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Cig-Sucking WWE Star -- SMOKED by Tobactivist

4/19/2011 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WWE star R-Truth is taking serious heat for lighting up a cigarette on "RAW" last night ... in front of a row of kids -- and now, the biggest anti-smoking activist on the planet is DEMANDING he apologize.


The drama began when Ron "R-Truth" Killings hit up the audience for a smoke ... and actually LIT UP right in front of them ... including several children.

But the on-screen cig-fest didn't sit so well with anti-smoking activist Patrick Reynolds (pictured right) -- Executive Director of TobaccoFree.org -- who has officially issued a challenge to the wrestler ... to publicly apologize for the smoking stunt.

Reynolds -- ironically the grandson of tobacco magnate R.J. Reynolds -- tells TMZ, "For him to smoke in front of [children] is irresponsible. At best, it's thoughtless, and at worst, if he calculated appealing to kids by posing as a bad-boy outlaw, it's evil."

0419_smoking_wrestler_sm_launchReynolds adds, "If he wants help in quitting, I'll be happy to be his personal coach."

The WWE issued a statement to TMZ defending the cigarette incident -- saying, "The negative effect smoking has on one’s health and physical performance was a part of a storyline on last night’s Monday Night Raw.  Negative depictions of tobacco use on television are not unusual and can be seen on other TV-PG shows."

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Ok, lemme get this right. Mommy and Daddy take little Johnny and Susie to see steroid pumped men, half naked disease ridden women, but someone lights up and its sheer horror??? Good God, please people. Get real. Instead of worrying that the kiddies start smoking you better hope they aren't going out trying to beat the **** out of other people and in return getting THEIR @sses kicked. What a bunch of convoluted BS!! And as far as Patrick Reynolds goes, when you give up your inheritance THEN maybe I'll put stock in what you have to say. Hypocrite to the EXTREME!

1247 days ago


"Me 12 minutes ago

mac 19 minutes ago

@MightyMad that is the weakest argument I have ever heard.. seriously it is indisputable that smoking causes hundreds of thousands of deaths a year. So you and your family have gotten lucky so far? congrats... oh yeah and all the people you mentioned are nowhere near perfect physical health.. people in perfect physical health don't have lungs full of tar..
Explain the non-smokers who get cancer. No, smoking does not cause thousands of deaths a year. No coroner has EVER put "smoking" as a cause of death.

I demand an apology from Reynolds demanding an apology. I also demand one for watching the show to know it happened. And, for just being a flat out d-bag. When I get these separate and concise apologies, I'll let him live his life in his own manner like the rest of the adults in this world want to do..."

- Sure that's an easy one.. thousands of carcinogens.. such as pesticides (which are in cigarettes)... yes smoking is the CAUSE (clearly you don't know what the word cause means) smoking is the underlying CAUSE... if you get hit in the head with a brick and die they don't write BRICK on the coroner's report..

So someone who clearly knows all the dirty little secrets that are contributing to the deaths of millions of people is a d-bag because he doesn't want any more people to die from something his family was a part of... yeah sounds like quite the d-bag alright

1247 days ago


@tonyclifton... no you're wrong, there is nothing that can be said around kids that is worse then smoking.. you can go on the craziest, most racist fueled rant in the history of man and it won't hold a candle to the devastation attributed to smoking

@MrsBeasley.. he has to give away all of his money to prove to you that smoking is bad? How stupid are you? If the man's grandson that sold you something is telling you that you shouldn't buy something don't you think that raises a red flag. Now imagine that not only is he telling you not to buy something but he is telling you that his grandfather's product will actually kill you.. but hey what does he know right? I mean I bet the Colonel's grand kids don't know the secret recipe in that tasty chicken...

1247 days ago


I can't help but laugh at this situation. I was laughing even harder when a woman near the front row during the segment was screaming "think of the children!". WWF at the time didn't give a damn about being politically correct and was making the money. WWE now shy away from anything edgy as to not offend anyone. News flash you idiots, wrestling is supposed to be violent and from entertainment standpoint it can include anything as long as they don't kill anybody. WWE should bring back the Right To Censor stable and make fun of idiots like this guy. I want the old wrestling back when nobody cared what people think! And for the woman and kids, if you can;t handle it, don't watch, this is a man sport/entertainment. It will hurt your feelings one way or another! And for god's sake stop catering to kids and women!

1247 days ago


- Sure that's an easy one.. thousands of carcinogens.. such as pesticides (which are in cigarettes)... yes smoking is the CAUSE (clearly you don't know what the word cause means) smoking is the underlying CAUSE... if you get hit in the head with a brick and die they don't write BRICK on the coroner's report..

So someone who clearly knows all the dirty little secrets that are contributing to the deaths of millions of people is a d-bag because he doesn't want any more people to die from something his family was a part of... yeah sounds like quite the d-bag alright
Ooooooooh...so, how do you know those other thousands of carcinogens aren't causing the cancer? Its assumed because they smoked that the specific in cigarettes carcinogens caused them even though other smokers can die from non-cancerous reasons...including plain ol' old age?

