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Charlie Brings a Goddess To Court

4/19/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is rolling the dice today, bringing his remaining goddess to court for his custody battle royale with Brooke Mueller.041911_sheen_splash_v3_still

Charlie was cool, calm and collected ... even fist-bumping photogs on his way into the L.A. County Courthouse this morning as the shutterbugs wished him luck.

Charlie is going for broke, asking the judge for full custody of twins, Bob and Max.

We're guessing Charlie wants to show the judge that goddess Natalie Kenly is just a normal chick who happens to be into 3-way relationships ... but only sometimes.


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Italia about a minute ago

She looks cute, the both look cute. I really wish Charlie the best of luck. So he's not perfect, many parents aren't. But he loves his kids and he's fighting for them, so good.
This is the main flaw in parental custody logic. So what he loves them and is fighting for them. How does that equate to rearing them to ensure they are mentally, emotionally, and physically nurtured? I used to joke my ex couldn't care for a dog. In this case, CS did kill a dog. And you want to entrust children to him because he loves them? Nice!

I suppose it doesn't matter. Most stars don't actually raise their kids. The nannies do. At least CS can afford that...

1247 days ago


She is the marijuana model. Come on people, get it right!

1247 days ago


Charlie Sheen: WINNING! (um sort of...)

1247 days ago


Looks like what's-her-face needs to lay of the Coke and I'm not talking about Brooke.

1247 days ago


those poor little boys.

1247 days ago


It is all about the kids. It is just hard to watch idiot parents, who obviously only care about themselves. You wonder why they had kids and they are the ones that sad..

1247 days ago


Charlie makes a good couple with this chick Natty, she's the right to present under the judge, not the other porn chick (who left the tour), they better pray the judge has open ideas about children caregivers!

1247 days ago


oh just go to hell charlie. you make me sick.
prime example of getting $$$$$$$$ for being
insane and a criminal. as before i was just apethetic
about him, now i truely hate him and wish him nothing
but bad.

1247 days ago


she is a crack head you can tell by her face it's all screwed up she's a disgusting example of a young women,if charlie gets teh boys and he should that pig of a goddess should not be allowed to touch them she might have herpes or something else she's a pig!

1247 days ago


Where is DCFS?? Seriously! The mom is in Rehab and Charlie Sheen is "well"...Charlie Sheen?? custody?? Yea rite..niether of them should be near these kids!!

1247 days ago


I think we are forgetting that underneath all the insanity surrounding this man and the company he keeps, that there are two very real little boys whose future is at stake. Neither one of these fools should have custody of these two innocent lifes. Watching CS and BM in's like a game to see who can win the most toys. I really hope and pray that the courts see what's really going on here and awards custody to maybe a family member or just someone else all together. These people are not capable of loving anyone but themselves and the spot light. The "goddesses" are a perfect example. Once the limelight fades, so will they. Charlie will be left alone with only the memories of his former self. Just my opinion of course. This is not entertaining anymore, it's beyond pathetic.

1247 days ago


What an azzhole! Brings one of his ho's to court to show off to the judge!
God help those poor little kids. They have really been dealt a sheety hand to have not one but two crazy parents

1247 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Brooke is a very beautiful woman on the outside. Charlie at times can be very handsome to look at. However, inside both Charlie and Brooke are dying a very slow death. These little boys need to be in a place where they wont need to worry about walking into a room and finding their mommy or daddy overdosing or dead. It happened to Lisa Marie Presley and it happened to the Michael Jacksons kids. I pray the angels watch over all of them to get better and be a family. Not married but a family to where they have a stable mom and dad not dependent on drugs

1247 days ago


Any judge who would consider giving this "man" custody of two babies should be DISBARRED and their robes BURNED.

I hope he ends up paying ALL court costs after losing this ridiculous attempt at stopping child support payments.

Both of these jerk offs see dollar signs on those kids heads.

1247 days ago


Charlie Sheen should not get his kids back. He's committing adultery, not to mention all the other things he's done wrong. Brooke's mother should get custody.

1247 days ago
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