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Anderson Cooper

Hetherington Was

My Friend

4/20/2011 5:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anderson Cooper has tweeted about the death of his friend -- Oscar nominated director Tim Hetherington -- saying, "The news is gutting."


Cooper called Hetherington a "friend and great photographer" ... adding, "He was such a wonderful guy."

As we previously reported, Hetherington -- who co-directed "Restrepo" -- was killed today in Libya when his camp was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade.


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So sad.... too bad people still have to make smart ass comments...

1284 days ago


Obama's war. Imagine Cooper's reaction if President Bush was still in charge... he would be calling for Bush head in a noose. Instead he stays silent on the entire mess in the Middle East. What a fine journalist you are Cooper...NOT!!!!

1284 days ago


Sad news but when you go to warn torn countries death can be the outcome!!

1284 days ago

Lilarose in Oregon    

Of course there are jerks on this forum who say idiotic and nasty things. As many have said, were it not for the reporters who don't get their material unless they go on location, we would know little about what is going on around the world. I think people would be shocked at how many reporters world wide are killed in the "line of duty." It is one of the most deadly jobs in the world. Grow up, those of you with nasty comments. It says to me you are short-****s and can't compensate for it.

1284 days ago


If Catherine Zeta-Jones can come out on the cover of this week's "People" as bipolar, why can't Anderson Cooper just "come out" period.

1284 days ago


Anderson Cooper doesn't owe anyone info. on his personal life, get over it and worry about ur own.

1284 days ago


Anderson Cooper is a public figure. He could be a role model. He could do an "It Gets Better"
anti-gay bullying video. I happen to be gay and bipolar, so I'm not into protecting the shrine of Mr. Cooper. Catherine Zeta-Jones was very brave to acknowledge her illness, and possibly help others.

1284 days ago


If you are so sure that Anderson is what you intend, then he doesn't need to "come out" at all.
An official "coming out" is one of the stupidest things ever invented.

1284 days ago

John dowser    

There you go another Obama screw up...start the war, drop the bombs, make the rebels believe your with them with your long winded "caring, wont stand by and not do anything BS",have Hillory make her rounds, make yourself seem tough, then retreat...unreal. Leaving the fighting to frickin Nato ? Good one. Never start a war and then quit, or in Iraq's case and Afghanistan, provide the enemy and the whole world an exit date. Now the rebels are getting creamed, what an idiot.

1284 days ago


Very sad to hear about his death. RIP.

As for the "outing" comments, really, people?? REALLY? WTH difference does it make? The guy was killed and you have to get snarky? Seriously, grow up!

1284 days ago


Very sad!

1284 days ago


You can't understand if you are not gay. He should ask ELLEN about it.

1284 days ago


GB who cares how u choose to have sex, he is very good at his job, I could care less what he does in the bedroom. GROW UP

1284 days ago


Yes, he is good. That's why he would make a good role model for gays. I guess we can only speculate as we watch him giggle with Kathy Griffin on New Years Eve. If he is gay he shouldn't be ashamed of it. Save your "Grow Ups" for all the anti-gay-marriage opponents dd.

1284 days ago

ee cummings    

Fudge packers?

1284 days ago
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