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Lady Gaga TRIPS OUT During Live Show -- AGAIN

4/21/2011 12:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the second time this month -- Lady Gaga went down HARD during a live concert ... this time, she slipped and fell on stage during a concert in Atlanta last night.042111_gaga_fall_still

Just like the last fall ... Gaga got right up and trucked on like nothing ever happened.

In case you forgot, Gaga fell off of a fire-spewing piano during a concert in Houston on April 10.

She was born this way.



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anyone but me wonder if she's taking something that makes her wobbly? just asking.............

1226 days ago


She should lay off the coke and other drugs then maybe she wouldnt fall so much!!

1226 days ago


you know it's right to have your opinion about other people, but do we have to be so mean? (im guilty sometimes) im sure she has shizz going on in her life that we wouldn't want to deal with, ya think.?

1226 days ago



1226 days ago


It's called lip-syncing! It just goes to show her talent level. Trashy clothes and electronically-enhanced vocals doesn't make you talented.

1226 days ago

Lord Rivas    

While she wasn't lip syncing the last time, she definitely was here. A. You couldn't whip your head up and down like that without your voice sounding unsteady, just try it. B. Her voice would have trembled or changed when she fell. Also screw Lady Gaga, Weird Al 4 life!

1226 days ago


Marsay 3 hours ago
I love her music but it is obvious she was lip syncing. Her voice didn't change and she did not skip a beat.

And yet the same Lady Gaga slams Britney Spears for lip-synching when she herself uses playback in her concerts.

1226 days ago


This avant garde little sack of pretension is the one who recently called everyone "retarded" for not buying into her claims that she is 100% real, and oozes pure raw talent...and then she falls down on stage AGAIN and proves AGAIN that she lip syncs her concerts. I believe this is what they call karma.

1226 days ago

ne est ce pas    

Yeah, Gag-gah, it is all about "art", right? It's kinda sad when you have to use gimmicks to prop up your talent.

1226 days ago


Pro's arent' suppossed to fall. Once maybe ----ok. Twice??? For the money she makes, this is ridiculous!
How can anyone dance & run around in high heels & crazy shoes? A broken ankle or leg is on the horizon any day now.

1226 days ago


If she'd stop wearing those GOD AWFUL shoes maybe she wouldn't land on her a.s.s. sooo much! It's not as if they are even attractive...they are FUGLY! Guess it's going to take a broken ankle or wrenched knee for her to stop wearing them. So, what kind of a statement is that? Oh yeah, it's the "I'm too stupid to wear real shoes" statement. As for her "talent"...what talent? She's a lip-sync performer...that's it. If someone has to do that, that tells me they really don't have singing "chops". There are women currently performing...oh yeah, the ORIGINALS like Cher & Madonna who DON'T lip sync and are all over the stage when they perform...and they are over twice her age.

As for anyone who thinks I'm a hater...yep, I suppose I am. I think she's fake, phoney, a wannabe of what came before her. I'm not jealous of her, nothing to be jealous of. I don't get her style that supposedly makes "statements"...she doesn't seem to understand that her "statements in fashion" get lost when people don't know what in the h.e.l.l she's trying to say. What I really don't like about her (and Brittany) though is this...she's doing now what acts long before her were drummed out of the business for....LIP SYNCING! If you want to charge what you charge for tickets to your'd damned well better be singing the songs yourself live!

1226 days ago

angela michael    

She is so weird.. What's wrong with her?

1226 days ago


Her new song 'Judas' I heard it was originally titled 'Satan' but Lady Gaga's label managers told her it would be too controversial to sing about falling in love with the Devil. So she came up with the title Judas to tone the song down. But if you read the lyrics of the song where she sings: :Jesus is my virtue but Judas is the demon I cling too". You will understand that in reality she talks about Satan instead of Judas. Because in the Bible Judas is not a demon. Satan is. I feel bad for all her fans who buy that song 'Judas' when in reality it is a song about worshiping the Devil.

1226 days ago

ne est ce pas    

"she has shizz going on in her life that we wouldn't want to deal with, ya think.?"

I think if that is her excuse she needs to get out of the entertainment industry.

1226 days ago


wow, clumsy much?!

1226 days ago
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