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Italian Group BLASTS 'Mob Wives' -- 'It's a Disgrace!'

4/20/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The same Italian group that called Snooki "an embarrassment to the human race" is ripping on a new VH1 show about mafia wives -- telling us, damn thing's KILLING the reputations of Italian-Americans.


A rep for the Italian interest group -- called UNICO National -- took no mercy on the new show ... telling TMZ, "Mob Wives" is "trash TV like 'Jersey Shore.' I hope it dies because no one watches it."

The rep adds, "We were mobsters and mafiosos with 'The Sopranos,' bimbos and buffoons with 'Jersey Shore,' and now we're back where we started. It's a disgrace."

Funny enough -- "The Sopranos" and "Jersey Shore" ... two of the most popular shows in TV history.


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::cough:: I have to just say that I LOVE this show. I've read online that it's already been picked up for a second season (yay).Honestly I don't think the show would be good without Renee..she makes the show she's a complete firecracker/M.I.L.F.

1191 days ago


I hate MOST reality tv shows..BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!! Drita and rock!! As for Karen..two faced back stabbing B____! Carla..your just a should REALLY listen to Renee about your sleeze-ball boyfriend..your better off alone than with a smooth talkin A_______! They're a dime a dozen..
I'm hooked!!

1182 days ago


I was born and raised on Manor rd in Staten island NY.Followed the life of all the (so called men) of all these women.Believe me all of these guys are in jail because they all belong there!! A real bunch of s*** bags.The show is a joke these women are all damage goods the result of a family living the life of crime.The sad part is some of them have children and the wives cant wait to reunite the sons and daughters with these s*** bag fathers when they get out of prison???When these ********* get out they go right back to crime because there to stupid and week minded to have a real job...I would like to know who pays the living expenses taxes insurance ect ect on these homes???The cost of living on Staten island is not cheap.They all really give Staten island a bad image...If these women had half a brain they would take there children and get as fare away from these men and as possible....As it stands there all a bunch of dysfunctional families it very sad..

1181 days ago


Oh Please.....when did the Italian culture have anything BUT a ruined reputation. They were the original gangbangers. Arrogance, greed and bullying has permeated the generations.

1180 days ago


Hey Ol sound like a desperate cougar.

1180 days ago


I watched the first couple of episodes and felt cheated. I believe in truth in advertising. The show should have been called "Psychotic Bitches". Or at least "Two and a Half Trannies".

1171 days ago


Gee, I'd just love to see "Real Jewish Housewives of New York" !!!

How come this doesn't exist? Oh, that's right, you'd get slammed by the anti-defamation league...better yet, the show would not be APPROVED by freakin' ISRAEL, so it would never air to begin with!!!!!!!

When is the VAST majority of this country, which is over 75% Christian - of every nationality - going to wake up, fight back, and STOP the minority of people who run the media machine from denigrating, insulting, ridiculing and marginalizing US???

Yes, US, the ones who keep these bastards fat and rich!!!

1170 days ago


Gee, I'd just love to see "Real Jewish Housewives

of New York" !!!

How come this doesn't exist? Oh, that's right,

you'd get slammed by the anti-defamation

league...better yet, the show would not be APPROVED

by freakin' ISRAEL, so it would never air to begin


1170 days ago


I'm an adult male who lives in in Toronto. I stumbled onto Mob Wives while surfing during the commercials in a Blue Jays game .
It was entertaining enough for me to watch 2 more episodes. But during the 3rd episode I'd had enough. No 4 women could be that ******* STUPID. The collective IQ of these four broads doesn't equal 10. The son A.J. has more brains. I know that "Drita" is an actress that I've seen somewhere before. It's maybe half real. I won'*****ch it again. It's become annoying. I'd rather watch grass grow.

1087 days ago


Mob wife's is a ******* joke.... This is the only way to discernible it , just listen to the language.
There a disgrace to the Italian community. These are looser wanna be mobsters, simple drug dealers bank robbers etc. Punks is a better discription and the wemon on are low life s*** bags and I think I'm being polite. There isn't enough soap in the world to clean these douch bags
How desperate are these networks?

1038 days ago


i have watched MOBWIVES and personally i think it is juust as bad as JERSEY SHORE. it is just a bunch of women running around screaming at each other and wanting us to throw a pity party for them because there husbands are in jail. i think it is an absolute disgrace to every italian that was involed or affected by the mafia and or mob,

996 days ago


where there's capicola..there's fire

968 days ago


Okay One Word sums up everything;
cant argue with logic.
great show Harvey, my middle name is Harvey, and I am an umemployed 34 year old male who has College degree in "Video and Television Production" as well as degrees for "Medical Office Administration" certified in "Medical Transcription" as well as "Hospital Ward Clerk".
Anywho my Wife is from LA and has Dual-Citizenship meaning i can get a green card ((if i find work) I have more skills than beverly hills, and i am canadian. I will work for free, and occupy some park nearby. No but seriously
harvey, IM me,
-Scott Harvey McIntosh

968 days ago


First of all snookie the drunkin fat beehive head is not Evan Italian.she is adopted from chili?hello

966 days ago

Lee Clapp    

Get rid of Romano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is ruining the show.......

966 days ago
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