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Cig-Sucking WWE Star -- SMOKED by Tobactivist

4/19/2011 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WWE star R-Truth is taking serious heat for lighting up a cigarette on "RAW" last night ... in front of a row of kids -- and now, the biggest anti-smoking activist on the planet is DEMANDING he apologize.


The drama began when Ron "R-Truth" Killings hit up the audience for a smoke ... and actually LIT UP right in front of them ... including several children.

But the on-screen cig-fest didn't sit so well with anti-smoking activist Patrick Reynolds (pictured right) -- Executive Director of TobaccoFree.org -- who has officially issued a challenge to the wrestler ... to publicly apologize for the smoking stunt.

Reynolds -- ironically the grandson of tobacco magnate R.J. Reynolds -- tells TMZ, "For him to smoke in front of [children] is irresponsible. At best, it's thoughtless, and at worst, if he calculated appealing to kids by posing as a bad-boy outlaw, it's evil."

0419_smoking_wrestler_sm_launchReynolds adds, "If he wants help in quitting, I'll be happy to be his personal coach."

The WWE issued a statement to TMZ defending the cigarette incident -- saying, "The negative effect smoking has on one’s health and physical performance was a part of a storyline on last night’s Monday Night Raw.  Negative depictions of tobacco use on television are not unusual and can be seen on other TV-PG shows."

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To MightyMad and Mac - You guys are hilarious. Your point / counter point conversation is turning into bashing each other, which I find humorous. Although I have to side with MightMad, Mac has made some valid points. Smoking is of course bad for you, but people do a lot of things that are bad for you. Smoke, drink, cheat, steal, and something you guys might be familiar with, habitual masterbation.(just kidding) Anyway, as long as the world feels it is all right for these tobacco companies to but paper wrapped bullets into the hands of us humans, there are going to be smokers. The same goes for alcohol companies, which kill just as many. We constantly let big business' like these pump legal drugs into our lifestyles, but at least this Reynolds guy is stepping forward and saying that smoking is bad.
I'd continue on, but I'm having too much fun reading your comments.

1248 days ago


apologize for what? smoking???? last time i checked smoking is perfectly legal in this country. people need to get their heads out of their azzes.

1248 days ago



1248 days ago


MightyMad less than a minute ago

mac about a minute ago

hahahahaha no trust me I am really laughing at you.. oh yeahhh because repeatedly calling someone a nazi on the internet is sooo far from pathetic... I saw you write "anyone" in fact I quoted you hahahaha what does that have to do with anything?!?!
"Reynald is a pompous, opportunist idiot who cares as much about kids being affected by second-hand smoking than you care about admitting that you're wrong."
- you are stating this as if it is fact, with nothing to back it up... how do you know his intentions?? And even if his intentions are purely for self-promotion it doesn't change the fact that his message is beneficial for society...
"At the end of the day, obviously, those kids are going to be fine, regardless of what awful atrocities your or Reynald can come with."
- What are you talking about neither me or Reynolds invented cancer...
hahahahah just a big phonnnnyy eh? You're assuming that I care what Reynold's intentions are? I could care less if he is only trying to promote his organization because his organization is trying to save lives....


Dude, I'm so sorry to tell you this, but you are a tobacco-Nazi - it's the proper term to identify a pompous ass who think his social views should be forced on everybody, specifically on whether or not people have a legal right to smoke.

The fact that you completely refuse to recognize Reynald at the same kind of charlatans who, years after years, get millions of dollars from contribution to 'fight off' this supposed war on tobacco further prove your status as a Nazi.

You can change, though - you could stop judging people for how they live or, at best, keep your unwanted opinions for yourself, and then maybe you'll stop being called a Nazi...

I sincerely do not derive any pleasure in calling you this, but, hey, if it's quack like a duck...
hahahahah what are you talkkkkingggg about?!?!?!?! I encouraged people to smoke! I have not once disputed the fact that smoking is legal or that people have the right to do it!!!!
"The fact that you completely refuse to recognize Reynald at the same kind of charlatans who, years after years, get millions of dollars from contribution to 'fight off' this supposed war on tobacco further prove your status as a Nazi."
- So you are now delving into this conspiracy that Reynold's is attempting to profit off some fake war against tobacco. So what you are saying is that there is a conspiracy (by people like Reynold's) to trick people into thinking that smoking is bad and harmful and that they are some how profiting off of this... what in the **** are you talkingggggg about?!?!?!

