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Lindsay's Lawyer Makes Move to Reduce Charges

4/21/2011 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer is now armed and potentially dangerous to the prosecution in her felony grand theft case -- after bringing an expert to the cop shop to appraise the necklace Lindsay allegedly stole.


Shawn Holley just left Parker Center -- the headquarters of the LAPD -- where she brought an appraiser to examine the necklace.  Kamofie & Company set the price of the item at $2,500, but as TMZ first reported, they bought the piece for just $850.

 If the necklace is worth less than $950, the case cannot be filed as a felony but rather as a misdemeanor -- which would be a huge break for Lindsay.

Holley is expected to raise the issue in court Friday, when Lindsay's preliminary hearing is set to begin.


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If Lindsay wanted to commit misdemeanors rather than a felony, she should have stolen the gold and diamonds directly from the mines!

1246 days ago


So if anyone steals something we can go by what it cost just to produce not what it is being sold for? Doesnt sound right, smoke and mirrors folks....what a crappy lawyer

1246 days ago


Not Winning 6 minute ago...

Don't hate her just dispies her actions and lies....

she's going to jail..ain't no judge in his right might is going consider that cause it would open the biggest can of worms in the world and every convicted theft setting in prison right now would be demanding a retrial for beginning wrongly convicted....

1246 days ago


The sorry thing is, down the road the haters will bring this up time and time again as a FELONY if SCH gets it reduced to a misdemeanor! Oh yeah, not "if" it's WHEN!

1246 days ago


Clone Wars 41 minutes ago

Did anyone else get a warning today when going to TMZ that someone had been installing malicious software? Here's a screen shot.

Notice that URL to the malicious code is ""
Is this a Rock thing?


My thought exactly!!! And don't forget that the rock has compared himself to Addonis - ergo, Addon-rock...

In answer to your question, YES, I got the same message and YES I had the same thought as you about who came up with the virus. Maybe crockie is M A D that he's getting the ole FU from TMZ.

1246 days ago


What a bunch of bull. Is Ms. Holley going to argue the jeweler is not entitled to a $100 profit on a piece at $850 wholesale? If the jeweler is entitled to even a small $100 profit - guess what - that's $950 - felony, Baby.

This jeweler isn't Costco. They're not selling wholesale in the first place. Weak sauce.

1246 days ago



So thats why when I can back to the computer at around 1:30 EST I got a TMZ down for techincal diffculties !

They must have been digging out the bugs that was planted in their site............Just got back at 2:30 ....

Oh Boy is Harvey goina be pissed now !!! You don't mess with Harvey's mnoney maker NO SIR REE ! Somebodies innnnnnnn trouble for sure....

1246 days ago


You F&KING come dumpster!!! If this works are you aware of how many legal cases could be apealed?!?!?! Example "Yes it was a $1000 car, but it only apraised at $850." How many people will be freed based off this case?? This Female Dog took something that wasnt hers when she was on probation.....lock her butt up!!!If it were me or anyone else, it wouldnt have even lasted this long, we would be in jail!!!!!!

1246 days ago

the Seeker    

Maverick and his boyfriend iceman-

give new meaning to the term: 'TOP' Gun

@rocky = "The Italian Stallion"

1246 days ago


If her lawyer pulls this argument off all credit to her. IMHO the case is a waste of time and should have been settled before law enforcement got involved. But it doesn't seem to work like that in the world of Lindsay Lohan, this sort of stupid stuff seems to happen repeatedly.

It seems wrong to bring the trade value of goods into the case because that argument could be used for all expensive stores. It'd create an incentive for criminals to rob stores with high prices, because the shop's stock is priced at over $950 but worth less. I can't see any judge going to that once they've thought about it for a minute.

Seems to me to be an attempt to intimidate the shop by making them look greedy. That seems unfair and I don't think most people are that stupid.

1246 days ago


@MT2 your comment ends this whole case, that is the best point i've seen so far. It's a case winner!!!!

1246 days ago

mildly insane    

its called wholesale and retail if the store bought it for $850
the least they would sell it for is a 40% markup so $1190
+/- and you can bet your a$$ if you get busted stealing
they always value merchandise at full retail

1246 days ago



I hope that Harvey IS pissed about Milo invading his website with a virus or twelve! And I hope that therock is permanently banned from the site, in all incarnations. I dunno about you but I'm tired of his BS of threatening other people (he scares some folk,) saying dirty things about his own daughter, and then dumping viruses here when he doesn't get his own way. enough of him and his foolishness!

1246 days ago


the seeker informs us:

In some cases, third parties can add malicious code to legitimate sites, which would cause us to show the warning message.

Therock got booted then decided to attach some crap with his name like a douch leaving a calling card I think him and his alter ego john fishsticks could pull it off ??

he was basically a computer fraud expert so I read in the daily news when he got busted for Manipulating computer networks


I hadn't realized that Mikey boy had been busted for manipulating computer networks but it makes sense. And it's no surprise that the virus had the name "addonrock" on it. So I'm guessing that A + B = C -- Milo was responsible for the virus on this site. Annoying as heck. Who knows exactly what kind of virus he's tossing around here? Looking for financial info? Shutting down your entire computer? Who knows with him - he can't get his own way with words so he resorts to violent threats and then viruses.

What a (useless) guy.

1246 days ago


If the store bought it for $850 wholesale then how can they claim it is worth $950 retail? Sure it may not be worth $2500, but if I owned a jewelry store I wouldn't let it go for anything less than $1000 minimum. They have to make a profit and the jewelry business is known for having very high profit margins on items.

1246 days ago
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