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Michael Jackson Estate Settles with Heal the World

4/19/2011 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson Estate has settled its lawsuit against the Heal the World Foundation, and the Estate is now copacetic with the charity using Michael Jackson's name.

The Estate had sued Heal the World, on grounds it had no right to use MJ's name to solicit money.  But we've learned there was a secret meeting yesterday between Katherine Jackson's new lawyer, Perry Sanders, and Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman.

We're told the Foundation will transfer to the Estate all registered trademarks that relate to Michael Jackson.  MJ's original Heal the World Foundation will be re-formed under the supervision of the Executors. Katherine Jackson will be a member of the board, as will Melissa Johnson, who headed up the most recent version of the foundation.

The lawyers are going to court this AM to dismiss the lawsuit.



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The general public demands justice for Michael JACKSON!

1227 days ago


I think we all understand that Melissa Johnson cannot use the trademarks, or MJ's likeness etc., but no one is saying she is NOT on the board.

1227 days ago


I am so happy to hear the song Heal the World.Thank you Phantom there is nothing worse than a Hungry child.When I was a little girl, my parents weren't the best parents in the world but I remember.We often had not much to eat at home.Well I remember as a child one Time I went hungry ins Bed and I dreamt about Food and super big Cake.I tryed in my dream to hold every thing in my Arms and bring it back to the real world if I wake up.I did wake up but my arms were emty.The same thing happened when I dreamt about Toys and again, sorry to say, I Woke up again with nothing in my Arms.There is nothing worse than hungry children or sick children.It's sad but been there as a child.Parents are not all perfect I wish they were.

1227 days ago



That video of the Jackson 5 was so much Fun.


1227 days ago


Ulja about an hour ago

The general public demands justice for Michael JACKSON!


The "general public" also demanded justice for MJ's victims. But the children raped by this "matchless, talented, generous, beautiful and simply lovely guy" doesn't seem to register in your moral universe.

1227 days ago


A wild Throrn grew in my Garden, A wild Trorn. It stood there for Months, just stood there. My Deer just walked passed it, no look, no taste. Wild Trorn, why are you growing so brown and lost in my Garden?? A wild Thorn started to green....and green it did...Before I knew what happened, it turned into my Beautiful little Roses, and every year my deer stop and eat from them.... (I didn't want to poset this Poem because I didn't think its one of the best, but my son laughed himself silly with my funny ending )

1227 days ago


I think we all understand that Melissa Johnson cannot use the trademarks, or MJ's likeness etc., but no one is saying she is NOT on the board.


And whoever is on the board has full power and control of the money. Joe and Kathrine are on the board so I'm sure they'll make sure HTWF get 20% of MJ Estate. Which means the Jackson's will pocket most of the money. What a scam.

1227 days ago


There are people dying - Pt. 2....
-Jack, you may want to go back and check YOUR facts. Melissa Johnson started up her FAKE HTWF shortly after Michael's went defunct so Michael WAS alive when she tried to pull her CRAP. He had his lawyers advise her to Cease and Desist and even started proceedings against her at the time. Apparently after he died, she applied for a ton of trademarks to use Michael's likeness in an attempt to capitalize on the huge interest in Michael, but thank God the Estate found her out and now they've put a stop to it....
-Hey Daphne! Katherine, Joe and Randy sided with Melissa Johnson and HTWF because Mann is also on the board, AND more important, it was their way to get more money from the Estate. IMO, they figured they could get the fake HTWF in as one of the designated Charities that gets 20% of the Estate. Of course, once they got the designation, they were probably going to line their own pockets with the proceeds. I remember the old PM saying this in one of his cryptic posts but I didn't believe they could be capable of doing it until now......
-Blanket, regardless of what financial decisions Johnson has with her fake charity, the point is that she will NOT be able to use the HTW name NOR Michael's image.
Thing is, Johnsons knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she started this: she planned to use Michael's name to EXPLOIT his fan/supporters. That's why it's such a major slap in the face that Katherine pulled PPB into this CRAP....
-Susan62509, that post hit the nail on the head! And thanks for including the link with the trial great to know we have people like you on here who are COMMITTED to bringing out the FACTS of this situation...
Also, you wrote:
"Katherine and MJ3 are beneficiaries from the Estate. The Estate is Michael Jackson. There is a huge difference."
Problem is, I don't think a lot of people here understand that the Estate represents Michael's final wishes. They question the 2002 Will/Trust--which I admit I still wonder about myself, however, it's primarily the same as his '97 Will/Trust so it clearly represents what he wanted. Therefore attacking the Estate is TANTAMOUNT to attacking Michael which is what many people and Katherine is doing....
-bigbigfanmj, read the AP article and the statement from the Estate posted above. Johnson has lost ALL claims to the HTW name and Michael trademarks so even if she does still have her Charity, it won't have ANYTHING to do with Michael and NOONE will be DUMB enough to givce money to it now that she has been splattered all over the News. A sad state of affairs when people are already wary of Non-profit Organizations thanks to CROOKS like her....
As for Katherine, Joe, Randy and Mann, I suspect they're somewhere wringing their hands because now their little SCHEME to get a piece of the Estate by making Johnson's HTWF one of the designated Charities has been totally SQUASHED!!
In future when the Committee is deciding which Charity to go with, I HIGHLY suggest they check it out THOROUGHLY to make sure Mann, Vaccaro, Katherine, Joe, nor Randy are looming in the background somewhere...
-Sweetfox, although Katherine and Joe is on the board of the fake charity, they better not hold their breath on getting the Estate to designate their fake charity. That ship sailed the minute the Estate lawyers discovered Johnson was still trying to operate this charity and decided to SUE her tail...suffice it to say, the PARTY'S over....
No Peace till Justice!

1226 days ago


a "Heal the world" foundation have to exist, because the cause was very important to Michael. Mrs. Katherine knows that very well. But it has to be clear that MJ in the case of "Heal the world" stands for Michael Jackson, not for Melissa Johnson. As for Melissa she worked her way to the board of the foundation. She kept knocking on the door, had Mrs. Jackson and MJ3 on her side, as members of the boards of her version of the foundation and after all Mrs. Jackson and MJ3 are the Michael Jackson estate, they are beneficiaries. The latest pages of Melissa's foundation did not look so bad, she had a mission statement and project description. I wish she had a project "save the United States". No kidding. US has good jobs, but young Americans don't study hard and it is hard to compete for them. Somebody has to get the idea to them. I would love to see more Americans, born in the US holding top notch job in their famous hi-tech industry, Apple, Microsoft, ... you name it. People make things happen and if it better if they realize it a young age.

1226 days ago


@ Eleonora49

I enjoyed your poem. It was sweet and inspiring.


1226 days ago


MJ's mother is crazy because she is not the executor. The executor administer MJ's money, so that's why she is hitting the ceiling.

1226 days ago


Get the story right, would ya ?
Only one day in court. Take a hint.

Johnson is (was) a fraudulent rep. of HTWF as you have eluded to in the past.

TMZ, since you choose to report so much on MJ, I feel that the respectable thing to do would be simmer misunderstanding, confusion & discord over this.
This org. means a lot to Michael, his mother and his kids.

1226 days ago

love mj    

ric posted 1 day ago

Pot have you met Kettle? You have? Great! Try the fondue it's awesome!


Stuck in the 1960...s? Your comments make me think that you are and not just the mention of fondue.

1226 days ago

love mj    

Maximus posted 1 day ago

That's funny. Because MJ's "beloved mother" stood by while he was physically and psychologically abused by Joe.


@ric/Maximus (you wish)

You sound like a busted cd.

1226 days ago
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