1248 days ago


To MightyMad - I get where you are coming from. This site is meant to express our comments and there is always going to be someone who will disagree with you. At least there is a forum where we can discuss, no matter how silly the conversation may get.
To mac - Thanks for the laughs.

Now let's all calm down and roll a fatty and get some real smoke down our lungs. (Again, just kidding)

1248 days ago


MightyMad 4 minutes ago

mac 9 minutes ago

Lol how dumb are you?!?!?! hahaha man not even Reynold's is anti-wwe .. he is ant- one thing, that happened at one show, in one specific incident.. lol and how was it a fake a request?! hahaha he made it quite a real request.. dumbass


One thing I've noticed about you, macky, is how much you claimed to know about Reynald. According to you:

- he doesn't live off his family fortune.
- he genuinely give a damn about kids' health.
- He's pro-WWE...
- ... yet also again weak WEE-stunts.

F*ck, if I didn't know nay better, I would say you're Reynald hiding behind an alias.

Anyway, FYI: it's not the first time someone smoke during a broadcast of RAW - haven't happen in a while, but, with all the publicity it got, I completely expect McMahon to do it again VERY SOON...

Alright, I'm done with you, bozo. TMZ Lives is starting,
'Can't wait 'til you get cancer - and YOU KNOW it's gonna happen!
hahahahahahahah did you just accuse me of being Reynolds?? lol I never claimed any of those things all I did was ask you to prove that:
- he does live off his families fortune
- he doesn't care about kids

.. this is so far over your head it's hilarious
hahahahahahaha I don't give a **** who smokes during what hahaha how do you not get that all I was doing was pointing out the idiocy of smoking.. hahahahahha how do I KNOW it's going to happen lol man you are beyond the definition of stupid
hahahaha I still can't believe you actually accused me of being Reynold's hahaha

1248 days ago


Patrick Reynolds is a man with too much time on his hands apparently. People in tv or wrestling entertainment are NOT role models. They don't have to change the way they act to avoid offending the very delicate sensibilities of people like Patrick Reynolds. It's silly. Especially coming from the family he does. I'm sure he enjoys the wealth that tobacco has created for them. So he needs to step down from his soap box and suck on a bar of soap. Or at the very least pick his battles MUCH MORE CAREFULLY.

1248 days ago


This is the sillest thing i ever heard, its ok for kids to Watch True Blood on HBO & Dexter on Showtime but when someone smokes its a sin? People in the old black and white movies & tv shows smoked all the time & no one said a thing, and that was the Brady Bunch era.

1248 days ago



Little kids have been going to Pro wrestling shows for years. Don't see the big deal of it.

1248 days ago


Do these uptight, self-righteous @ss holes remember at all that were living in a free country? And what a hypocrite: Down with smoking!! (He says as he lives off his grandfather's tobacco billions). F U, @ss wipe. Now if you'll excuse me, there's a group of kids outside right now I need to go light up in front of.

1248 days ago


Smoking is deadly and stupid, but treating smokers like they're committing some sort of heinous crime that needs public lynching is idiotic.

But most anti-smokling groups don't care about the health rammifications and are just puritanical zealouts out to destroy anyone who does something they disapprove of.

1248 days ago


All i have to say in regards to WWE's statement is EXACTLY!!! Alot of other shows that are supposed to be "PG" smoke, talk about sex and a bunch of other crap so how is this different? They just want one more bad thing to say about wrestling. If you dont like it so damn much DONT WATCH IT!

1248 days ago

Tony Perez    

Bottom Line is the guy is an actor who followed a script which called for him to smoke a cigarette. I'm an avid wrestling fan and if you dont know that wrestling is scripted, Patrick Reynolds you need your head checked. Next time a hollywood actor smokes on screen or in a tv show ask him for a public apology as well.

1248 days ago


Before the match John Morrison criticized R-Truth for his smoking. After R-Truth lost his match he attacked Morrison, lit up a cig and blew the smoke in his face. The whole point of the segment was to show how smoking is bad and only bad guys smoke. Maybe this guy should do some research before he opens his mouth. Or maybe he does know and just wants his 15 minutes of fame.

And as for #6 Linda, I grew up watching Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and Macho Man and I turned out just fine. Dont drink, dont smoke and dont do drugs. I take my kids to shows when WWE is in the area. And they are just fine.

1248 days ago


So, Patrick's job is an activist. Don't think that pays much so that tells me he might just be living off of grandpa RJ's tobacco fortune. Ironic, huh??!

1248 days ago
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