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The Hair-volution of Marcia Clark

4/19/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Marcia Clark is guilty ... of changing her appearance since being the lead prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson murder trial.


Looking like Kris Kardashian's sister, the 57-year-old showed off her most recent upgrades in NYC on Monday.

It's a shame someone had to dye in order to get this look.


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Wow! Who cares what she did, what an improvement. That's the first hair do/color that works for her too.

1228 days ago


In reporting this you forgot the most obvious change. Plastic surgery. Look at who the wrinkles have disappeared from under her eyes and the obvious change to the shape of her eyes. C'mon guys.....

1228 days ago


no doubt she went "under the knife"

(OJ brings that out in people)

1228 days ago


Hair???? Did you look at her face??? Good Lord ... she and Mickey Rourke could compare plastic surgery stories. The only thing missing is the look of constant surprise ala San Fran Gran Nancy Pelosi. Stay away from the Botox, honey!!! And the scalpel! You're starting to look like a wax figure.

1228 days ago


They say as you age you should lighten up your hair but in her case the darker is so much better on her. I think she looks awesome, really good. But she should also stop the PS now. As for the comments, on her, I believe it was really the other detective that blew the o.j trial and she tried to protect her own people way to much. Detective Van something or another? He was the worst of all. She did her best, I believe. Who was equipped to handle such a high profile case? The jury selection is what did them in, and also no one on the jury liked her. Something in her attitude I am sure.

1228 days ago


She looks great now. The bags under her eyes are gone and her face is smoothed out. Wow wonder who her PS is cause she looks younger now then 95. Just dont get any more surgery and dont blow up the lips like some people are doing. that looks so ugly like someone punched you in the mouth. PLUS what are they going to do when that look is out dated. Someday they are going to figure out botox is bad and all the area they shot up will be damaged and sink in. Just wait ..

1228 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Although she bares no resemblence to her former self I really like her plastic surgery. For such a huge transformation it really looks natural. Her hair looks fabulous as well. She actually looks latina to me.

1228 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Good docs...

1228 days ago


I think she looks awful. It's never a good look when you can tell someone's had work done. Her big, round, youthful-looking eyes have been hacked so much she now looks Asian. She really does look like Kris Jenner who is not attractive IMO. I hate when people are so self-conscious they can't be happy with themselves. All she really needed was a better hairstyle and some concealer. I wouldn't even recognize her today.

1228 days ago


Another example of too much plastic surgery and it's not pretty!!!

1228 days ago


whoa. She used to have those big, beautiful Susan Sarandon eyes. now she does look like Kris Jenner. She looks like a completely different person. If there wasn't a story saying who she was I would never know it was her.

1228 days ago

moe l.    

While she was getting all that plastic surgery done, couldn't they have removed the wart on her mouth? Or is that a trademark?

1228 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

Looks like she has entered the plastic phase of her life, if her name wasn't written on the story I wouldn't of even known who she was. Hollywood needs to stop with the plastic surgery. I know they can't tell that they look strange but, those of us who are aging gracefully can spot it a mile away.

1228 days ago


She looks BEAUTIFUL now! I don't care what she's had done; she looks GREAT!

1228 days ago


I think she looks fantastic too, you'd never know it was the same person. Great Surgeon!!!!

1228 days ago
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