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DJ Quik Smokes Out Cali Weed Shop

4/22/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ Quik -- one of the biggest names in hip hop -- took over a marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles yesterday for his album release party ... and in a matter of minutes, the whole place was up in smoke.


We're told Quik was extremely mellow during the party (duh) ... and through the cloud of weed smog, signed autographs, performed a few songs from the new album "Book of David" ... and ate a piece of a special pot-themed cake.

Who knew glaucoma patients like to party so hard?!



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Dude in the purple with his hands over his face must be done!!!

1243 days ago


These people are idiots! A dispensary is a medical facility, whoever rented to him should have their license revoked and everyone there had better have had a medical card. Medical weed is no joke, they would not through this party at a pharmacy, if the wrong political idiots see this they will shut down every dispensary in Cali...

1243 days ago


DJ Quik is a has-been now.

1243 days ago


@Michelle Recreactional marijuana isn't legal in Amsterdam. It's decriminalized, which is not the same. The fact is recreational marijuana isn't truly legal in any country in the world.

In any case, stunts like this only prove that medical marijuana is bogus is most cases. 'Doctors' out there will prescribe it for any BS reason.

1243 days ago


oh my jeeze!! they are smoking pot! round up every local law enforcement agent you can find, they are smoking pot, and its illegal. wake up america, quit being sheep. its people like YOU folks fault that this country is the way it is. how bout you think for yourself for once in your miserable lifes. quit letting the government decide what is or is not wrong when they obviously have no clue in the first place.

1243 days ago


Love DJ Quik. Now I feel like hearing "Tonight's the Night"! Weed should be legalized, period. This country is so ass-backwards.

1243 days ago


That's Dope ! "side eye"

1243 days ago


if it had been alcohol fights would have broken out

1243 days ago


For all of your wringing your hands and crying because these people are having a party but they don't look "sick" to you, will you please get off your high horse? So what if they are not sick and still smoke, it should be legal to do so for everyone in this country not just sick people. Cannabis use is not a criminal act by anyone just like drinking a beer doesn't automatically send you to jail. Legalize and let American's live how they want to!

1243 days ago


I can't believe ppl are still into this trash culture...and I don't mean the dope.

1243 days ago



1243 days ago


Look at all the loser druggies gathered together. Intelligence wasn't necessary to get in.

1243 days ago

St. Louis    

Yeah, I agree weed should be legal...but it is not. For those of us in terrible chronic pain that no drug relieves out in the middle of the country will NEVER be allowed medical pot because of the abuse out there in California. I have no idea if weed would help the hell of my existance but I'll never know as long as authorities see this kind of cr*p. And, no, I refuse the break the law. This ain't the 70's and I'm no kid.

1243 days ago

Carlos G    

wtf, sick people cant have a good ****ing time? All you Uncle Toms and Beckys need to chill out.

1242 days ago

African Queen    

Becky Muppet and St. Louis, how you read a book. Facts show that the average american read at a 6th grade reading level and you could never compete internationally, worry about that dumb asses. MArijuana has been around 10 times longer than america has been here. There has never been ANY record of someone solely on marijauana that rape, molest or kill. You can not look at a person and determine if they are disabled you ignorant american. And as far as the veterans ...wouldn't you know it a" Becky" suggested that. So they go kill thousands of people, get agent orange and other drugs shot into their system to do it and obviusly come back ctazy, an THEY should have a right to a medical marijauna card. They volunteered to kill innocent people, for no benefit to anyone. They should be on their own like they are when they sign up. Those that are so affected by marijuana that they can't party should blame america. When the East Indians brought it to New Orleans, it was only used by the elite. In Africa and Asia, everybody grew and used it, like coffee. You people are angry at the wrong thing, try focusing your energy, with those little brains you have, on issues that help your people. DJ Quick and the people there are bringing things back to what it was long before you americans existed. For most, its our culture. Next time try reading history and then use that information to go after your government for violating you. To muppet, embrace the ganja brothers and promote change within, you will then heal.

1242 days ago
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