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'16 & Pregnant' Mom: Baby Daddy Punched HIMSELF!

4/20/2011 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "16 & Pregnant" mom accused of punching her baby daddy in the face says the guy totally LIED to police ... claiming Josh Smith punched HIMSELF in an effort to set her up.


TMZ spoke with 17-year-old Jennifer Del Rio ... who told us she was driving Josh home from a job interview Monday when he took one of their twins out of the car seat ... and asked if he could take the kid for the night.

Jennifer says she denied his request -- and tried to take back the kid -- when the baby started to cry. Jennifer says she screamed at 19-year-old Josh, "Give me back my kid. You’re hurting him."

Jennifer says a struggle ensued and she was pushed into a fence -- so she called the cops.

Josh went into his house for a few minutes, says Jennifer, and when he returned, he had a bloody nose and his shirt was ripped.

Jennifer says Josh told her that he ALSO called the cops because it was “her turn to go to jail” ... insisting he was out for “payback” from an incident back in November when he was arrested for attacking her.

When cops arrived to the scene, Jennifer says Josh “lied to the cops" when he told them Jennifer attacked him. Neither Jennifer nor Josh was arrested over the incident. 

However, Jennifer tells us she plans on pressing charges for child endangerment and wants to obtain a restraining order against Josh as soon as possible.


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deliman in the 206    

White Trash Dude White trash

1284 days ago


maybe he just wanted to get his nose straight....

1284 days ago


way to keep up the glorification of trash, mtv.

1284 days ago


i won't remark on whether this trash bag is telling the truth, but I will say that my ex, who was a violent drunk, punched himself in the face for that exact reason. He had knocked the crap out of me and i had called 911. He wanted to be able to claim that I had attacked him.

Regardless, he was arrested and ... for detaching my ears from my head (holding on to them while banging my head against a wall) requiring stitches and giving me a concussion, two black eyes, a fat lip and strangle marks around my neck.... he got one frigging day in jail. Yup. One day. And it wasn't his first violent offense.

And yes, I finally left him.

1284 days ago


Trailer Tramps

1284 days ago


MTV Reality and all other reality shows need to be boycotted until they are taken off the air. A girl at my son's high school was just picked as one of possible next teen girls to be filmed. Instead of looking at getting preg. before she was old enough to handle a child, the kids are treating her like a movie star already. It so bad other girls at the school are starting to openly unsafe sex, case in point my son is home for the next two weeks after getting caught having sex on campus during school hours, another kid prior to him was caught in the boy bathroom doing the same with a freshman girl.
MTV and all reality shows are just a sad downfall of US Society.
I worked in the industry for over 13 years and I know why the stations rather film this crap then a real show, basically it comes down to the bottom line compared to profit. You can film crap like this for less then 2 mil for the first season or two, most other type of shows take more to get off the ground, then you pray it gets picked up.

1284 days ago


What would all us HATERS do without the SUNSHINE state. You gotta love it.

Florida thanks for all the good times and fun in the sun.

1284 days ago


uno do tres

1284 days ago


Ahhh, the trials and tribulations of PWT. Gotta love 'em.

1284 days ago


Why are the terms 'White Trash' & 'Trailer Trash' ok? All things being equal, they are derogatory terms used to describe White people who are poor. Do we call the Black people who live in the Projects 'Black Trash?' No. We do not so let's not call these people names according to their race and/or station in life.

1284 days ago

Trailer park trash.

1284 days ago


So, he already attacked you once and now you're DRIVING HIM HOME FROM A JOB INTERVIEW?!?! Why get a restraining order? You're obviously fine with him smacking you around. Damn some bit ches are stupid.

1284 days ago


these stories always annoy me... I've seen a girl attack her boyfriend physically then tell everyone including police that he was the one who attacked her when all he did was block and try to walk away. We have to have better ways to get to the truth if we are going to hold these crimes to such high levels... it can't just be he said or she said because people lie.. people who hate each other lie, people fighting over child custody lie...

1284 days ago


My gosh MTV executives, how do you sleep at night?

1284 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

LOL @ her driving him to a job interview.

1284 days ago
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