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Brooke Mueller's Parents -- We'll Handle The Twins

4/21/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With mommy in rehab ... and daddy on tour ... Charlie Sheen's twins Max and Bob hung out with their default parents yesterday -- Brooke Mueller's mother and step-father, Moira and Jon Fiore.


Hopefully, they're in good hands.



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Sorry I don't buy any of this, whats this "Grandpa" do for a living ? Bet his hand is out for that $55,000 check when it comes in. And get real, nannies do it all, what a put on show from these plastic surgery faced parents.They looked so plastic.Her own daughter was out of control when she was a teenagers, where was this woman then? Busy being a socialite I guess, gee what a title.

1244 days ago


FAME WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!

They don't give a crap about the kids. They care about Charlie's money and the camera.

1244 days ago


Minxster said: Keep comin' spurts if you jerk it.

LMAO... That was pretty funny!

There are a lot of people on these comments boards who believe themselves to be experts in something. Let's just be honest here... the reason why most of us are on this website and on these boards is because reading about screwed up celebrities makes us feel a *little* better about ourselves. I'm at least admitting it!

Hope the little ones turn out ok... the odds may be stacked against them. Poor babies :(

1244 days ago



But...but...but Charlie needs that $55,000 so he can keep on giving $30,000 checks to hookers.

1244 days ago

Ruthie Rader    

I know that I am going off the topic here, but I wonder if Minxster has ever considered writing for Charlie Sheen. He needs some help in that department and I think that "it spurts if you jerk it" would qualify nicely. :) I'm still laughing.
On the subject, I wonder if any of Charlie's kids are ever going to go into showbiz?

1244 days ago

Bernice Madoff    

Why smile when your daughter has demonstrated to be a lousy mother and your called in to clean up the mess?

1244 days ago

Tired of Ignorance    

So every parent that has raised a child, and the child for what ever reason chooses to get into drugs, that's the parents fault? How is that? Brooke made a choice, a poor choice. How is that the parents fault? So every parent that has a drug abusing child should be jailed and accountable for all of their child's actions. ShHould they be jailed as well. The grandparents are fine to raise those boys.

1244 days ago


loloagogo 8 minutes ago
Hey MINXSTER are you the Comments Natzi? No maybe the Addiction Specialist? SHUT UP! You suck and so does your recap and analysis of all the comments....LEAVE ALREADY

Do you have something better to add? I'm not one to air my personal life out online but I will say she makes a lot of sense. Maybe you have something to say that makes more sense? Or ?

1244 days ago


C'mon guys. Little Bob and Max, fraternal twins have nothing to do with any of this Charlie and Brooke stuff. Hopefully they will stay healthy.

1244 days ago


Minxster 10 minutes ago

"Where's the self loathing misogynist nut bar today, btw???"

She was on earlier, sounding like a shrill harpie after I outed her last night for blatantly lying about not calling Brooke a whore. As she left, she was mumbling something about "I'll get you, my little pretty...and your little dog Toto, too!!!!" ;)

LOL....yeah I bet she was. To say she has issues would be putting it mildly...she has full subscriptions ;)

1244 days ago


Bernice Madoff

Why smile when your daughter has demonstrated to be a lousy mother and your called in to clean up the mess? DARE she smile at the annoying paparazzi camping out in her front yard - the nerve!

1244 days ago


Bernice Madoff 5 minutes ago
Why smile when your daughter has demonstrated to be a lousy mother and your called in to clean up the mess?

It's called pushing through the pain and trying to act as normally as possible for the sake of raising the children NORMALLY. God forbid that, right?? Yes, sometimes acting in denial is a good thing, it's better for the children if they just carry on as if everything is normal and ok. You got a problem with that?

1244 days ago


First, Brooke has been in hollyweird for a while now. She has just learned all the hollyweirdo's trick's just like the low life s*** she was married to. She probably got the bad habit's from Charlie. Her parent's are apparently the only grandparent's that CARE about those two little ones. Where is Charlie's family, NO WHERE, just like him. Glad they got the custody of them. Hope they keep it.

1244 days ago


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1244 days ago


Hey Minxter....why don't you just make your own comments instead of tearing other comments apart? It's called a forum so we can express our thoughts, no need for the comment police we have TMZ for that.
I do not agree that Brooke's mom should have the kids. She is an enabler that thinks her daughter doesn't do drugs!! PLEEEEEASE!!! Wait until her new "reality show" with Paris comes out. I've heard it shows how wasted she got and she disappeared for quite some time and they were all looking for her. It's on tape so it's REAL not just a rumor!!

1244 days ago
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