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Winklevoss Twins

Mark Said

He Wanted to F**k Us

4/20/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are not giving up on their claim ... Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook defrauded them in settling their beef with the social network -- and they point to two damning IMs.


The Winklevosses say in new legal papers - obtained by TMZ --  Zuckerberg and Facebook intentionally withheld instant messages sent by Mark in 2004, saying, "Yeah, I'm going to f**k them ... probably in the [ear]."


In another IM, Zuckerberg told a friend, "But they [the twins] made a mistake haha.  They asked me to make it for them.  So I'm like delaying it so it won't be ready until after the facebook thing comes out."

The Winklevosses settled their dispute with Zuckerberg and Facebook for $65 million, but they've been trying to undo the settlement on grounds they were defrauded. 

The twins lost several rounds in court, but now they are asking a federal appellate court to look at the settlement again, and acknowledge the IMs are proof of fraud and therefore the settlement should be invalidated.


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more and more people are coming out of the woodwork that M.Z. screwed them out of money. looks like he needed money to start the company up and was desperate enough to make promises. once he saw that FB was going to work, he didn't want to honor his promises. JUST PAY THEM. shoot...we all would be happy with $65 million but if MZ is lying left and right about who and what he owes, and if given a chance to get $65 million more, we all here would take it. karma can be slow to come around but it does come around. better take what you got coming to you before the punishment gets too big.

1181 days ago


This has been going on for how long??? Hw much of that money do they still have left now that they have wasted it on these lawsuits?? If they wanted a biger take, then they shouldn't have signed on the dotted line. Once you are done. Seems they should chalk it up to bad business decision and try and make new better ones. Not happening yet though.

1181 days ago

Second Opinion    

MZ is a billionaire who dresses like a normal dude and picks up his own dogsh*t, he's good in my book.

1181 days ago


As it's been aptly noted, the brothers have "settlers remorse"
They agreed to the settlement. They had many lawyers, as well as their father, who is a knowledgeable in evaluation of companies' potential worth sign off on the deal. It's OVAH!!

1181 days ago


wah wah wah - grow up - quit being greedy -

1181 days ago


Looks like we will have a sequel to The Social Network.. :P

1181 days ago


the bottom line is that they signed the deal, the case is closed, they cannot say oh well we want to disolve the original papers that we and out lawyers signed off on. Once they saw the movie they thought they could get more, but any judge will throw this case out and tell them they should not have agreed to close the case by signing, really there is no merrit for a case and frankly it is a waste of the gov' time and $ letting these rich pricks take up the courts time..this is whats wrong with the u.s.a

1181 days ago


Have the twins got Oksana Griegorieva as a consultant?

1181 days ago

Ms Thang    

These boys do not play well in the sand box together. They are bitching about only getting 65 million???? Hello!

1181 days ago


So ZuckerBURG isn't the down to earth sweet guy after all, seems he's nothing but a younger Bill Gates. Another nerd using his money to be a bully.

1181 days ago


They accepted a settlement that they must have thought was fair at the time, their lawyer obviously approved it, so why are they still reading Zuck's emails? Sounds to me like they either already spent the $65 mil or they had to pay their lawyer 40% and split the rest in half, so now it may look like they only got about $12 mil a piece before taxes. So, looks like the twins are just as greedy as Zuck, but nowhere near as smart.

1181 days ago


Z-berg is a little worm and I wish Facebook would die.

1181 days ago


Harvard education and growing up privileged and these guys didn't consider a NDA or non-compete? Seriously? They deserve to get screwed.

1181 days ago


65M for an, "Idea" is sufficient I think. They did nothing on the website nor did they even comprehend something like FB. Not that Zuckerberg was not a complete and utter friggen DOUCHE bag for what he did but I trust that karma and god will deal with Zuckerberg in his own due time.

1181 days ago


Just seeing that curly butt face of zuckerberg makes me puke , god i hate that fish head , and his Data stealing faceshet

1181 days ago
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