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'Jersey Shore' -- Buongiorno FLORENCE!

4/20/2011 8:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The cast of "Jersey Shore" will be fist-pumping their brains out in Florence, Italy for Season 4 ... TMZ has confirmed ... because the capital of Tuscany is the youngest, coolest city in the Boot.

Sources intimately familiar with production tell TMZ, Florence was chosen because "it's young, walkable, fashionable, and beautiful in springtime" ... and, BTW, riddled with alcohol-guzzling clubgoers.

But we're told the cast ain't doing the city like your average tourists -- according to sources, they won't be living at a normal house ... or a normal hotel ... but our sources are mum on exactly where they will be staying.

The cast hasn't been told yet they're officially going to Florence.  Well, consider them told now.


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True - you will find hordes of Americans –(cruise ship commandos) loud, over-weight and often under-dressed walking around the attractions of Europe -unable to convert dollars into Euros and acting brash. likewise, anyone who has been to Ibiza, Mykonos or Cannes, has suffered the hordes of Italian males - so suave, wearing the skimpy "banana-hammocks", covered in bushy black swaths of hair - Cat-calling and groping every girl from 12 to 40 who is unlucky enough to walk by - I don't think the Italians can give any lessons on manners, etiquette or civility...even to the Jersey Shore Dolts.

1285 days ago


they are going to have a miserable time. italy is xenophobic and the food is terrible plus the shower facilities aren't like they are in america. in my two weeks there i saw a lot of neat stuff but i came back ten pounds lighter. i guarantee they will get diarehea.

1285 days ago


OMG we're going to Italy! Snooki got drunk last night and is still sleeping so she doesn't know yet. I'll be sure to tell her when she wakes up.

1285 days ago


you said a mouth full of truth east coast chopper!!

1285 days ago


My favorite city on earth and this TRASH has to ruin it! It's bad enough they have ruined NJ. What, like one of them is actually from NJ?! Go back to where you came from you pieces of garbage!

1285 days ago

La La Land    

This show is funny and I am glad they are going to italy...Hey morons MTV has networks all over the world not just in the USA so alot of countries already know about American programming.

Also how are you going to talk down about this show yet you are on TMZ everyday commenting on every story?? hahahahaha Give me a break, you call the Jersey Shore trashy but love gossip web sites..GTFOH

1285 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

If not in a normal hotel or house, they will be staying in an Italian villa. They sure will not being staying in a 'historical' anything.

1285 days ago

So What    

Hey La La Land you should not worry if we the smart ones do not watch trash on TV but know alot about what goes on. get a F--k--g life and use you brain. Forgot you watch **** so there is not much left up there.

1285 days ago

So What    

Here is another waste of time on TV for those DUMB uneducated type folks out there. yes ass wipe YOU I am talking about. Get a life and go to work.

1285 days ago


We're sorry Italy, we really are. Now they are YOUR diego idiots to deal with. My advise - don't watch.

1285 days ago


Heya, I am italian and living in Florence. Today I saw a newspaper title saying "tonight america's trashiest reality show comes to Florence". My friends here have NO IDEA who these people are, but I am so excited!! And btw, the nightlife here is BOOOORING. SO I wonder where they'll end up. I'll let you guys know if I stumble into them in the next few days.

1285 days ago


OH GREAT, let's send more American trash to Europe. This will help our image of being Egotistical Loud Ass Douchebags!

1284 days ago


for ayejay you are not italian!!!! no any italian will never say i am ashamed to be italian!!! italian by a census are the most proudest people in the world!!!

you are an american that wanna pretend to be italian,like the jersey shore members

1282 days ago


if you dont like the show or dont like the people why would you look it up? GO HATE SOMEWHERE ELSE AND you can SMD

1282 days ago


Quanto vorrei che i vicini abitassero a casa di Dio.

1281 days ago
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