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Lady Gaga TRIPS OUT During Live Show -- AGAIN

4/21/2011 12:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the second time this month -- Lady Gaga went down HARD during a live concert ... this time, she slipped and fell on stage during a concert in Atlanta last night.042111_gaga_fall_still

Just like the last fall ... Gaga got right up and trucked on like nothing ever happened.

In case you forgot, Gaga fell off of a fire-spewing piano during a concert in Houston on April 10.

She was born this way.



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Again, it just disgusts me how insanely negative and rude our country is. You cannot come onto this site and read any positive comments about anything. It is so shameful to wish death or harm against anyone. The only funny apart about the people saying such horrible things is that your all the people who can't say anything to anyone's face, you need the comfort of being behind a computer screen to say anything as rude as these comments, otherwise I'm sure you all keep your mouths shut when it comes to face to face conflict. SAD.If you do not like a certain person, do not click on the link and comment all it proves is that you clearly have no better ways to spend your time.

1283 days ago


I know for a fact Gaga does not lip-sync. Have any of you watched her acoustic versions of songs or her other live performances? All I am saying is to do some research before you blurt **** out.

1283 days ago




1283 days ago

Jett M    

What a shame!! What happened to ROCK N ROLL??? DRUGS N its just a shameful marketing mess...POP SUCKS!

1283 days ago


Drugs, legal or illegal. That'll do it.

1283 days ago


Gaga is amazing live!!!!!!!!!! One of thebest concerts I have ever attended. She could fall 20 times and still be better than most lip syncing pop-tarts

1283 days ago


Noneofyourbusiness @ Lady Poo Poo Ka Ka

HA Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA Ha HA HA HA Ah ahA AH Ah AhA hA AhA HA !

.....................................Who is Goo Goo for Gaa Gaa ? WEIRDOES!

1283 days ago


I love her too but it is so obvious she was lip syncing. Her voice didn't change and she did not skip a beat. Not one change from the recorded version and she was on the ground???

1282 days ago


Don't hate; appreciate.
Lady Gaga rocks!

1282 days ago


Clearly, Britney don't have the monopoly on lip syncing anymore. Proof is in this video, Gaga's voice didn't even changed when she tripped, just like that video when she fell underneath the piano. Her lil monsters are in denial. They can no longer accuse of Britney of lip syncing because their idol is clearly doing the same thing now LOL

1282 days ago


The weight of BLASPHAMY will take you down every time!!

1282 days ago

pankaj subba    

ra ra ramama gaga ulala this is realy a bad romance.

1282 days ago

Bob Jerkings    

See kids Drugs and platforms dont mix.

1282 days ago

Trevor Bombagetti    

You all are idiots for knocking on her and only validating the opinions of Lady Gaga by showing how sick and devoid people can be. Hiding behind a screen and speaking ill of someone who has worked harder than you ever have in your life just so she can make a difference in people's lives and so what if she wants to make a lot of money doing it. She has inspired me to chase my dreams and make them a reality and to hear people talk so bad about someone who is such a good performer and great singer, it sickens me. If you don't think she is a good singer go to youtube and look at her yahoo sessions. Here she is at Cherry Tree Records singing unplugged on the piano:

Now shut your ignorant mouths.

1281 days ago


I personally think Lady Gaga is..... Ridiculous among other things, between the outfits and hair and whatever else, I really don't care for her or her music. It just goes to show you that she really should stop wearing outrageous outfits or if she does not flinging them where she was going to walk later. (rolling eyes) hahaha Really stupid!

1280 days ago
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