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Jennifer Hudson

Cut Down to Size

4/19/2011 9:35 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Jennifer Hudson showed off her svelte hourglass figure in a form fitting blue dress while leaving a studio in London on Monday.

Two months ago, the 29-year-old told Oprah she was a size 6.



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OMG, somebody PLEASE pull those WW commercials off the air. Grates on my friggin nerves! As soon as I hear that voice, I flip the channel faster than you can blink an eye.

She looks weird now/plastic and is definitely a snotball. Why she feels she can, I don't know. Her performance on Dancing With the Stars sucked royal, and I usually can stomach her.

1095 days ago


Uh, fo all the sistahs commentin on here, pa-lease learn how da spell and write a complete sentence?!

1095 days ago


I think she looks beautiful...don't get me wrong.... I'm not putting her down but I'm 5'9" and a size 4-6....She's a bit bigger than a size 6.

1095 days ago


Size 6 with those hips ? I don't think so !

1095 days ago

Kris in NYC    

Wow... All of you people who say "big deal, she lost weight" CLEARLY have never struggled with their weight. Losing and keeping off a large amount of weight is HARD (being on the journey myself and having lost 45lbs so far, I can attest...). Just saying "put down the fork" shows you know nothing. some people really do have horrible problems that affect them psychologically, and in turn affects your relationship with food and exercise. Stop being so quick to judge. What may be easy for you isn't easy for others and vice versa.

1095 days ago


She looks more like a size 10 to me..

1095 days ago


Why do my sister has so many haters.

My sister is a good person and her voice is out of this world and yes she looks GREAT, and to all you haters she didn't have to have any surgery, she did it the natural way so please go climb back in your candy bags and continue to gain the weight u are so jealous she lost.

Get a life people, really

Jealousy is such a ugly trait.

1095 days ago


whats up with her face? weird

1095 days ago

Glory Bee    

She looks great. Love the dress. Love the shoes. Love the attitude. Love the makeup. Love the hair. Oh, and I'm a middle aged white lady from Orange County. Her style may not be my style but she just looks GREAT!

1095 days ago


I'm guessing that those who think she is thin or too skinny, are overweight/fat/obese themselves. So, by putting down her weight loss, make themselves feel better about their unhealthy selves.
Criticism of another person's choice to lose weight is based on that person's insecurity about themselves.
I think she looks great. Still curvy, but at least not obese like she used to be. Much healthier lifestyle of eating healthy and working out.
Let's remember people(adults and children) most of America, is atleast overweight with a large percentage of people obese.
So sad when a person adapts a healthy lifestyleas jennifer has and others think she is too skinny. Before judging her, you should look at yourself first,it is the overweight fat people that have a problem with her weight loss. It is the fit people who think she looks great.
Go Jennifer!!!

1095 days ago

Khate sucks    

OMG please go away you ugly big face, weird shaped, bobble head! Still ugly and still scream when you sing! Talentless and butt ugly no matter how thin!

1095 days ago


Her body looks amazing, but why did her losing weight make her look so much older?? Her face just looks so old and word down.

1095 days ago

Dawn Lewis    

wow aren't you all so critical and a bunch of asses, would love to see what some of you look like

1095 days ago



1095 days ago


Cool, the slimmer the better! But she does have something going on with her legs, they seem bowl-legged

1095 days ago
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