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Lindsay's Lawyer Makes Move to Reduce Charges

4/21/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer is now armed and potentially dangerous to the prosecution in her felony grand theft case -- after bringing an expert to the cop shop to appraise the necklace Lindsay allegedly stole.


Shawn Holley just left Parker Center -- the headquarters of the LAPD -- where she brought an appraiser to examine the necklace.  Kamofie & Company set the price of the item at $2,500, but as TMZ first reported, they bought the piece for just $850.

 If the necklace is worth less than $950, the case cannot be filed as a felony but rather as a misdemeanor -- which would be a huge break for Lindsay.

Holley is expected to raise the issue in court Friday, when Lindsay's preliminary hearing is set to begin.


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What is this bringing in an appraiser... the value of an item is whatever the "market" will bear. The markup on retail items, ESPECIALLY JEWELERY is ridiculous. Drive a call off the lot and it depreciates... Can you imagine taking an appraiser shopping with you and telling a merchant and saying, "How much did you pay for this?". If that bitch gets away with that stunt then every convict in prison that apparently stays on top of TMZ should take note... and use the "Lindsey Defense" as a precedent for minimizing their take...

Think about it, what kind of message would this serve to children as to the legitimacy of our legal system. I'm still trying to get my heads around the fact that we make a distinction between rape/attempted rape, murder/attempted murder or how a person like the pretty boy Jail Break guy could serve two years for killing a person with his car while he was drunk and another person [typically a minority] can get 5 yrs for selling pot... I never heard of anybody dying from pot.

Our justice system needs an overhaul... our COUNTRY needs an overhaul. Meanwhile those self-absorbed folks in California need to take a break from their medical marijuana and vote to demand sentencing equity and outside oversight of the justice system... I mean outside, like outside of the state of California oversight.

1217 days ago


C'mon TMZ! Parker Center is no longer LAPD headquarters! You should know that, sheesh!

1217 days ago


That'a last about as long as a Junebug flying round in a hen house full of hungrey chickens !!

"thats right judge I stole that wide screen from Walmarts marked at 2500 but we all know it ain't worth but 500 so let me off on lesser charge cause I gotta a hot date next week with a gal over in Ridgeway who's praticley giving it away "..

1217 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Why does it matter what it appraises for? The shop had set the price. If I go into Walmart and steal a t-shirt valued at 6.00 does it matter than some dude in China made it for .05 cents? No it doesn't.

1217 days ago

Not Winning    

Not a good day for the LL haters out there. Yesterday she lands not 1 but 2 movies and today SCH is armed and dangerous!!!

1217 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

All aboard Crazy train:

where you can fvkn steal from someone and have the gall to challenge the marked price with a biased expert

Danette will have A (real) expert not one hired by the Lowhands.

These fvkn lawyers of hers pimp out some sleazy website for some Expert ,I hope someone steals his fvkn lame jewelry..

1217 days ago

The Truth    

The law is clear and has been well decided. It is the value for sale placed on an item by the store. Lindsey defense would equate to a drug dealer getting caught with drugs, then bringing in a street dealer to make a claim that the drugs are much cheaper and not worth what they claim they are.

1217 days ago


If Lindsay wanted to commit a misdemeanor rather than a felony, she should have stolen the necklace from the desiger not the retailer!

1217 days ago


This is good news and it's about time they get to the bottom of this business's practices, cause they're not best practices!

1217 days ago


Dear "The Truth", I should have read your post before wasting my time writing mine... you connected all the dots. However, the scary part is, the California Celebrity Justice system doesn't give a slam dunk how people perceive the multi-tied system and apparently neither do Californians.

1217 days ago


I dont get it. If I were to walk into a fancy store and steal a pair of shoes for 2,000 dollars all I need to say is the shoes only cost 100 bucks and only be charged with a misdomeaner?

The store was robbed of 1,500 bucks thats all that matters.

1217 days ago


Also I think its so funny that SCH is bringing HER OWN appraiser to appraise the necklace. Hmmmm geez I wonder what he will say its worth let me guess 20 bucks!

1217 days ago


It doesn't really matter what if anything goes down tomorrow. Her career is in the s hitter. There are not many child stars who can have success as adults. Exhibit A: Labor Pains Exhibit B: I know who Killed my Career: Mommy and Me.

1217 days ago


You don't like the price, you don't buy it. You don't steal it.
When caught, what was stolen wasn't worth the price tag.

Misdeamnor not felony theft. That's the bottom line. Lohan is still a thief.

Shawn Holley, just doing her job. Lohan want's the big fanfare.

Perfume, jewelry, alcohol, has always been the biggest mark-up at least 300%...this has never been anything new.

1217 days ago

the Seeker    

Clone Wars 30 minutes ago

Did anyone else get a warning today when going to TMZ that someone had been installing malicious software? Here's a screen shot.

Notice that URL to the malicious code is ""

Is this a Rock thing?

Only us smart folks with the right software got the Attack page warning

Safe Browsing
Diagnostic page/tmz_redirect

What is the current listing status for tmz./tmz_redirect?

Site is listed as suspicious - visiting this web site may harm your computer.

Part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 4 time(s) over the past 90 days.

What happened when Google visited this site?

Of the 1 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 1 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2011-04-06, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2011-04-06.

Malicious software is hosted on 1 domain(s), including


This site was hosted on 1 network(s) including AS22822 (LLNW)


Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?

Over the past 90 days /tmz_redirect

did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites.

Has this site hosted malware?

No, this site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.

How did this happen?

In some cases, third parties can add malicious code to legitimate sites, which would cause us to show the warning message.

Therock got booted then decided to attach some crap with his name like a douch leaving a calling card I think him and his alter ego john fishsticks could pull it off ??

he was basically a computer fraud expert so I read in the daily news when he got busted for Manipulating computer networks

1217 days ago
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