Did you know studies are actually showing particulate matter causes more harm than smoking? I guess you'll add that to your "non-smoker cancer rate" without using it to debase your argument. Most do.

Finally, I'm well aware of what "cause" means. Perhaps YOU meant contributes. Not causes. It doesn't cause you to die although according to you it may contribute to cancer.

1247 days ago


all of you HIPOCRITS need to seriously just STFU..

i mean come down on some actor lighting a freaking cigarette. get a life already.. you want to talk about the wwe doing this and that.. well point right on back to your KIDS! show on the BBC.. or why not Kids! on MTV.. or 16 & pregnant and Teen Mom.

Conservatives really suck and are stupid to a point that it makes me ashamed to even be one. LOL.

Get a life there's alot more in this world to be concerned for.

and to that comment about half naked skanks ( aka Velvet Sky on Tna, Angelina-man, or the madison raynes of the stripper world)

"this is about the beautiful people and i want to say im ready to rid the world 1 ugly person at a time"

Stand up for the WWE..

great show last night and hurry back to the good ole U.S.A!

1247 days ago


@MightyMad - doesn't bother me in the least.. good for your grandmother that's great news.. being alive/not being sick are not nearly the same thing as being in perfect health.. but seriously name one good thing that has come out of your family smoking?

1247 days ago


Did anyone actually WATCH this episode?

R - Truth was AGAINST smoking, not endorsing it! He turned heel, making FUN of John Morrison for smoking.

Idiots that talk about stuff they don't know about it should shut their yaps

(I allow my son to watch, with the knowledge that it is ALL a very scripted dance, not a wrestling match. It may be a goofy, idiotic soap opera for boys, but they are athletes and give more of themselves to their fans than any other sport. Case in point - John Cena sponsored over 20 kids from the Make-A-Wish Foundation at Wrestlemania. Airfair, tickets, their own provide time with ALL the wrestlers, and a pizza party hosted by John Cena. I don't remember Tom Brady doing THAT at the Superbowl).

1247 days ago


That was riddled with typos. My apologies.

1247 days ago


"MightyMad about a minute ago

mac 47 minutes ago


@Patrick Reynolds: give away 3/4 of your family fortune to cancer research, and then we'll start taking you seriously..."

... he doesn't have control of 3/4's of his family's fortune.. why would he? You are so stupid it hurts.. yeah lets not listen to someone whose family is a major manufacturer in the tobacco industry he definitely wouldn't know anything about tobacco.. lets all just refer to MightyMad's wisdom because.. ready for this?.. his parents smoke... hahahaha


LOL... I throw a perfectly harmless and hollow comment here (not even a comment per say, but more accurately a frivolous rant who main objective was to point out Reynold's spectacular hypocrisy in the manner), but unsurprisingly the tobacco-Nazi took my reveries quite literally and freaked out about it.

As I said: unsurprising.

You may want to dial it down in the future, mac - I read somewhere that highly emotional people have a higher risk of getting cancer than the rest of the population (sound like complete nonsense to me, but then again, so does second-hand smoking...)"
Nothing you just said there made any sense.. "a perfectly hollow and harmless comment" - honestly, what does that even mean?
How is he a hypocrite, do you stand by all of your parents and grandparents and great grandparents actions?
You're making an assumption that I'm freaking out when actually I'm laughing at your attempt to sound smart."per say", "spectacular", "reveries" hahahahaha alright there bud
Ohhh you got me I'm just a big huge tobacco-Nazi.. way to undermine a logical argument

1247 days ago


I will admit, I was surprised that they used a cigarette, since WWE lack any nuts these days if you know what I mean. So I am really disappointed then try to do an angle that could be controversial and they get slammed by idiots like this guy. The product is so watered down these days, that you couldn't possible offend anyone, if they did they get heat for it. Give me a break. I have seen many PG shows that have the guts to push the envelope and WWE is stuck with soap style storylines and people still complain? watch some old tapes from 10 years ago and you will see what it means for a company to have nuts. They have lost it ever since Vince lost his grapefruits!

1247 days ago


Uhm, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screw these "foundations and organizations" who "demand" things.

I'll put this group right up there with GLAAD who is always demanding apologies. Nope, naught ganna happen!

1247 days ago


LOL your mother is definitely not in better health because she smoked! Yes, I do believe she is in better health then when she was smoking... Your argument boils down to "smoking isn't good but other things we did aren't good either" and then it goes nowhere... what are you even talking about??
- Actually I just realized that you don't understand what Reynold's is talking about. You just saw tobacco and wanted to fill me in on how healthy your family is.

1247 days ago


This man Patrick Reynolds needs to chill out..It was to make a point in a soryline. Little Children should not be in the front rows of a wwe event..I believe they should be at home.

If Mr.Reynolds is so againest smoking,the stop making the money off making the ciggeretts.
YOur being as hypercrit.
I do not think anyone owes you a apology.

1247 days ago


You want him to apologize for smoking a cigarette?!?! There's a word for someone like you and it rhymes with wussy.

1247 days ago
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