219 days ago
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