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Lindsay Lohan -- Back On 'Gotti' Flick

4/20/2011 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan WILL in fact be in the upcoming "Gotti: Three Generations" after she was previously dropped from the film -- and she hustled to get her spot back ... ALL BY HERSELF.


Executive Producer Marc Fiore tells us, Lindsay is no longer going to play Victoria Gotti ... but instead will take on the role of John Gotti Jr.'s daughter-in-law Kim -- the role once considered for Kim Kardashian.

The turn of events comes hours after Fiore pulled the plug on Lindsay over disagreements with her management -- but we're told Lindsay REALLY wants to be in the film ... and personally patched things up with the producer when she heard her people were being difficult.

We're told Lindsay also agreed to act in ANOTHER upcoming Fiore film called "Mob Street."


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How now brown cow    


1279 days ago


Has this producer had a sitdown or a phone call with georgia rule producer or even ugly betty's producer????,oh thats right,he did make a comment that people make mistakes and can change....ummmmm

1279 days ago


AWWW...Chaz...You hurt my feelings...NOT.

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1279 days ago

Brian B.    

Hey...WTF?? I just read something that's unacceptable on this board...This joker named Chazz writes this to another poster:

"Look, its not my fault daddy touched you for all those years. Please take it out on your kids instead of me to keep the cycle of abuse going."


1279 days ago

Brian B.    

Chazz you BETTER be glad that you're not within FIVE FEET of my existence, because I would BEAT THE **** OUTTA YOU...


1279 days ago


Maybe now Lindsay will hear some good words of wisdom strait out of Hubbards Or maybe old Vincent will get Lindsay recruited into the the cult itself! What is it they do, evaluations or some crap? The Sceintologist tells them they have to get a certain score like in a video game to be happy or some BS. I would hope Lindsay would be smart enough to NOT get involved with them, even if they mean well.

1279 days ago

Brian B.    

This problem with trolls on these boards (like the Sheen boards) really is a problem.

People on these boards call other names and throw personal insults just because they disagree with another's opinion...It's unacceptable.

Oh, and CHAZZ...ONE MORE COMMENT FROM YOU LIKE THAT, and I'll have my uncle that works in internet security all over you like flies on sh*t...Consider yourself FOREWARNED.

1279 days ago

Brian B.    

@ Jeanie

Don't worry girl...I've got your back. I've seen posters throw verbal insults around, but NOTHING like what that sicko "Chazz" wrote to you...I'm just waiting for him to say one more word...I've got connections within the internet security world...and he'll be in a WORLD OF HELL if he says anything else like that...

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1279 days ago

Brian B.    

@ Harlot

Butt out of this...That guy deserves more than a verbal insult...He deserves an ass kicking...I don't start fights like immature folks on here do...But I'll inject my viewpoint however I see fit.

And yes, I do have connections within internet security...So luckily I have some pull when it comes to removing true filth from the cyber world.

1279 days ago

Brian B.    

Oh btw...

What kind of a person are YOU "HarlotOHara" for backing up a CHILD MOLESTER??? YOU'RE JUST AS SICK AS HIM.

1279 days ago

Brian B.    


Wanna find out how I operate??

Shut your bitch ass mouth...ya low-class wench...Whatta dumb name you got...


1279 days ago


is therock passed out,cause i just know brian would love

1279 days ago

Brian B.    

Omg...I can't put up with you...

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1279 days ago

Brian B.    

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1279 days ago


@Brian B who said ".But I'll inject my viewpoint however I see fit." Yes and so will everyone else here.. welcome to the TMZ boards.

1279 days ago
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