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Italian Group BLASTS 'Mob Wives' -- 'It's a Disgrace!'

4/20/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The same Italian group that called Snooki "an embarrassment to the human race" is ripping on a new VH1 show about mafia wives -- telling us, damn thing's KILLING the reputations of Italian-Americans.


A rep for the Italian interest group -- called UNICO National -- took no mercy on the new show ... telling TMZ, "Mob Wives" is "trash TV like 'Jersey Shore.' I hope it dies because no one watches it."

The rep adds, "We were mobsters and mafiosos with 'The Sopranos,' bimbos and buffoons with 'Jersey Shore,' and now we're back where we started. It's a disgrace."

Funny enough -- "The Sopranos" and "Jersey Shore" ... two of the most popular shows in TV history.


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I have to agree with UNICO on this one. I didn't have a problem with Jersey Shore. The Jersey Shore kids are just a bunch of party animals. Mob Wives is glorifying convicted felons.

1280 days ago


I watched the first show. Ugh. It was horrible. How boring. I wouldnt waste another minute on this pile. The poor women are ridiculous. I cant belive they would all act this over the top about every little thing if the cameras were'nt around.They in no way shape or form represent Italian Americans or any other Italian. They all need meds.

1280 days ago


BWAHAHA most popular in TV history? They are some of the most popular shows in cable TV history, but go back and look at ratings for network shows even 10 years ago. Look at the ratings for shows even like the Partridge Family when it originally ran. They had something like 40 million viewers every week.

1280 days ago


Yes they are a disgrace to the Italian race....Please stop...I am proud to be an Italian...

1280 days ago


I feel very strong that Italians are always being belittled on TV.

1280 days ago


not only is it a disgrace to Italians it's a disgrace to Television. What happened to VH1 being about music? same thing with MTV. TV is nothing but reality shows and it's getting ridiculous. I saw the promo for this last week and I couldn't believe it. It says a lot about VH1 for stooping this low just to get a rating.

1280 days ago


I caught this show the other day and it was like watching real housewives of NJ only the men in their lives are all locked up. I would think the so called mafioso isn't thrilled these ladies are on the air talking about the lifestyle. Also, if I were Renee's son
I would be so embarrassed by my mother becuase she is nothing but an overgrowned bully and also looks like a transvestite. Sorry but she is one UGLY person.

1280 days ago


I'm glad I'm not Italian and from New jersey.

The Sopranos
Growing Up Gotti
Real Housewifes of NJ
Jersey Shore
Mob wives

How much disgusting trash do we have to put up with?

1280 days ago


Queen of the Smash and Grab....i don't know what part of south jersey you are trying to say you lived in but i DO live in south jersey and NO that is not how italians act down here. for someone who claims they lived there you really sound stupid because ANYBODY who lives in south jersey will tell you that you are dead wrong!!!! and to compare anybody in jersey acting like the idiots on jersey shore, well do your research because only 1 of them is from jersey, the rest are from ny, boston and ri so they don't represent people from NJ at all. and if you did live in south jersey, do the rest of us a favor and stop telling people that because we don't want the stereotype that everybody from south jersey sounds as stupid as you when they open their mouths!!!!!

1279 days ago


"two of the most popular shows in TV history." This statement alone goes to show the amazing skill it takes to report for Tmz. Ummmm I love lucy? Your show of shows? The honeymooners? Lassie? Leave it to beaver? Carson? Cheers? I would say after you "Fact checked" you would find the two shows you somehow think are the most popular in TV history do not even crack the top 1000 shows in TV history.

1278 days ago


I watch it so therefore its not trash! (:
and apparently jersey shore was a great hit cause they didnt just make a second season their already going on their forth.. kk thanks.. just saying!!

1278 days ago


Mob Wives is great! I so love this show I can not wait for the next episode. People have no life-if you don't like it don't watch it I have never in my life wasted my time going on a website to make a negative comment about a show I didn't watch - this is light and comical actually the show -I never got in to any reality show -not a big tv person used to watch Sopranos , Friends and now MobWives -there are certain shows for everyone-to each their own

1277 days ago


I can't believe the audacity that this fat snitch bitch has! "I'm a gangster". My name is Tommy Bradley and I live in Philly, I grew up in my grandmom D'Ottaviano's house and spent four years in the Middle East. With this thing of ours disappearing at such a rapid pace I can't believe that anyone would fall for the PRIME TIME let me in so I can be tough and nothing can happen to me routine. That bitch has $, this is her way back in don't let it happen, don't appear on the show!

1277 days ago


The Soprano's was a show of made up people. This is a show about true to life gangsters daughters. Why air your dirty laundry on
TV. You look trasher then we imagined you are

1277 days ago


I watched Mob Wives and will continue to watch it. It is interesting that these women each have a true story they could tell about the Mafia but I am sure they will be very careful not to divulge too much. I wonder if the FBI will be watching too? I like the show - it is better than some of the other reality shows that are on TV at this time.

1276 days ago
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