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Brooke Mueller's Parents -- We'll Handle The Twins

4/21/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With mommy in rehab ... and daddy on tour ... Charlie Sheen's twins Max and Bob hung out with their default parents yesterday -- Brooke Mueller's mother and step-father, Moira and Jon Fiore.


Hopefully, they're in good hands.



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Smile Max and Bob, you are in for even MORE public pics, cannot have a life without the media. Grandma is just like mommy, out for using the tykes.

1224 days ago

Tired of Ignorance    

I wish to express my thoughts on this forum. First Minxster, I appreciate and enjoy your commentary. I especially like they way you cite your references which some may confuse as tearing apart others comments. You are simply showing the thread you are addressing.

Next the Grandparents are better suited then foster care which would be the only other option at this point. What about Denise? SHe is not related to so the best option is a relative.

1224 days ago



"Hey Minxter....why don't you just make your own comments instead of tearing other comments apart?"

- If I think someone is full of sh*t (as YOU do with Moira), I will comment about it...if you don't like my comments, simply don't read 'em.

"It's called a forum so we can express our thoughts, no need for the comment police we have TMZ for that."

- Hypocrite much? You're doing the exact thing that you're accusing me of.

I do not agree that Brooke's mom should have the kids. She is an enabler that thinks her daughter doesn't do drugs!!

- Really...please link to a quote from Moira that emphatically states that she thinks her daughter doesn't have a drug abuse issue. I'll be waiting for it...

"PLEEEEEASE!!! Wait until her new "reality show" with Paris comes out. I've heard it shows how wasted she got and she disappeared for quite some time and they were all looking for her."

- So what else is new? We're all quite aware that Brooke is struggling with her addiction.

"It's on tape so it's REAL not just a rumor!!"

- Wow...groundbreaking news! LOL

1224 days ago

todd maxwell    

Crack head babies............plan and as simple as Brooke and or Charlie.

1224 days ago


Why doesn't Child Protective Services (or whatever it is called in that state) step in and put the children in foster care until suitable parenting can be found?

Brook's mom quite obviously is not suitable since she lies for her daughter and defends her lifestyle.

1224 days ago


Give these Grandparents a chance...OMG! You all are ruthless...they are not Charlie nor Brook.

Good Luck to this family.

1224 days ago

terry j vey    

Wow so many nasty comments for people wanting to do the right thing and take care of these kids.They are the grandparents of these kids.Who do people feel should take the kids?

1224 days ago

todd maxwell    

Shut up and Dance

1224 days ago


suzy86 3 hours ago

Considering how Brooke turned out, what qualifies them to watch those kids?


Well, it's not her parents' fault that she is an addict. However it IS their fault that they kept lying for her and enabling her. That's why they are by no means better role models than their father.
I think they wanna become one-day-stars tahnks to those kids. That's just awful.

1224 days ago


Simply because the paps are following ANYONE connected with the trainwreck known as Charlie Sheen, some people want to excoriate Brooke's parents as attention wh*res.

That's so incredibly bizarre, it's not even worth comment.


Then we have the people who wish to vilify the grandparents because they are trying to help both the daughter, who they obviously realize has addiction problems, and the grandchildren, who obviously need a stable, consistent home with familiar faces who love them. What's wrong with THAT picture? Oh, yeah, that's right, the judge should have let the narcissist drag those toddlers out on the road with him from hotel to hotel for a couple weeks while he's out partying hearty every single night. NOT WINNING.

1224 days ago


Sorry guys, nothing to do with this, just wanted to see if still technical difficulties. Bob and Max will be fine.

This was pertaining to Lindsay Lohan Gotti role.

Got to love the timing. Court date Friday. But your honor I have a movie part, I can't go to jail.

Lohan already pulled that one. She was partying in Cannes, France, she was trying to get one of her friends to fly her back in a private jet in time for court in LA. Of course no one stepped up. Then her passport was stolen, no her passport was lost, no back to her passport being stolen again. There was no report to the French Police of Lohans passport missing or stolen. Lohan got away with it.

Lohan steals a necklace, a so called misunderstanding, yet the necklace was not given back by Lohan, but by another person, to the Police and not back to the store.

Now, the stolen necklace price tag $2500.00 is not really worth $2500.00, therefore not felony theft. Shawn Holley will try and get that pled down to another misdeamnor and another slap on the hand for Lohan.

Lohan is either going to have a bad day or another stall tactic.

1224 days ago



No you twit this is the same mother who defended and denied her daughter even had a problem with drugs! Send the kids to live with Dina Lohan 2.0 that sounds like a great environment to be in! Dumbass, trying to sound all edjamucated on drug use and addicts when clearly you know nothing about this particular case at all!

1224 days ago


Oh lookie. Adelle misses me. How is the "women rule the world" campaign going for ya? LOL!!

And it is really hilarious to see the one, who cannot deal with people's opinions about addictions and chooses to throw insults instead of accepting and moving on, but feels so entitled to lecture others about the code of conduct. LOL!!! Hysterical.

@terry j vey


1224 days ago



Obviously, I agree that the twins will be fine, as long as they're kept away from the gong show that daddy is running. It's too bad, though, that they can't go out in public without cameras following their every move - and that people who see the pictures somehow think that they ASKED for the attention!

That must be some mighty potent kool-aid that some of these folks are drinking, that's all I can figure.

1224 days ago


Seriously, are they supposed to keep those kids cooped up at home all day? Give them a break - they are doing what normal guardians do, taking the kids out to play! God forbid you take your child outside the house when you're famous.

1224 days ago
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